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Reposted for Kleines:

I had my VBAC!


Hey everyone! I had my VBAC last night. I am so darn proud of myself and I have a newfound trust/love in my body. It is awesome!

Wilson Jack (Willy) was born last night at 9:25pm via VBAC. Labor began at about 6am yesterday morning. It started off with a BANG, contractions 2 minutes apart and strong! We labored at home for quite a while. By the time we got to the hospital I was dilated to 6 with a bulging bag of waters. My labor did slow down for a while, but eventually picked back up. I pushed for about 2 hours. He had a very gentle birth and was very alert. My doctor was so supportive of my VBAC and so proud that I did it. He never questioned me once. I actually had a great experience with the hospital and the nurses regarding my choices and my birth. It was wonderful! I have a really horrible tear through 4 layers. I can't complain though, I had my vaginal birth and it rocked!!

He weighs 9lbs 10oz and is 22 inches long! He is nursing like an old pro! His big brother is very proud! I will try to get on and post some photos soon!!

Thanks to all of you, this board really helped me do this!!
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Reposted for Jennay:

My daughter arrived


My daughter, Sarah Mae, arrived 2 weeks ago on 10/4 at 11:30 am. She weighed 9 lbs 1 0z and was 20.5 inches long. She was delivered by c/s primarily because she was breech. I tried everything for a month to get her to turn but it was not to be.

I am recovering well and she is a very sweet baby and a great nurser.
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Reposted for Kosheng:

Reece has arrived!


the last addition to our family is here!!

reece aiden was born sunday, oct 14th at 3:07pm. he weighed in at 10 pounds even (!!!!) and 20 inches long.

i hope to get his birth story down soon, but suffice it to say that it was the most intense of my 3 birth babies (think double- and triple-peaking contractions. totally not cool.) but i cannot get over how great i felt afterward! this was my first completely unmedicated birth, and while i didn't get to seal the deal in the tub (it did NOT slow things down for me unfortunately!) it was an amazing experience.

nursing is going beautifully, and he is an amazing little love

and noone can believe i pushed out a 10 pounder!!

thanks, mamas, for all your love, support, and little kindnesses over the last months. in the words of my midwife, you rock!
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Reposted for Liam's Mum:

had my baby!


So I'm not just Liam's Mum anymore! Gavin Thomas made his appearance only 8 days late on Oct. 18 at 6:59 am! Labour was quick this time -- 6 hours vs 20. And the big difference, I did it without the epidural! A bit of gas though. I am really proud of myself for this!

Unfortunately, I wanted to skip the epi to have a shorter labour and better time bf -- turned out Gavin was born so quick he had fluid in his lungs so had to be whisked off to the special care nursery, where let's just say they were clueless and less than concerned about my desire to nurse him ASAP. The lactation consultant was off that day apparently :P Anyway, we have been nursing and Gavin is a pro, having tons of wet and dirty diapers, so no worried in the end. And the respiratory issues are gone now.

So on one hand we were happy we went with a hospital birth with m/w (I also had some bleeding issues), but once we got to the ward, boy did we want to be home! Let's just say horrible bf advice from the nurses to the other new moms, and one mom in my room getting a visit from Children's Aid while we were there...

Oh, and he was 9 lbs 7 oz, bigger than his brother! So far today he's nursed, slept, pooped...

DS #1 loves him, but I think it's going to be a hard transition for him, sharing me. And he has asked to nurse, but then laughed about it.
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Reposted for Brendon:

Welcome Erin Carly, October 19


Well, I did it, I had my homebirth.

I woke up yesterday with back pain and cramping with some intermittent contractions. I went and told my hubby at 5ish that today might be the day. (If your remember I have been having prodominal contractions for weeks and wondered if and when I would have my baby.)

Contractions were every 7 minutes until lunch time, when I decided to go out for awhile by myself. I arrived home after 12 and played outside with the girls until 1, when my back was getting worse and I was getting hungry.

By 4 I was beginning to breathe through contractions but could handle them and talk in between. I took a bath around 5 or so to help my relax. I lit some candles and just vegged in the tub for a bit. My girls came into to see me now and again and offerred hugs.

At 5:45 I had my hubby call my midwife because I was starting to feel very uncomfortable and needed to be re-assured that everything was o.k. She was supposed to be at a birthday party (we were also invited), her birthday party. Well, our Erin girl decided that she needed to share the day, and M didn't mind sharing.

She arrived and checked me at 6:45. Everything was fine and I was at a stretchy four. (which was my only fear, I was afraid she would tell me I did all that work and was only a 1-2).

By 8:30 I was feeling out of control and had gotten into the tub. I was doing lots of low moans and feeling the urge to push. At around 9:30, I got out of the tub and felt like I needed to poop and got onto the toilet. I felt a large whoosh, my water broke and she started coming out. She was born at 9:42. The end was so strong and powerful it is still so surreal.

We are adjusting be being a family of 3 girls and are thrilled with our home birth.

She is feeding well, and being just as sweet as she can be. We are in love!
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Reposted for Libelle:

Sofia Elisabeth Leitner arrived last Wednesday, right on her due date. We are all healthy and busy figuring out breastfeeding and sleep cycles.

Something for you stats lovers:
Date: Oct 17, 2007
Time:03:23 p.m.
Weight: 8lbs 2 oz/ 3697 g
Length: just over 20 in/ 52 cm
Head: 14 in/ 35 cm

Play by play (warning: pretty detailed):

First signs/sensations (crampy, plug) Saturday Oct 13th, irregular contractions on Sunday, nothing on Monday (frustrated). More regular contractions on Tuesday morning 2:30 a.m., no sleep that night. Contractions continue through the day and we call the midwives around 4 p.m. They check and leave, as it is still too early. I seem to have a shy uterus, as the contractions lessen when they show up. We call the midwives back later that night and they show up around 11 p.m. when they consider the labour active. Contractions are strong with considerable back labour, so that the hip squeeze comes in very handy all of a sudden. Taken Tylenol and Gravol to get some sleep does not work (should have done that on Tuesday morning). Baby is likely posterior and progress is slow. Try different things to turn baby, including lunges which seems to work. Around 6-7cm at 1 a.m., but only around 8 cm at 8:30 a.m. that morning (frustrating). That is after sweeping the membranes and accidentally breaking the water etc. The midwives recommend transferring to the Montford because of the slow progress and to get some pain relief and so we go. Very frustrated, but very willing to look at options at this point. In the hospital, they put on the IV and talk to the ob/gyn. However, we check internally one last time before going ahead with an epidural. The car ride seems to have worked because I am a full cm further dilated ( had we known we could have gone for a ride earlier . So we decide not to have the epidural after all, especially since it is not that effective in this phase and could make pushing the baby out more difficult. Also the baby's heart rate is great and we don't want that to change by getting the epidural. So on we go and I credit my husband's great support and the midwive's care with making it through this phase at all. Eric was there through every contractions, never wavering. They also called in a fresh midwife to get a different perspective and she brought all kinds of energy with her (she actually had slept the night before). At 1 p.m. we finally were at 10 cm and pushing could start (which was much easier to cope with, especially mentally). And then, there she was. Very strange feeling, by the way, to push a baby out. They had called in a respiratory technician because there had been a slight bit of meconium, but it was all fine and she cried very angrily for a couple of minutes (big bruise on her head, as she head not quite finished turning) before latching on for the first time.

BTW, no tearing at all and I made it through natural child birth. We might try for a homebirth again next time, as they assured me that a second labour (even if posterior) is usually much faster.

It really helped to talk about the birth and the slow progression afterwards, as I had mixed feelings. It was very hard to be told to get an epidural and be willing to take it despite all and then change back to coping without. I think the mindset changes when you pass control to drugs, so that the labour right after turning down the epidural after all became much more difficult to cope with. However, I think I am almost over it and I will talk some more and will be fine. Bonding with my beautiful baby also helps.
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Reposted for Maureen73:

Jacob was born healthy! THANK YOU for your prayers


Jacob Alan Ruble was born at 2:25 p.m. on Thursday, October 18th by c-section. He weighed 8 lb 9 ounces and the only complication was that he was so big they couldn't get him out through the incision and required two vacuum attempts before he was out. Before the surgery, I had asked that the pediatric team really focus on suctioning him so we could try to avoid any respiratory complicatons like my first two had and the team was so supportive. I am proud to announce that Jacob was able to join me in recovery and was born healthy with no signs of infection. He was the first of my babies to be with me the entire time. He has taken really well to breastfeeding and we were both able to return home this afternoon. I am emotionally fantastic but not having such a great recovery. With the 3 back to back c-sections, this recovery has been extremely painful and difficult and we were informed during the surgery that my uterus was so thin and distended that it would likely have ruptured at any time in the last two weeks causing the unimaginable and that I would definately not have been able to carry another child safely. We feel so blessed that Jacob was protected and I am very thankful to everyone for your prayers and well wishes which I truly believe helped protect him in the womb. Our family is now complete. I have been so eager to post his safe arrival and I couldn't wait to hear about all the other new arrivals while we were gone.
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Reposted for Jessicadixon:

Welcome Kaitlyn Marie


Just wanted to pop in and let everyone know that my baby was born on October 18th at 8:22 am via a planned c section due to high risk pregnancy and previous issues and a previous c section. I had a wonderful experience at the hospital and was discharged only 48 hours after her birth. I am very happy anyways here are the details...

Kaitlyn Marie
10-18-07 at 8:22 am (39 weeks 6 days along)
10 lbs 8 ozs & 21 inches long

Beautiful and healthy!
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Reposted for Naturalthinker:

I'll stop whining now: He's out, He's out, He's OUT!


Hurray, the baby is out of me!!!! He was born yesterday afternoon, Oct. 20th at 4:28 PM, 7lb, 14 oz, 21.25" long. Born at home in the tub - we're all doing great, elated that he's finally out. We have no name for him yet.

A full story is posted here at my blog.
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Reposted for Firstkid4me (by the way, she was able to go home very soon after this was originally posted and all is well):

Prayers please

I had my baby on 10/21/07 at 12:12 pm in the birth center, all natural, in the water. Lana Akiko weighed in at 9 lbs 13 oz, 22 inches long. We went home shortly after 4 pm, and had a very short babymoon. We live in San Diego and right now there are some pretty intense fires going on, so we packed bags this morning before my midwife appointment in case we needed to evacuate. On our way back from our appointment we got a call from a friend that lives in the military housing we live in, saying there's a mandatory evacuation of the area, so we stopped at home, got our bags and tried to look for a place to go. We decided against going to the Red Cross shelters, because the last thing we wanted a newborn exposed to was a bunch of sick people. We finally found a hotel in La Mesa, so that's where dh, dd#1, dd#2, MIL and I are staying. We had to leave our kitty at home because we couldn't fit her in the car (and even if we had this hotel wouldn't allow her inside, it would be a $1000 fine if we were caught.) So if y'all could send some prayers, positive thoughts, or just some vibes our way, I hope our housing is safe (for my kitty's sake, we have renter's insurance, everything else can be replaced), and that these fires go away soon.
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Reposted for Candyapplez:

Hi everyone! This is Candy's sister. She asked me to post an update for her.
Bryson James arrived around midnight last night. She had over 30 hours of very difficult stop-and-start labor at home and so she decided to transfer to the hospital when the baby become stressed. She ended up needing a c-section. But she is fine (tired!) and baby is fine so all is well. I'll let her fill you in on more birth details. I haven't seen him myself but she says he has strawberry-blonde hair and big hands and feet he was (i think) 7lbs 8oz and 19 in long.
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Reposted for Maedeleine'smom:

My baby arrived on his due date!


Atticus Carver arrived on 10/19/07 - his due date. He was 8 lb, 2 oz and born at home. Here is a brief birth story:

Labor started at 5:30am after weeks of pre-labor signs. It was quite manageable and steady throughout the morning. At around 1:00pm I nursed my toddler down for a nap and that really got things going. Luckily she stayed asleep when I pulled her off the boob and left the room. I took a shower and immediately after my water broke on the bathroom floor. We called the midwives at that point. At close to 2pm labor was getting intense and I was getting heated and nauseous. I labored on the birth ball for awhile with a glass of water and puke bucket in front of me. I was there when the midwife and apprentice arrived. I was having pain go through my hips and legs during contractions and had a hard time getting relief from changing positions, although I was trying different things - hands and knees, standing/leaning, etc. We moved me to the bedroom so I could labor there and soon I had to use the bathroom. When I sat down to pee and poop (This was about my fourth poop of the day - the body really knows what it's doing to make room for that baby!) I had a contraction that was bulging my perineum and pushing pee and poop out of me. My midwives were on the other side of the door, but by my vocalizations they knew it was pushing time. They helped me back to bed and I tried a few different laboring positions, but couldn't get any relief from the pain. They checked the baby's heartbeat between a few contractions and then I had another one that was bulging my perineum. No one was quite ready so I put my hand down there and supported my own perineum while the midwife scrambled to get gloves on and the apprentice was going from bag to bag gathering supplies. I had one more reprieve and asked for a suggestion for another labor position to try for pain management. They suggested having DH hold my leg up while I labored on my left side. During the next contraction pain was shooting through my hips and leg and I told them to put my leg down, but they ignored me - they needed room to catch the baby. I felt the ring of fire and the baby's head (my hand was still down there), then as his head was emerging I yelled DD1's name. My mom brought her in to the room just after his head came out. They got to see his body born and everything after. He was born at about 3:45pm - a ten-hour labor. I was so pleased that DD saw the birth because we had prepared her for it and she was looking forward to it. She has been playing "midwife" since then and is doing fairly well adjusting to big sisterhood. I was glad my mom got to see it too. She had both of her children by planned c-section so has never experienced labor or natural childbirth. Everything post-partum has been going well and we are so glad because last time it didn't. We are enjoying getting to know this little guy!
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Reposted for Seena:

Welcome Skye Anees!


My 2nd daughter, Skye Anees, was born last night 10-22-07 at 10 pm after a 13 hour labor! I went in to the hospital for an induction,but just had my MW break my water. I only progressed one cm for 6 hours, so we went on to a very, very low dose of pitocin. Things got quite intense after that, so they brought the pitocin down to pretty much nothing. I really wanted something for pain at that point, and was BEGGING for an epidural, but my MW and Doula (LOVE THEM) suggested a regular pain killer instead. It allowed me to feel the contractions just the same but it allowed me to rest a bit. Well, it was a good thing...during that time I was on the pain medicine I went from 5 cms to 10 in an hour! I told the nurse that I thought it was time for the MW to come, and pushed Skye out 15 minutes later! I will add a link with pics another day, Im still in the hospital and they dont allow me to use certain websites.

Oh! And she was a VBAC!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good luck to the mamas in waiting...your time is coming soon!!!
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Reposted for Thorn:

she's here!!


Emily Claire was born at 9:21am, 7lbs7oz, 18 3/4" long after 52 minutes of pushing!

I got my VBAC and I did it with no drugs

I had a 2nd degree tear. Ring of fire really hurts
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REposted for Jenmarie:

Welcome to Naomi Star!


So, while it wasn't the comparatively quick birth I'd expected, things did move along at at least a somewhat different pace from DD's birth.

Late on the evening of the 20th, sometime after my trip to HEB (a grocery store here, a trip I'm glad I made!), and during dinner, I started to have contractions again.

Over the next couple of hours, I decided that these were promising, but after the 'practice' run a couple of days prior, I thought that we'd just wait it out and see... but that getting to bed soonish was a good plan. Mase came in to check on me a couple of times and they were hard enough that I wasn't able to get to sleep, but not incredibly uncomfortable.

I got up and searched around for something to serve as a functional stopwatch, as I'd forgotten to get one. Eventually, on a whim, I pulled the $5 Walgreens watch that we'd bought when in labor with DD out of her baby box. It was still working. Mind you, I've had other watches in the interim, gifts and such, that are MUCH nicer that have all croaked. The cheapy made-in-china plastic POS that we got over 3 years ago? Still truckin' right along. *snort*

So, I spend the night timing these contractions to see if this might be the real deal. They waffle around between 10-20 minutes apart, back and forth, all night, never letting me actually SLEEP, but I did get some rest as they weren't so uncomfortable that I couldn't lay down (unlike the night of early labor with my first labor). I'm VERY glad that I got a nice nap on Saturday afternoon.

On Sunday, we're pretty sure things are actually happening, though at a very slow pace. I call Laurie (our midwife) at about 7am to give her a heads-up in case things start picking up once I'm moving around. I call my folks about an hour later to give them some time to get here. Then the contractions switch from being about 7-8 minutes apart to about 10-20 minutes apart, and SHORT. Not particularly impressive, and I'm wondering if I'm having another 'practice' day.

I stay in regular contact with Laurie throughout the day, but I didn't call anyone else, as I had no idea whether or not this was actually going to HAPPEN any time soon, and I didn't want to subject folks to hanging around watching me either work or clean for several hours and/or hanging out with my parents for that time. heh
I fully planned on making some calls when I KNEW things were really moving, but by the time THAT happened, I wasn't really able to do so. :|

My parents got here mid-afternoon and played with DD and chatted with me. More see-saw action as far as contractions went, but I was getting tired. Laying down had become a surefire way of getting them to be more painful, but not of being any longer or closer together or regular. grr.

My sister arrived and rubbed my feet and I contemplated trying to take a nap in the chair. I talked with Laurie again and she offered some homeopathic options for either slowing things down some to let me nap, or something that might help make the contractions more regular. By 8-ish, I was ready to try one or the other. I'd used my pump to try to strengthen/kick-start things, but it only worked for a little while (I thought).

Turns out it had done a fine job, as when I got to Laurie's, I decided to have her check me. I had been unable to reach my cervix to self-check, so this made for my first vaginal check of this pregnancy. To everyone's surprise, I was 6-7cm dilated! Guess all my sporadic contracting had been more productive than we'd thought.

Obviously, armed with this info, we decided to go with the Caulophyllum (blue cohosh) in a very, very tiny amount to see if we could regulate things a bit. As the drive over there had kind of already started to do that, I don't know how much affect it had had.

We got back home and Laurie showed up shortly thereafter and called the other midwife, GB. Things seemed to be going along nicely and I was getting ready to see if the couple of folks who'd expressed an interest in being here wanted to come over.... when pretty much all of a sudden the contractions were long, intense, and only a minute or so apart.

I hit transition pretty fast and was having a LOT of trouble relaxing. I just couldn't seem to find that zone that I got into last time around. My water still hadn't broken and there was a TON of pressure. We did another check and I was at 9cm. Sometime along after that Laurie suggested getting into the shower for a bit. Ok, sure, whatever you say.....

While in the shower, the contractions spaced out a bit, giving me a bit more of break between them, but intensified SIGNIFICANTLY. Poor DH was almost dragged to the floor of the tub a few times as I leaned/fell into him. Finally I gave up trying to stand and found myself on my knees in the tub supporting myself with the soap thingie and the side of the tub, grinding my head into his thigh and PUSHING. Guess the tone of my vocalizations changed, as Laurie came in quickly and told me it would be fine to have the baby in there if I wanted. My knees were killing me (enough that I noticed despite everything else), and I had no idea how anyone else was going to FIT in that bathroom to help, so I somehow got up and back into the bedroom.

Oh, over the course of the labor I had kept returning to a position that had me on my knees quite a bit, even though the contractions were VERY strong and particularly unpleasant there. I guess my body knew what it wanted, though, as that's immediately what I did on the bedroom floor once I was out of the shower. DH knelt in front of me and supported me so we were kind of in a face-to-face 'hug' position. And I pushed.

On the second or third contraction/push, my water finally broke with a pop and I knew that in the next few minutes we'd meet our baby. One more, and the head crowned. GB called out to mom/sis that if they wanted to be there for the delivery, they'd better get in NOW. (I'd warned Laurie that I was a STRONG pusher! *laugh*)

One more, and the baby's head (and hand) slid free, and another for her body. Laurie slid the baby forward between my legs and wrapped her up in a towel. She had a nice strong cry and a longer cord than DD had at birth. DD came around and Laurie let her peek into the towel to see the baby's gender. The cord was in the way, so there was some maneuvering that had to take place to see the important bits.
As I had my glasses off, I couldn't have seen anyways... even though I was looking right at her. Yeah, I'm that blind. hheheh

DD makes her announcement, followed by "ewwwww." She promptly leaves the scene to go do something more interesting.
I can't really blame her, because the baby was a mess, Mommy was a mess, and she was DONE with the whole thing. She'd done her 'job' and was on to bigger and better tasks.

The midwives get me reclined against my big blue exercise ball, and put the baby up on me. After a few minutes I push again for the placenta. Our new little girl is PISSED, but eventually finds the boobie and latches on like a pro.

After a bit of melee and my mom trying to get me mostly covered so my dad can take photos, I want to move to the bed. Once in the bed, the midwives do most of their basic checks and stuff with the baby still latched on to me, and then leave the room so that DH, the now-returned DD, and I can properly introduce ourselves to the baby.

Some time later, they come back and finish up.... My sister cuts the cord, the baby gets weighed, and some assorted other things happen. I donate my placenta to an organization Laurie knows about that trains rescue dogs. Apparently they use 'em in training exercises because they smell like human blood. Weird, but interesting! It's not like I have any further use for it, so sure, why not! *laugh*

I only tore a teeny tiny bit, not enough to need even a stitch, and probably wouldn't have even had that had not the Naomi's hand been up by her face as she came through.

After some more odds and ends and finishing up, DH takes the snoozing baby for a few minutes while I read DD a story and cuddle her to sleep. Then I get to sleep between my girls for the first time. DH snags some needed sustenance and crashes on the futon.

Soon we'll set up the crib sidecar, which will open up more room in the bed and maybe then we can get the whole family in here. Yay!!

Born on Sunday, 10/21, at 11:48pm
9 pounds, 9 ounces
21" long
14.5" head
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Reposted for Gigismom:
Noah's Birth Story!


Our baby boy was born Sat Oct 20 at 1:42 pm. He weighed 8lb15oz and is 21 in long. He is perfect and I can't stop staring at him.
His name is Noah Mahmoud

I started contracting Thurs night but nicely spaced 20 min and this lasted all night Thurs (not much sleep) and all day Fri. I basically went about my day with my other dds. Fri night, just when I was about to try to rest again, they picked up to 10 min apart then 7 etc.. I labored all night by myself, listening to my hypno babies scripts and sitting on my ball. It was very peaceful and exactly how I imagined this stage. At 8:00 am I called my mw to tell her I had been laboring. I was not sure I wanted to leave for the hospital yet and she said that I shouldn't then. I went back to laboring on my ball. It was harder to stay focused though because at that point my kids were up and distracting me. I stayed home until 10:30 when I started to feel a little shaky and started crying. By the time we got me in the car comfortable, drove to the hospital and walked from the distant corners of the parking lot we arrived at l and d just after 11:30. I was 7 centimeters!! My mw brought me a ball and some socks... had forgotten to pack socks. I stayed very focused this entire time with my hypnobabies cd. I lost track of time completely at this point. My df was also present with my dh and mw. Everybody was taking turns rubbing my back and fending off the nurses. I was oblivious to anything going on around me. I suddenly just felt the urge to move and change positions but could not find one comfortable as the contx were coming very quickly. I decided to lay down as I was tired. I then had 2 transition contractions and then had the urge to push. I pushed out my baby boy about 2 hours after arriving at the hospital at 1:42 pm. He was placed at my breast immediately, his cord pulsed and then cut and he latched on right away and nursed for about 45 minutes. He is a great nurser. This is exactly the birth that I wanted for him. I am so happy. I have a slight tear...only 1 stitch. (with my other 2 babies I had large episiotomies) I feel amazing!!! Yeah hypnobabies.... Hope you are all holding your sweet babies soon


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REposted for Banana731:

Boy was I off!


I did it! I had my VBAC at home assisted by my family, a wonderful friend, and an awesome stateside MW's kind advice and encouragement over the phone! I can't believe how incredibly difficult and amazingly empowering it was.

I am 2 days in baby bliss. Clementine was born around 10:30am on Wednesday October 24th, a day before my EDD!

Check out our pictures, I will post a birth story soon! Thank you all so much for your advice and support throughout our journey!

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Reposted for Veganc:

baby zola is here!


you'll have to excuse the lack of capitals, she's in the crook of my arm sleeping right now.

her name is zola ianthe (might give her a second middle name, not sure yet) and she was born at 11:57 pm on oct. 20th, weighing 6 lbs 2 oz. i love, love, love her.

here's some pictures


i'll try to write up my birth story later, but it went really well and i'm really proud of myself.
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Reposted for Khaoskat:

My sweat pea is here...


Well, after a relatively long and interesting week last week, my baby decided to make HER appearance on October 18, 2007.

I woke up that morning, just with a sence of calm and peace and knew baby was being born one way other the other that day.

It was the best labor I had ever had - absolutely no pain. Everyone was very shocked in triage when my OB announced I was complete dialated, because I was talking with everyone and interacting like a person who was not in labor.

There are many complicated twists and turns in our daughter's birth after leaving triage..but wont post them here right now...

But stats are:

Alexandria Georgeanna
Weight - 9 pounds 3 ounces
Length - 22 inches
Time 1:40 p.m.
Early/Late - by LMP 6 days late; by US 3 days late; my intuition 2-4 days early.

She has been my best child for nursing so far (knock on wood) and we are enjoying a wonderful virtually visitor free baby in/mooning time right now. We as a family are adjusting very well and my two wonderful boys are enjoying their little sister.
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Reposted for Kdlizmama:

Luke is here!


Luke was born Monday morning at 4:15. He was 9lb 5 0z and is healthy and beautiful! I will try to post a birth story later, but it was exactly the natural hospital birth I had hoped for, although a little faster than expected. After making us wait 9 days past his due date, he showed up less than an hour after we got to the hospital. We came home yesterday and are doing great!
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