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we're leaving today :

i love going to shows too. i just looked at myspace and one of my friends is playing the knitting factory tonight in LA. dang those kids squishin my fun i invited him up to bakersfield so we'll see. i doubt he'll come but he is kinda crazy like that. he's a starving artist type who pretty much lived with us for a while because he was dating our roommate and just showed up and stayed in between tours. i thought he was hilarious and doug thought he was a MOOOOCH. ahh the days before kids.

i haven't gone to any shows this summer. lily allen is the only one i want to go to but i'm sure it is sold out. we're too broke by the time i get tickets and pay $50 or so for the babysitter.

ebin is getting picky about the bottle because he hasn't been having one very often. i'm packing a bottle and handpump so his grandmas can get some feeding in and he can get used to it. he *needs* to because i'm going to be getting my work thing underway when i get back.

i remembered this morning as i was feeding ebin that KK mentioned the rotavirus can only be caught once. a website i read said:

Once an infant has been exposed to rotavirus, it takes approximately 2 days for symptoms to appear. Infants and children develop vomiting and watery diarrhea that may last 3-8 days, and fever and abdominal pain occur frequently. A child may have rotavirus gastroenteritis more than once, because there are many different rotavirus types, but repeat infections tend to be less severe than the original infection.

so i think you can have several bouts of it because rotavirus is a category of viruses. isaac only had one bad episode with the vomiting.

i hear babe awaking. catch ya on the flipside!
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Crossing my fingers for ya that Ebin takes to the bottle!
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Danile, congrats on the 1000th post!!! Yaaay! : You have been busy since then! already 26 more!

Emmalola, honey, I do hear you about your bro. I am so, so sorry that's the case, it royally sucks the big honkin wangeroo which I only said to make you smile, but it really does suck and I really can empathize. Addictions really suck the life out of a beautiful soul, and anguish to no end those around them.
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Yeah.. I second that. I pretty much always agree with everything the wise Elsanne says though. Addictions hurt way more people than just the addict. Its a very painful situation and you are in my prayers!
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And, I just noticed how many times I said the word "suck" in that last post, but at least I meant more than just one kind of sucking.

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The morning goddess returns!
For today, anyway!
Elsanne, you crack me up.

Um, what else...oh yeah!!! Okay, so it seems like since I went out to NY state to meet some fellow AFI fans who I had previously only known online (and had a FANTASTIC weekend with!), I seem to win at life, as they say.
After that weekend, I left for Hawaii. When I got back, I saw the Beastie Boys (GREAT show, btw, though the fans, on the whole, were pretty much dou**ebags (sorry if that term annoys anyone, it makes me ) and then I found out that Blaqk Audio were doing a private listening party in Boston on Friday, so I made it my goal to win tickets to that thing (no, I HAD TO. I honestly don't know what I will say when faced with two of the most gorgeous and talented men I have ever crushed on, men who reduce my 31-year-old self to a silly, dorky, fangirly, melty 16-year-old mess, but given the opportunity to actually MEET them....!!! I had to try!)
So anyway, the Blaqk Audio listening party. The radio station doing the promotion was in Boston and I couldn't pick it up here, only online.
I listened to the station all morning yesterday, until the DJ said to call in for tickets.
So I called in...AND I WON!!!
I never win ANYTHING, mamas, EVER.

On Friday, I am going into Boston with L. (crazy best friend who seems much better since she got out of the hospital--I even have a part-time job cleaning her house for her. ) to hear part of the new album that's coming out Tuesday (which, ahem, I've already heard ALL of! : I couldn't resist! hey! I was planning on buying it like twice!) and...I get a SIGNED COPY of the new album, and I get to MEET Davey Havok and Jade Puget.
I know, no one but me here knows who these boys are, but OMG you guys, I am BESIDE MYSELF with excitement!
And I STILL don't know what I will say to them.

What's even cuter is that ROWAN is excited for me! He knows who they are, he's an AFI fan (yes! He asks me to play them every day!) and he knows the difference between AFI (where Davey and Jade sing and play guitar, respectively) and Blaqk Audio (where they sing and play synthesizers and keyboards, respectively) He asked me if he could "come wif you" to meet them! Aww! He's a little young though.
So anyway, that is my most recent "I win at life" moment. Wow. I don't think I will believe it till I'm there. Haha.

Ah, babysitters. I am lucky in that one of my dearest friends and I have a swap going on, and I watch her son every week, twice, and she usually watches Rowan at least once. Right now, it's working for us, who knows what will happen when they get older, or maybe they will just be used to each other and us by then so it'll be okay? I mean, as soon as things got even slightly challenging for raisin mama she cut out on us, but I'm hoping that won't happen with M.
I have missed her (she was on vacation too these past weeks) but she and her son L. are coming out today for a playdate, and Rowan is going to her place tomorrow all day for Warped Tour! They are the only friends of ours that Rowan cannot WAIT to see.

I think we're slooooowwwwlllyyy coming out of jet lag. Last night I actually went to bed BEFORE midnight! And Rowan has been waking up earlier and earlier, whee.... He's up now and I am about to go get him.

I love greeting the day with Kauai coffee though. I will when I run out.

Jstar, have fun! Good luck getting the little one to take a bottle! Your friend sounds rad, if a little flaky (sometimes those can be fun friends! And yes, ah, the days of no kids...even though it seems I've had a LOT of activity these past weeks, about 90% has been WITH my little one by my side! He's such a fantastic traveller though, it's really not been too bad! He was excited to get on every plane, every airport shuttle, the only flight where he was REALLY difficult was the red-eye from Kauai to LA. And *I* was difficult then too so I understand!

Danile, congrats on !! Woo! Welcome to the madness!
I, too, agree with pretty much everything the wise Elsanne says. She's my freakin' hero.

This is a novel, I'm sorry! That's what you get when the morning goddess posts before she's done with her first cuppa coffee!

Later, gators.
Blaqk Audio's WHOLE album is on their myspace: wanna hear it? It's SO sexy! We're allowed to love the sexy still, right?
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OK, Mamas, I've thought long and hard about a little trivia about myself. It's not really any deep dark secret, more of an interesting tidbit. It's not exactly something I just slip into conversations. So I will reveal my trivia answer Thursday at 12 noon, EST. So let the fun begin!!!


Renae! I'm so excited for you! Sounds like a whirlwind of a month! Congrats on the winnings and enjoy!
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Thanks for the props, Renae, the love goes both ways...I am SOSOSOSO psyched that you won! You be a winnah! Have great amounts of fun. Question: Where does Leah get the money to be the big spendah? Does she, like, work?

Oh boy, Sherri!

Here are the rules, just now made up by MOI. Anyone have any probs with them, make up your own rules.
THERE WILL BE TWENTY QUESTIONS ONLY, MAYBE. (Number them, please. Maybe more as group decides.)

So here goes!
1) Is it something you did?
2) This thing, does it or its memory bring you joy?
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For Elsanne: Leah has a job, she's tech support at a company near Boston. She's been there for 2 1/2 years, the company moved last year and paid her very handsomely to move with them.
She has totally been my sugar momma the past year or so (when she's not being insane, that is. ) and well, I know I haven't gotten into it much, just the bad stuff...but mamas, I've known this girl since 1998, when she started dating my ex-boyfriend and he told me "I think you two would get along" and we TOTALLY did. Our relationship has lasted longer than the one either of us had with him!
She and I were talking about stuff the other night, and she says that she feels like Earl (from this show, "My Name is Earl" with Jason Lee...I've never seen it but I know what she's talking about)...apparently, everyone seems to remember the "Bad Earl" and forget that he has a "Good Earl" too...for her, she was talking about work, and I know what she means. I remember the "Good Leah" and I know that her sickness is what brings the "Bad Leah" out...when she is taking care of herself and is properly medicated, I see the "Good Leah". I just hope she sticks around a little longer this time. *sigh*

So anyway, yeah. She is actually going to pay me upwards of $100 a month to clean her house, maybe more. I can do it, I'd rather do it than work for minimum wage in retail, and she'd rather pay someone who needs it than Merry Maids or whatever.
We'll see. We did it once already so hopefully it won't be TOO scary this time around.

I'm bad at 20 questions! Haha! Let's see:

3)Is this something recent, or something that happened Back in The Day?

Thaaaat's all I can think of now. My friend M. will be here soon. Later mamas!
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Originally Posted by elsanne View Post

1) Is it something you did?
2) This thing, does it or its memory bring you joy?
Originally Posted by Mama Faery View Post

3)Is this something recent, or something that happened Back in The Day?
1. Not exactly
2. Yes
3. Happened back in the day
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4.) Does it have to do with a person?
5.) Does it have to do with a place?
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hey els, o rule maker, do we each get 20 questions, or is it 20 questions for the whole bunch of us?

and that doesn't count as a question, folks, 'cause it's not directed at sherri...
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Originally Posted by TurboClaudia View Post

and that doesn't count as a question, folks, 'cause it's not directed at sherri...
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Originally Posted by DucetteMama21842 View Post
4.) Does it have to do with a person?
5.) Does it have to do with a place?
4. no, just has to do with me
5. no
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what my baby is doing right now
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Oh my goodness, the cuteness!
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Aww! AWW!
Claudia, that is SO FREAKIN' CUTE. Heehee.
I think (but Elsanne can correct me!) that she means 20 altogether for the group...because like, 20 questions from each of us? That could get kinda :

So you guys, call me the biggest nerd EVER, but I am freaking out over what to wear to this listening party thing! We are required to wear all black, obviously not a problem for me, but do I go with black jeans and a black halter top (to show off my wing tattoo! ) or a skirt? Sandals or chucks? Glitter makeup or very understated?? OMG, the decisions.
Okay, so you know what I'm working off here...THIS is what Blaqk Audio look like (Jade's on the left, Davey's on the right. Davey holds a REALLY special place in my heart! *swoon*)...I am going to be faced with this Friday! :
(not to mention they are beyond talented and I love this music even more than AFI (the other band they're in)...you know you love living my fangirliness out with me! )

Anyway, don't mind me. I also have Leah asking me what the he!! she's going to wear to both the listening party Friday and Warped Tour tomorrow. Haha.

So Rowan and I had our playdate with my friend M. and her DS L. today, and he wanted ME to go away so he could have M. all to himself! Aww! She's the one watching him tomorrow so he gets ALL DAY with her and her DS tomorrow, which he can't wait for. Haha.

I have a headache, which lunch did not help. Rowan is theoretically still sleeping so I have some time to rest. Guess I'd better get on that.

(thanks for putting up with me and my dorkiness! :
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Renae is a dork! But I say, halter, skirt, and sandals with understated make-up.

My question:

Happened under the age of 18?
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Lisa, thou didst not number thy question.

Because yes, my idea is 20 total, but really? I think more than 20 is just dandy too.

Renae, I have to say those guys make me go eeeeewww. And all this time I thought Jade was a girl! But I can fully support and appreciate they must be talented artists. I am teasing you, and your fangirliness, which I also heartily encourage.
I vote for SEE the wing tattoo, jeans, and a little bit of glitter.

Claudia, the CUTENESS! I have a memory of Amara doing the exact same thing in the exact same swing...

7) Does it have to do with education directly? (not indirectly, like something happening while you were at college)
8) Is it related to being in the right/wrong place at the right/wrong time? Total happenstance, and you were present?
9) Would you like to relive it?
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Originally Posted by elsanne View Post
Lisa, thou didst not number thy question.
:nana: phssst, you and your rules. I defy you - whatcha gonna do 'bout that??!

So, did I tell you all that when Alison starts teaching again in two weeks we're not going to have the same days off? : : :

We couldn't stomach fulltime daycare for Annabel so she'll be going 8:00-2:30 Monday through Wednesday, then home with me Thursday and Friday and home with Alison Saturday and Sunday. Eleanor will proably go to her preschool Monday through Thursday, but I may keep her home some/most Thursdays. I will work 8:00-5:00 Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and 6:00-2:00 Saturday and Sunday. We are planning on doing this for six months only because by then Annabel will theoretically be old enough to go to the same school as Eleanor (which we wholeheartedly love).
Anyone ever work different days than your partner? I know there are few WOHMs here in the MMF, but maybe in the past pre-kids you managed to survive this??? I am scared, so any suggestions for how to stay sane during this time would be appreciated whether you have BTDT or not.

One ray of shining hope, my mom will be coming to stay with us beginning in mid-October for a couple of months. I am not sure how/to what extent we’ll use her for childcare. She rocks, but we don’t want to impose on her either. I pulled strings to get Thursday/Friday days off so it might not be easy to undo at this point.

Anyway, I just had a warm fuzzy wash over me because I thought of Jacqui's Annie. Aw, new baby love.
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