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Can anyone help?

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My daughter is now 3 months old. (She is doing very well by the way! www.babysites.com/sites/jaina that's my baby girl!!) My concern is: I haven't had a period since she's been born.... How long does it take to come back???? Or do I need to be worried? I took a pregnancy test Friday, and it said I wasn't... but still no period yet... Not really sure who else to ask that wouldn't freak out (like family for example). If anybody knows anything, I'd love to know what you do. I read a little online and it said that it's possible. we've only dtd ONCE w/o anything, which makes me wonder. ...Hope this isn't tmi....
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It is normal, breastfeeding is delaying it (I am assuming you are BFing which is probably a pretty safe bet on Mothering ). I can't remember what is the average time it takes for a period to return, but I want to say it is longer than 1 year. It was almost 2 years for me.

It is possible for someone to be BFing around the clock and either get their period or get pregnant this early, but I believe it is a small percentage of people. Hopefully this is not you (if that is what you want).
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That's part of the concern: I'm not breastfeeding anymore. Between my depression and my terrible milk supply I had to stop.
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I think for one of my pregnancies it took about 6 months. I believe even if you are not breastfeeding that your body still takes some time to get back into its groove again. I don't think you need to be worried at this time. :
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