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AUGUST TTC in our 20s!

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PG in our 20's
Farmama 29 PG with #1 : 11/22/06

Supermuma 26 PG with #3 : : : 11/26/06

Emma's_Mommy (Erika) PG with #2 : : 11/29/06

Heatherh PG with #1 : 12/07/06

Star_Lite (Autumn) PG with #1 : 12/08/06

Mami_guera PG with #4 : : : : 12/29/06

Sanguine_speed 26 PG with #3 : : : 12/06

Peacefulbreeze 27 PG with #1 : 1/05/07

Sarahmae1( Sarah) 26 PG with #3 : : : 1/07

MrsReady2bMama (Gina) 27 PG with #1 : 2/9/07

Kconterio (Kim) PG with #1 : 2/17/07

VeganC (Vegan) 20 PG with #1 : 2/17/07

Impchild 29 PG with #1 : 2/21/07

welldone (Serina) 27 PG With #3 : : :

Bobandjess99 (Jess) 28 PG With #2 : : 4/22/07 due 1/3/08

Hoping4sumBBdust (Lisa) 22 PG with #1 5/02/07

Mama2babybeans (Eileen) 24 TTC#3 : : 5/20/07

Isra1986 PG with#1 6/11/07

Hlnmommy (Devonn) PG With #2 : : 6/11/07

Snozzberry (Kelly) 29 PG with#1 : 6/17/07

Cicely_m (Cicely) 29 PG with#1 : 6/19/07

Smokeylo (Lauren) 26 PG with#1 : 6/19/07

WeasleyMum (Mara) PG with #1 : 6/21/07

AislinCarys 28 PG with #1 : 6/27/07

GathererGirl (Victoria) 26 PG with #1 : 6/28/07

Kluella (Kristin) 22 PG with #1 : 7/18/07

ORLY? 21 PG with #1 : 7/30/07

MissAnnThrope (Jennifer) 25 PG with #3 : : : 8/1/07

CounterGOPI PG with #2 : : 8/5/07

Sunshine4004 27 PG with #1 : 8/12/07

TheGirls (Angela & Kelly) 26 PG with #1 8/25/07

TTC #1

11yrsNoKid (Brenda) 26 TTC#1

2happymamas 27 TTC#1

Aishah 21 TTC#1 :

Aly22681 (Aly) 26 TTC#1

Babypower (Jennifer) 28 TTC#1 :

BurtsGirl (Rachel) 28 TTC#1

CassnBeth (Beth) 25 TTC#1

Devilish_fetish 22 TTC#1

DvlDg (Claudia) 23 TTC#1

e(Lisa)beth (Elisabeth) 28 TTC#1

FtMPapa 26 TTC#1

Gillian28 24 TTC#1 :

Hopenaprayr TTC#1

inimitable_fran (Fran) 26 TTC #1

Jjrsgirl (Jenna) 27 TTC #1 :

JohnsCelticQueen (Jennifer) 24 TTC#1 :

junipervt (Kathlin) TTC#1

karpat2006 (Kara) TTC #1

KittyMommy4 TTC#1 :

Kristinc (Kristin) TTC#1

LCB 23 TTC#1

MujerMamaMismo 28 TTC#1

Nicole! 26 TTC#1

Oceane 24 TTC#1

SimplyRochelle (Rochelle) 20 TTC#1 :

Slowtime 27 TTC#1

smeisnotapirate (Sara) 22 TTC#1

Songbird45 27 TTC#1 :

Spider (Rina) 27 TTC#1

Sunflwrmoonbeam (Ashley) 22 TTC#1

Whittliz (Margie) 24 TTC#1

xekomaya (Maya) 24 TTC#1


Azuluna (Shannon) TTC#2 :

CatholicBFMama 25 TTC#2 :

ChesapeakeBorn 27 TTC #2 :

chic_mama (MacKenzie) 23 TTC#2 :

CNutty TTC#2 : :

Countrybound 26 TTC#2 :

emski4379 28 TTC#2 :

Kelly1216 (Kelly) 22 TTC#2 :

Ladystarlyn (Lizzy) 21 TTC#2

Little grey mare (Allie) TTC#2

Pazerific 26 TTC#2 : :

princess83 (Sophie) 23 TTC#2 :

rametteperegrine 22 TTC#2 :

xixstar (Karen) 27 TTC#2 : :


AnneCordelia (Emily) 26 TTC#3 : : :

schellie (Michelle) 27 TTC#3 : :

simplelah TTC#3 : :

surromommy2be (Christina) 25 TTC #3 : :

WildHoney TTC#3 : :


Momz3 TTC#4 : :


DreamsInDigital 26 TTC#5 : : : :

Taking a TTC Break

Marthad (Martha) 28 TTC#1 later

Denovagirl (Terri) TTC#1
Harmoni (Harmoni) 20 TTC#2 : :
Noorjahan 27 TTC#1
Organicavocado (Anna) 22 TTC #1
liv'smom2206 (Marissa) 22 TTC#2 :
Zahirakids TTC#3 (Kelly)

If you would like to be added to our group or moved due to a please make your request in bold.

Monday Check in:
Where are you at in your cycle:
Symptoms if they apply:
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Wow! Finally. We are ttc for the first time this month!!! I have waited forever I'm 28, a lesbian using a known donor and ecstatic! I cannot believe I've finally made it to one of these threads :
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woo hoo thanks!
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Yay - the August thread is up! I can't believe it's August!

Welcome MujerMamaMismo! There are a lot of wonderful women on this board with lots of good advice!

Songbird - I just noticed I don't have my age on the list I'm 24

I'm 6 dpo. Waiting until Sunday to start testing. *sigh* Only 4 more sleeps...
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FF took away my crosshairs. :
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Originally Posted by songbird45 View Post
FF took away my crosshairs. :
How frustrating - This has been a month/cycle to remember for many of us

I also just noticed I don't have my age on the list I'm 27
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Hooray! Thanks for getting this up so quickly!

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welcome MujerMamaMismo! i hope your stay is short!

i've been so bad about charting this month! my chart is looking rediculous, but oh well. the midwife i want to use for this pg said she's going to be out of town 4/15/08-5/15/08, so i guess it's not the end of the world if i don't get pg this cycle. even though a few days ago DH had agreed that we should dtd every other day during the dreaded O week, last night he was trying to get out of it. :

somehow in his mind, sex is either romantic or procreation. it somehow cannot be both for him. i reminded him of how many things can be both beautiful and purposeful (i.e. breasts, that painting we hung to cover the little dent in the wall, etc.). i guess the speech worked.: so i'm cd14, and my temp was up this morning. i temped about an hour late cause i didn't hear my alarm this morning, but i didn't feel hot when i temped, so i'm hoping the jump was the real thing. i guess we'll see in the next few days!
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OOO a shiny new thread for me to announce that I have gotten another + today! I'm not getting my hopes up this time I don't want a redo of last month. Although the line is darker than it was last time and I'm only 9dpo and last month I didn't get a + until 11dpo and you could hardly see it. I also had a crazy dip 6dpo this time so I'm feeling pretty good this time around, but still the fear. I'm going to keep testing until I get a big fat pretty line and a test at the doc. office. I think I'm going to have them do a blood test too just because it will make me feel better. I mean they will be taking blood for my thyroid too if I have my way.

Good luck all Whoo!!!
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Wow. I did not notice before that I'm the only single TTCer in my 20s on here.


2 DP IUI. . . 12 more sleeps until testing.
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missannethrope--we'll all be patiently awaiting your next announcement!
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FtMPapa - it's true - not too many people are up for single parenthood! You're not the only one doing IUI's, and there are some lesbian couples on here, but I think you're the only one brave enough to be a single parent. Which - hats off to you if you can do it.
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I have been waiting for so long to be able to post on one of these threads! DW and I are TTC #1 this month! We have been talking about it for three years now and it seems unreal that the time is really here.

I am going to be carrying the child. I am 27 and DW is 35. We are using frozen sperm and doing inseminations at home.
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Name: HP
Date: 1 AUG 07
Where are you at in your cycle: 10dpo
Appointments: None scheduled, still looking for a GOOD specialist
Symptoms if they apply: My boobs hurt and I am very bitc&* but that could be PMS.......
Testing: That b$^%!@@()) is due on the 5th of this month and I am not expecting her to be late unless its fate!
Thoughts: Oh how thirteen months can make you mad and bitter but I continue to pray and give my all to HIM, for it is HIS plan that we live not my own.
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2happymamas good luck to you.

FtMPapa there was another but i don't know were she went. How are you doing?

songbird sorry FF took your c/l away what a pain.
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Monday Check in:
Name: Jennifer
Date: 8/1/07
Where are you at in your cycle: cd22 3dpo
Appointments: nope
Symptoms if they apply: nope
Testing: don't know
Thoughts: Just please oh Please let this be it.
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I tested again today with a different brand test. And it was also a positive!!
Dh isn't trying to believe it, but as tired as I have been all day I believe it.
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I forgot to mention - we're doing at home inseminations with fresh sperm...
How cool that there are a few queer folks TTC in this group
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Well, I guess this is the month for new inseminating lesbians because I am one, too. My beloved and I have been waiting and waiting for this and, now, coming out and joining you all in actually trying to have a baby seems so surreal.

I'm Beth (25) and I'm going to carry and she's Cass (also 25). We're using a much loved known donor and are planning to start with home insemination but we suspect we're going to have to move on from that fairly quickly because I have PCOS.
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I am almost 27 /Sunshine4004 you are not alone!/. We will be TTC #1 mid-August :

Name: Rina
Date: 1 AUG 2007
Where are you at in your cycle: CD1
Appointments: none
Symptoms if they apply: about to climb the wall
Testing: none
Thoughts: optimistic
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