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Dingoes moving through August

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Let's start another month!

I am off for a 25 km bike ride this morning, then buying hiking shoes/boots for another stretch of our hike tomorrow.
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whew. hot in my office. I left the little crappy ac on overnight and I think it made it hotter in my office. I mean seriously it is humid and there's not even a drop in the dang bucket that you take out.

hope you all are cool. balancin holy smokes mama! hope you get some serious body rest in there.
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Morning ladies!

I can't believe it's August already...
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Shanti, sounds heavenly to ride a bike and then go for a hike the next day. I need another real vacation, not the unplanned sick kid days I've been taking from work.

I went out yesterday for another base building run. I'm just trying to get back into the groove of running after several years off for my girls. I kept the girls home because A, my 13mo dd, has been running a fever off and on for a few days. R, the 4 yo, is simply burnt out from daycare so she'll take any time away from there that she can get. (I can't wait for her to start pre-K in September. There will be to pay if daycare doesn't open the slot they've been promising me for 6 months).

Anyways, I have to tell you about my run. It was completely fogged in. I could barely see the ocean. I was doing 60 seconds running, 90 seconds walking. I would do a countdown for R before I would start running. As I'm doing one of the runs, R screams, "Faster Mommy, faster, faster, faster!": A lady running in the same direction as I but across the street heard this and practically came to a dead halt to turn around and look. She was cracking up. I'm sure I was a sight too: a somewhat overweight mom huffing against a double jogger. The only thing missing were reins and a whip being held by R.

It was a fun day.
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Balancin - how are you feeling today? keep drinking!

kdabbler - that sounds too cute! I get lots of comments when I have the double.

Kerc - ugh.

No run today - I hope to tomorrow, but I'm not sure how I will feel after the root canal. If I feel okay I will go, but since it'll be in the middle of the day on a high humidity and 95*, it will likely be shorter than I would like. At least I'm out there.
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welcome to august!

i might have a race to add to the list...tbd in the next week or so
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Kdabbler -- all your dd needs is a toga to complete that little "Ben Hur" moment! Hee hee heeeee...

The only thing that's happened to me repeatedly while jogging with Neve in the stroller is that, if she's fallen asleep, passersby will announce it to me. And then she wakes up. Ummmm... thanks.

It took a while to get the kid to sleep last night (my fault: should have gotten up from that afternoon nap earlier, but it just felt soooooo goooooood), but she was down before 10pm and stayed down until 3:30am again. Woot, woot! I feel like a functioning human being this morning!

Oh, I made pork chops for dinner last night. Slobber! They were awesome. I couldn't resist after all the chop talk here.

RR: nothing planned. If the weather stays cool enough, I may trot the bike around for 30 minutes or so -- nothing too crazy. My first Tri is this weekend, plus I think I've been overdoing it lately (combined with breastfeeding and not sleeping much).
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Super busy around here.

Plady-I think of you and your sweet baby often!

Megan-We are having sleep issues here too.
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if you're not sick of my race, you can see some photos of what it was like here. There aren't any of myself, they all seem to be the marathoners who started a couple hours before we did. And they got to do some thing that we didn't, like the deep water swim. but they're nice photos, mostly of men in really good shape.
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Originally Posted by grnmtnmama View Post
here. <snip> but they're nice photos, mostly of men in really good shape.
Thank you for the eye candy. Lot of body parts too

Megs_BK - Ben Hur moment that's too funny. I don't think I'll be able to run with that stroller without thinking about that now

Babybugmama: good luck!
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kdabbler, that's funny!!

RM, it's so sweet of you to ask about my running. I'm just not doing it. I'm not feeling particularly rebellious about it, though, which is good. I miss it and can't seem to prioritize it. I'm trying to avoid the busy kind of life I created for myself last year, but took a couple of moonlighting jobs while I'm trying to learn how to be a preschool teacher (that sounds bad. Just in case any of my kids' parents read this board. It's just my insecurity speaking. ). So, time management needs to come to the forefront...I've avoided managing my time for so long! Anyway, I have lots of excuses. Watch me put running closer to the top of my list starting...tomorrow. Seriously, I just can't do it today. There are still 6 kids who belong to other people in my house right now and then we have to scoot to swimming lessons for the entire afternoon. I'm SUPPOSED to travel to Seattle today, but I am pretty sure that I'm not going to. We'll see. I'm rambling now. It really is all related to why I'm not running. Discipline is something I have very little of.
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Ok, so having a new thread might be the appropriate time to ask what the heck the *Dingo* is all about. I just haven't got it yet

Yuck! It's August! That means I start school again really, really soon. I'm loving my free lifestyle right now.

Went for a 2.25 fun this morning before work. I did a hill workout, which was good for me. Heading out real soon to do a 12-ish mile bike ride and then I think I might browse some thrift stores this afternoon. I need to find some shorts and pants for myself.

I might register for a 5K this weekend. It's in a town really close to me. GF and I were supposed to be out of town this weekend, but that isn't happening. So I might as well do a race since it's so close by.
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Mostly just subbing, here.

CherylAnn - how often do you teach punctuation to preschoolers, though!

kdabbler- love the jogger image. My little dd, when I was training for a half marathon, came with on most long runs. If I had to stop to walk she'd turn around and say "Are you running or walking?" in this very put out voice. She's better motivation than a coach sometimes!

Off to register the kids for school, then to late lunch/early supper with mom and aunt. Back to report later. I'm wearing my dingo shirt for comfort and strength!
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Balancin - Yikes mama! That's kind of scary! I don't blame you for having doubts after an episode like that but give yourself plenty of time before making any big decisions. You can always switch to the half at the last minute and as someone said the conditions will be very different all around by race day.

Megs - So glad you're beginning to feel caught up!

DrJen - Sending vibes for calm cool collectedness for you and your mom today.

Originally Posted by kdabbler View Post
It was completely fogged in. I could barely see the ocean. I was doing 60 seconds running, 90 seconds walking. I would do a countdown for R before I would start running. As I'm doing one of the runs, R screams, "Faster Mommy, faster, faster, faster!": A lady running in the same direction as I but across the street heard this and practically came to a dead halt to turn around and look. She was cracking up. I'm sure I was a sight too: a somewhat overweight mom huffing against a double jogger. The only thing missing were reins and a whip being held by R.
That sounds awesome, all of it, especially the fog by the ocean and the missing whip!

Originally Posted by Runningmommy View Post
wemoon~nooooooooooooo! not the elimination diet and my beloved energy bars!!!!!!! aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!
RM - Maybe doing some abdominal massage would also help to move the gas through before it has time to build up and get painful. I'm sure the elimination diet is a good idea though I hope you don't find that cutting out anything you love makes the difference!

Originally Posted by babybugmama View Post
Plady - I think of you often too. I wish I had words of wisdom, but I just want you to have that baby safe in your arms. I can't wait. Is your tag in your signature correct? I guess I thought you were further along.

Oh yeah, question for any knowledgeable dingos...I have to have a root canal thursday (yay me ), is the novacaine stuff okay for nursing?
Yup, 33 weeks this week. But according to the tentative schedule August 30 is the bid day, so not much longer really. My dentist told me that novacaine wouldn't be a problem for dd when I had to get 7 fillings done when she was about 11 months old. But take that with a grain of salt, she was the same dentist who told dd she should eat more candy!

Originally Posted by CherylAnn View Post
eksmom, good to see you! Fun to know that others are reading HP, too. Naomi got our copy first, as soon as we drove back into town last Friday (we had it pre-ordered from our local bookstore). Fletcher and I are both going to re-read HP6 before we read 7, and Fletcher has 6 right now. I almost can't wait! But, since it's the last book and the frenzy will be over for me for good as soon as I finish it, I suppose there is no harm in prolonging the anticipation a bit longer.

Plady, I'm also thinking of you a lot lately. You are doing so amazingly well, considering. Are you having any symptoms?
I'm reading my HP too. My plan to read only a chapter a day isn't exactly working out but I haven't finished it yet either. I'm finding it easier to put down this time because I know that this is it. I'm just worried that someone might ruin the ending for me still!

As for symptoms, I've been itchy and a bit depressed. The itching actually seems to be getting a bit better although every time I think about it I realize I'm scratching sort of mindlessly.

Originally Posted by 1jooj View Post
I get back trouble when I am experiencing stress. So guess what hurts today? I decided to go ahead yesterday and take the kids to the pool, and when I got back, there were all these messages from work...ugh. I hope the change to FT obliterates some of these communication and availability/response issues. I mean, as it stands, on my "days off," I basically have to stalk email, which means I am chained to my computer anyway. If I can't spend "off" days having fun anyway, should I not just be FT and get the vacation days so that I CAN afford to occasionally take the kids somewhere? Sorry. Rant over.
Hear hear mama! Did you read the article in the NY Times last week about the problems of working PT? You just described one of the biggies.

So I just came back from Non-Stress Test #2 and this time it was actually not stressful! I cannot convey how relieved I am. I went in bracing myself for another scary episode but it was actually fine. I brought my ice packs, cold water and dosed myself up with rescue remedy right beforehand. I didn't have to fight not to wear the gown (which had made me all sweaty), I jacked up the bed to a more comfortable tilt to start, told the nurse right off where baby's butt was so it didn't take her so long to find the right heartbeat. And I just flopped my lags to the side right off so I wasn't really on my back so much at all. HUGE difference. When my doctor came I think even she was relieved to see that I was so much more relaxed. So, now I have renewed hope that I can do this in the hospital. I am going to investigate the birth center a little more, just in case, but I do feel a big relief today.

High: Not panicking in the labor room!

Low: Realizing that I'm phasing back out of my love/need for that morning cup of coffee. Typical of me in late pregnancy but still sad.
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Mandy, great photos!! It looks so hard. I want to do that, too! Do you know if there are any others around the country?
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Happy August, friends.
I'm hoping for a five miler today on the TM again.
I'm so sick of proofing photos for the wedding I did 1.5 weeks ago. I thought I was done, then realized that I'd missed about 25. No biggie in the grand scheme of things (nearly 450 photos) but I'm sick of looking at this wedding! I've been working my a$$ off on it and work.
My Mac is having issues, so I'm reinstalling the system right now....I pray I don't lose anything...like photos!!!!!

I've been wondering about Schatz, too. I want to know how her training is going for our half marathon. I've been a wiener.
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Good point, Dr.Jen!

Plady, I'm glad the appt. went so well.

wemoon, someone else could give you a better explanation, but it has to do with another mama here whose screen name is The Naughty Dingo. Folks were "chasing" her, I believe. So, when I arrived here about a year and a half ago that was he passtime of choice...chasing the naughty dingo.

Oooh. There were other posts I wanted to respond to, but I have to hop in the shower and then distribute these girls at their various domicides. So, I'm distracted and wanting to be more in a hurry that I seem to be...that discipline thing again.
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Don't mean to hog the board, just forgot to sub in!
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wooooopsie. Just saw Schatz's post on the other thread....
GET RUNNING, GIRL!!!! You're doing the half with me in 1.5 months!!!!!!!!
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Planned on getting up to run this am before dd woke up. However, my alarm clock is dh: when he gets up for work-and he slept in this am. So I got in an hour of yoga this morning instead.
(Kerc-I did the hips/hammies one from the other day-you are right -it seemed mellow-but at the end my hips were definitely feeling it)

We went to see Dinosaur Rocks! this morning-gigantic people size dinosaurs did not go over well with K-we went out for a bit-and she watched it on the tv-got used to it-went back in and had a ball It was a pretty good show-lots of learning for the older kids and just fun music for the younger ones. Its about two scientists hanging out in a museum making the dinosaurs come to life by using their fossils-very cute-and you learn about each one.

eksmom-i PM'd you.
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