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Still on a pbaby high over here. Which is good, 'cause otherwise I have a massive headache due to merlot consumption with my mom. I didn't drink outside my norms, but for some reason I am reacting poorly. Dehydrated, I suppose.

Congrats on the good long run, MB and and HBM!

Alright, well, it's time for Dan and I to figure out our respective "honey-do" lists for the weekend. Our labor day weekend will be heavy on the "labor" part!
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Plady-Congratulations! I am so happy about the safe arrival of Allison Grace. I'm crying. What a beautiful name. I hope the necklace gave you strength and love. I know you are on cloud nine. Take a deep breath. I know it was a long nine months. Can't wait to hear your story. Enjoy her.

HBM and mamabeth-great job on the long run.

I did 12.5 with dh. Our longest ever. We managed a 9:55 pace. Very fast for me. He decided last week that he would run the half with me. Part of me is happy and part of me is annoyed that he can just get out there and be where I'm at in 2 long runs.: It will be nice to have his company and support during the race though.

Off to get something done with the afternoon.

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Patti, that is an awesome pace! I am in awe! I hear ya about dh, but he has those genes I guess...not fair. Can't wait to hear about your race, you will just do amazing, and I'm glad that you and he can run together.

HBM and I did have a great LR. I love eight miles and up...they are just so satisfying. I feel justified in my pb and chocolate snack.

Hi loftmama!!! great to hear from ya. how great that you could be there right before Allison's arrival. : j

must make another carrier! and go to costco. etc.
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Plady - WOOO HOOO!!! I am soooo happy for you! : Welcome Allison Grace. That is such a beautiful and pure name.

Patti - I agree with mamabeth - awesome run!

We just got back from vacation. I have very mixed feelings about it. Dh and I bickered the entire time. Ds barely slept and dd alternated awesome days with days of extreme tantrums. Since getting home though we seem to all have hit the reset button. I did have quite the epiphany though...dh is really in tune with his relationship with dd. He will quickly note that their attachment is not as good as it should be and does what he needs to fix it. He keeps working at it until he can tell it's where it should be. His instincts are usually right on and I'm always very pleased that he works so hard on their relationship. Well...I've been trying to communicate (I'm communicating, he isn't receiving) that I am not feeling as attached and bonded to him and in fact it became really obvious this last week where I was having a miserable time and didn't even want to be around him. So...I basically pointed out how he tries so hard to make sure his attachment with dd is where it should be, but does not do the same for us or me. I communicated it well, but well...like always I'm not sure if it was received or not.
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We have had a setback. This is Dh of plady. Allison Grace is back in the hospital with a sepsis infection. She had labored breathing, jaundice, fever and hypothermia and apnea like episodes. She is on IV antibiotics and will be there for 2 more days. However, after just 12 hours of antibiotics she seems alot stronger. Nursing well. With mom or me all the time -- lying on our bellies..

love from the plady family.
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NO! That's awful. The Pfamily will be very much in our prayers. Please keep us updated when you can.
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Oh sweet baby...She is in my prayers, as are you and Plady.
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praying for a speedy recovery
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Oh, Baby! Alison, get better soon! Thanks for the update Pdaddy.
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prayers from us too for baby Alison and family! sending love to you, plady.
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Just sent out prayers to the Pfamily-will continue to do so.
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Sending lots of love and strength to Alison and family.
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i'm sending out some vibes right now, plady, alison, & pfamily.

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My thoughts are with the Plady family. Get better quickly!
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