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Hey, where did my post from last night go? It was something like:

: : : : High fives and big hugs Danile! I am so sorry that you had to go through this and I am so happy for you that you PASSED YOUR TEST! Congrats!

I have never been to Hawaii either, jstar. When I go I hope it's just like Megan's trip (without the post trip pregnancy discovery, please).

I am missing mcsarahb too.
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and I noticed you were the smart one who guessed it Lisa! You must have guessed right after I left.
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Originally Posted by DucetteMama21842 View Post
and I noticed you were the smart one who guessed it Lisa! You must have guessed right after I left.
Yeah, except that I am a public transit supervisor by day and have to deal with a lot of driver's license rigamarole, so I wildly guessed.
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Still, good guess!
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Wow, Danile. Glad that's over--it's a big step.

I think one of my cysts ruptured last night. I'm pretty sure I ovulated Wed. night, and I had similar (but way, way, WAY more intense) pain last night. I'll bet that the functional follicle thingy from the previous day just nudged one (maybe both?) over the edge and made it pop. All the hormonal stuff, plus I've been trying to process some of my emotional blockage stuff.

Fiddle, I was thinking about you a lot yesterday (I've been decluttering, and I found a bunch of old Z medical supplies which I've been trying unsuccessfully to donate) and I was going to ask about L and W (and you, of course). So update us.

Hey, one of our babysitter flakes turned out not to be a flake (serious illness in the family and she had to get out there quickly). We interviewed her, and she's way more competent than the last one. So we're going to try her out *next* weekend.

Els, in my experience, nude beaches are not about having the perfect physique...

Re rota... someone medical correct me if I'm wrong, but it's my understanding that you can only get *rotavirus* once. (Though perhaps your immunity might wear off in adulthood?) There are plenty of *other* barfing bugs out there to catch, though.

Thinking of Renae (and sandy beaches) and MCSB and anyone else who's MIA.
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I'm so glad you did it Danile! It just proves what a strong and persistant woman you are. I'm proud of you for facing and conquering your fears. I can't imagine how devastating the loss of your friend was.

Jacquie, again, congrats on your new little girl. I saw your photos, and you all are simply blissful. WHat a little beauty!

This week has been a whirlwind of swim lessons, trips to the pool and beach etc. Man, I'm wiped! But it's been lots fo fun, and the girls are enjoying their summer.
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Originally Posted by TurboClaudia View Post
I am so giggling, I watched all four videos and Marek looks so grown up! I love his long curly blond hair! and LOVE the drum set. youguys rule as parents. And the Stefan ones!!! Love how at the end of the stefan crawls around one, Bill goes, "Careful, Marek" and his voice goes waaay up saying Marek, and how at the end of the stefan sends email one you say, "crap". It most definitely did not sound like "carp".
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Have youguys seen the documentary, "The Business of Being Born"? I saw it this afternoon and I cried, over and over again, witnessing happy home births and reliving my own...and for the poor babes whose births were not so happy...and the mamas...anyway it is a shocker and a really good movie. The producer is Ricky Lake and the filmmaker has something to do with SAn Miguel, not sure what.

It really moved me.
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Thanks all you May moms for your loving support. That's why I love you guys! : :

TC- Too cute. Thanks for sharing!

Els- Where did you get your hands on a copy? I've been dying to see that!!!
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Hopefully my typing here at work won't wake up W sleepin on the staff bed. I should be asleep too but wanted to update.

J-star: I THINK about getting together with you almost every day. It's the execution part of the plan that's tricky. Yes, let's shoot for the end of the month. You come back on dh and my anniversary, so it won't be that day. It's so cool that you live just down the street and are now SAH-ish too (though both of us are still actually working outside the home a bit). It FEELS like it should be easy to get together- it will happen soon.

OK, update:

job: over the past 1.5 years, almost half of the management in our company has been fired/forced to resign due to either incompetence or criminal behavior (imbezzlement). drop Now the state is closing 3 of our group homes. Dh and I are NOT involved- this group home has a sterling record for all our on-site inspections. However, our new executive director is making big (needed) changes, including moving this group home's clients and staff to a new site, and moving me to a different group home. I totally understand why it doesn't look good for me to be working with dh, even though I've been scrupulous in following the company's nepotism policy. It's just that the policy wasn't strick enough in the first place, which is how some of the bad guys got away with what they did. Still, I am very very sad that this wonderful work sitch is going away, and not sure how we will survive. I can't imagine taking both kids to work with me part time, even with our babysitter, without having dh there to help. I hope I can make the new situation work, but I'm worried. I don't even know where I'm being transferred yet or what my hours will be. I hope it works out.

OK, on to L and preschool. He LOVES his preschool. We had a hard time adjusting to the early mornings, but have a good groove going now. BUT.....everything's changing! The numbers droppped really low just before L started, and the class is being moved to another site and will have all new teachers and some new kids. By the end of the month, L will say goodbye to his routines and his friends both at my work and at his school. It's just not fair.

W and food: W loves solid food! Hooray! This week we've done banana for starters, and it's a huge hit. It's so wierd to have a kid that actually likes to eat from the get-go. Oh, the stinky dipes in my future

FIL drama- hardly worth mentioning. Just that I specifically made a gesture to give him and dh time together at a football game (go Beavs), but it turns out FIL really just wanted to take L to the game, which of course L is too young to really understand or appreciate. Sigh. I am throwing up my hands on this one.

Thinkin of Ms. Sarahbee and Renae, and Jacqueline all snuggled up with her new sweet one.

Night night, mama jammas (is it bad that I say goodnight to ya'll more often than I do my dh?)

I gotta tell ya'll- we have come up with an awesome night-time plan. L sleeps best with someone else in the room. W sleeps best where he can't smell milk. I sleep best in my own space away from rolling babes and crying preschoolers and snoring dh's. Dh sleeps well anywhere as long as he isn't being poked to go into L's room and take care of him. So....I'm now sleeping on an air mattress in L's room, and Dh has the queen w/W in the sidecar crib. Suddenly, everyone is getting plenty of sleep. It's bliss. Or it would be if I would stop typing already and go to bed.

Dh and I are actually getting MORE one-on-one time with this arrangement, because we're more rested and can stay up a wee bit together. Plus we have started dating Tuesday mornings when W is at a sitter and L is in preschool. Tee hee. Dating.

Night night for real this time.
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wow. that was a really long post.

I can just hear my mother telling me to calm down and go to bed already.

OK. nighty night again.

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Those sound like some big changes FF. That can be really stressful especially before you know all the details and so on so you can actually make a plan for how it will work.
Those videos were really cute. marek really has his drummin attitude going on.

What fun.
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TC-great videos! Thanks for sharing!

Danile-congrats on going through with your exam. I'm sure that took lots of strength and courage and applaud you.

Fernie-thanks for the updates. You've got a lot going on and are in my thoughts.

I've only got a minute as I think A is waking. I got a 1 1/2 hour nap today, so I'm feeling pretty good. The milk coming in has been a great thing. She's just not as avid an eater as G was. She really wants to eat, but is quite efficient and doesn't feel the need to hang out at the boob like G did. (maybe that's a guy thing )

yes, we're going with Annie for now. I love the name of Julianna, but it's in honor of several family members (a Julie, Julia, and Jewel) so I don't feel right calling her any of those similar names. Annie gives her her own identity while also having that feminine tie to family. Am I making any sense? I hope so. I'm feeling more tired, but not too bad.

My mom arrived yesterday. She and dh are taking G out to the park for a little while. I don't quite feel ready to go in a car. I mean, things are healing fine, I just kind of enjoy the cocooning aspect of these early days. I have been wanting to get her in a sling, though, and see how that goes. I would like to go up and down the street a couple times!

Okay, off to wake her up. She's such a sleepier babe than G, too.
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Jacqueline, just realized both your babes have a birthday on the 31st. V.v. cool! So happy to read updates, I'm all nostalgic for the baby days... for milk coming in!

I'll be thinking of L as he goes through so many transitions. Those are especially hard at this age, it seems, so I hope he can adapt. I'm so sorry there's so much up in the air with your job, fern. Nothing like the rug being yanked out from under you.

How;s your cyst pain doing KK? I hope once it burst the pain eased for you. It stinks how you are still dealing with them boogers.
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Hi, everyone! It was quiet here today. Maybe we're all just digesting a little.

Anyway, I just wanted to say hi. Hi!
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*raises head from post-vacation madness*
I'm here! I'm here! I missed you all!

Kauai was incredible, but after doing more in two days in Los Angeles than in an entire week in Hawaii, I realize that I am indeed a City Girl.

More soon. It's almost midnight here. Jetlag. To me, it's more like 9. or 6! Hawaii's time is 6 HOURS from New England. Day-um.

Subscribing, hopefully I will work on catching up tomorrow with that morning cuppa Kona Coffee ( We bought some to bring home with us...I dunno WHAT I will do when we run out!)

I'm a little down, the post-vacation "NOW what do I have to look forward to?!?!" antisocial slump.
I'll get over it.

Have a lovely night, mamas.

And welcome new babies! Julianna is a gorgeous name.
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Welcome back, Renae.
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I don't know if it'll work to share this link with others, but I was at BabiesRUs picking up a play&pack the other day (cause he's scooting and getting into stuff at work), and they offered me a free photo shoot.

Let me know if it works.

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yep, it works, fernie! sooooooooooo cute! i can't figure out who he looks like in those shots... a little like L, but i think he has your smile, or maybe tom's, but i think yours. definitely L and W look a lot alike.

bill is back home. yay! i have forbidden him to ever leave town again for more than 3 days at a time. it was harrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrd. even with my dad's help. marek wouldn't accept certain things from my dad, and my dad is soooooooooooo not used to 3 year olds and their reasoning capacities (or lack thereof). anywhoooooss... we have lots of frozen fish in our freezer now. and smoked salmon on the way later this month. woohoo!

beach house things trickling along. will know a little more tomorrow. just hum de dum.

off to attempt to rouse bill from sleeping next to marek after he lay down with him to help him get to sleep...

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