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claudia - are you asking me? i'm using one of our babysitters. i talked to her yesterday about doing a LOT of days this month and she has a lot of availability. she cleans houses and babysits (she used to clean our house). so i think hopefully this will work for her (and me). i expect i'll need 20 days or so in sept and then maybe hardly any in oct. she will probably mostly be watching ebin alone while isaac is at school. so it will be much easier for her. although isaac likes her and behaves well for her. she may be watching ebin while i am home just so i can work. so i guess she will be an au pair. au pair...nanny...babysitter. another mama friend has a babysitter looking for one day a week of regular work and i debated about that but i think ebin should only have to bond with one caregiver. i think that will be easier on him.

this seems like it will be a smooth plan except for the minor detail of paying her a ton of money this month when i probably won't get paid for the work for months. i haven't worked out with my boss whether she is paying me when i invoice her or when she gets paid by the client (several months down the road).

the project i'm doing is an audit at a steel mill (FUN!). i unpacked my whole office this weekend (moved everything from my old office to home and got set up). isaac found my hard hat and i keep getting 'why do you wear a hard hat'. 'because sometimes i go to factories'. 'why do you wear a hardhat in the fakory?' 'because sometimes things fall' 'why do you go to fakories?' 'because i help them figure out what is in the smoke coming out of the factory' 'why?' repeat over and over. he finds this TOTALLY FASCINATING. i think it is the first time he has tuned in to what i do

i suppose i should get a move on. tootles!
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TC - Are you asking *me*? If so, yes, we have our nanny, the same one we've had for a year that we love dearly. The prob is that we are really hoping to find a child Lily's age or slightly older, that doesn't take naps and is potty-trained, and lives close by. Many of this population is entering preschool this year, however, so we may have to give up on some of those requirements. We have time, though.

jstar - That is so cute about Isaac asking about your job. What a cool job for a mom to have! I like the cabin; maybe we will try it sometime. And thanks for the tile ideas. I hadn't even thought about Home Depot or similar...

Danile - my fingers *and* toes are crossed!

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Re why: I get to the "tell me what you think" point. Or the "okay, let's go through it again [when it gets to the circular whys] and then you can tell it back to me" point.

I'm feeling kind of out of it. More responses later.
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We have a couple ways of dealing with the "whys" (and for us, the "what's that"'s!)
For the what's that's, I ask him "What do YOU think it is?" and he will usually answer me but if he really doesn't know, I let him guess and then I help him out.

A LLL Mama friend of mine says that when her kiddo says "why?" ad infinitum, she says "because that's the rule!" Her DH says "I like 'the rule'!" Heehee.

So Ive tried that when I've needed to, and I also try to explain but when it becomes circular (as it ALWAYS does! ) Then I do what KK mentioned, (I think) and I say "why don't you tell ME?" *grin*

I dunno. Sometimes I've found myself saying "because I said so" too! Sometimes it works. haha.

But anyway, yeah, in my more patient moments I try to turn it into a conversation.

Oh MAN, I need to go to bed. Have a good night mamas!
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Sarahbee- yah, when I think about it, a nanny share with someone up north would be pretty hard, especially when you consider two 3 yr olds who don't nap and an infant who naps a lot. Yah. Not very workable. But it's fun to think about the possibility anyway. :

Speaking of potty learning- we're finally on the way! : : L got _another_ sore on the tip of his penis, because he doesn't ever tell anyone if he's pooped, and everyone except me (dh, babysitter, preschool teacher, sundayschool teacher) avoid changing him even if I _specifically ask them_ and I seem to be the only one who ever does (to be fair, his formula-fed poops are very stinky and mushy). I wasn't going to go another round of antibiotics and get in the vicious diahrea-diaper rash cycle, so I started doing a topical antibiotic, lots of soaks in the tub and lots of nakey-butt time. Every time he peed on the carpet, I calmly reminded him to use the potty. Well, he started using it!!!! Never without a reminder, but we're on the way at least. The past 2 days there has been no peeing other than in the potty or a dipe. We bought the cutest leg warmers at Mother Nature's to use during nakey butt time when it's on the cold side (though we haven't needed them for a few days!!!).

Why's: ask me in about 3 to 6 months. That's about how much L typically lags behind the rest of ya'll in language stuff. Right now I am just LOVING how I can ask him questions other than yes/no/name-an-object, and sometimes he can answer them! (Though if he's not sure what's being asked, he picks a color and uses that as his answer- this leads to some pretty funny conversations with friends of ours who haven't figured this out.) We are able to have little conversations now. It just makes me feel all warm and gushy inside to be able to actually chat with my sweet kiddo.

Elsanne- I really hope that trip goes well for you. It sounds like a lot of driving, so I am REALLY GLAD you have another adult coming with you. Otherwise, I am sure I would go insane!

Sherri- I also love the semi-camping experience. Oregon has lots of cool Yurts. Hooray for warmth when you need it, and a roof when it rains! I've done my share of roughing it in places where you have to dig holes for your own poo, but with two little kids in tow, cabins rock!

TOday is my day for the exclamation point, apparently.
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Ferny is our goddess of the evening!! (or early morning hours!) How cool about L's language! The color thing makes me giggle--cutie!

I'm tired...that's all. Not a very goddess o' the morning type post, but oh well!

C is excited that school starts next week, but doesn't quite get that it won't be the same class. They have an orientation on Wednesday and then start Friday. She starts with her new riding instructor on Saturday and we'll see if she gets a new horse too. She's a bit bummed that she's outgrown her hot pink cowboy boots so I'm keeping my eyes out for a replacement pair.
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Hey ya'll - I can't remember if we were discussing this here, or if it was another board, but I'm looking for a clock for Lily that will tell when it's ok to get out of bed. Like a little sun pops up or something. Anybody know where I can find one? TIA.

Fiddle - cool about the potty! It sounds like he's on his way. We have to get together sometime - I'd love to see both your growing boys (and you).

The plot thickens in the tile story. I had a neighbor come over last night to look at the area and give me some tile ideas; he's a carpenter and does a lot of remodeling...he said the whole area around the shower should be gutted and replaced, new plumbing, etc. Arrrrgh. We don't need this right now! : I was hoping to just put new backer board and tile in, not remodel the whole bathroom.

DH gets in late late tonight. Looking forward to having him back.

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Sarah--she's a smart cookie, maybe just a regular one and set the alarm to go off at a sane hour like "seven oh oh" and show her how to turn it off?? C is big into clocks, time, numbers but still is up with the chickens. :

We got quoted something like $600 to redo the plumbing, but haven't done it as we're gutting the whole bathroom in Feb. anyway. Hope you can find a fix that isn't too $$!
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Well, the thing is that she sometimes wakes up at 7 am, and sometimes 9...we'd like her to sleep until at least 7:30 (or not wake DH up until 7:30 - I'm usually up and gone by then) and not be wakened by an alarm. So we need something visual that lets her know it's at least 7:30, but I don't think she's quite at the stage to look at the clock that says "8:17" and figure out that it's past 7:30, kwim? Maybe. We could try it, I guess. I was thinking that there had to be a clock somewhere that showed a sun past a certain time, then a moon, or whatever. And that you could set it to whatever time.

And DH would do the plumbing himself, but the problem is time, time, time (or lack thereof) and the fact that we only have the one bathroom and we've been restricted to baths only for 3 days already!

Hey, the thread is all about me today!
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There's this, but only sold in England and ouch on the price!

Maybe just hope for 7am or later and tape a pic of a seven or an eight next to the clock's first digit and tell her that's okay? It's that or have her assemble a 64pc puzzle before she wakes DH.
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Aha! A nightlight on a timer (see the comments). I think that would do it.
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ORRR you could get a clock with rotating hands and tie a piece of yarn on the short arm. put a sticker by the 7:30 spot and tell her she can get up when the short arm goes past the sticker

i feel your pain on the bathroom front. our bathroom needs to be gutted and that is pretty hard to do when you only have one bathroom. did i write on here about the 'water noise' we heard about a month ago? we thought our neighbor was watering her yard, but no. it was water spraying almost up to the ceiling in our bathroom for about half an hour before we tuned into it. thankfully it was just a loose connection on one of the pipes to the clawfoot but i think any of it could actually 'break' at any time.

we have the same problem with our stagnant pace of remodeling....doug has no time. he also adamently refuses to pay anyone to do anything which kinda irks me. although it is sensible. i just want back stairs before winter hits!

ferny - that is great about the pottylearning and cute about the conversation colors and i was thinking about your vacation dreams and we might be able to work out a drive to LA together sometime. the way plane tickets keep going up i think we are going to end up driving down to visit family more than flying.

i'm not very creative in my 'because' responses. granted i usually engage in long explanations and conversations before i resort to the BECAUSE!! : my mother in law keeps telling me that isaac talks like an adult because i talk to him like an adult. how else should i talk to him?? :

i am hoping to go grocery shopping for the weekend getaway before i get isaac from school today. i feel sneaky but MAN he loves those stupid race cart things. i can't wait until ebin is big enough to sit in them with isaac because that will be fine. right now if i get the race cart i have to sling ebin and he gives me major neck ache. i told doug we were going to go shopping all together tonight but i think i'll just go when ebin wakes up.

hmmm.. he started crying right on cue after i typed that
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ooh...nightlight on a timer! I might have to try that with just a regular light and see how that works.

Jstar--our bathroom is an only as well and I'm probably going to a hotel or taking the kiddos to my grandparents house for 3-4 days until it's workable/usable.

looooooong day here!

Any weekend plans yet? We're taking the girls to a fair and I'm looking forward to some greasy fair food! : and letting them have fun on the rides. Maybe C won't be scared of the animals this year like she was two years ago when we went!
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Hey all, I am home with the two kiddos on Thursdays and Fridays now and it's a little : Not bad, just a lot if I let myself think about it as a day off.

Our weekend plans consist of me working Sat/Sun then having a friend over on Monday for lunch. She's sticking around through afternoon naps so Alison and I can go out to a movie. We are so excited!

Anywho. I really am just saying hi
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my latest response to the "Why"s...

"Because it gives us something to talk about."

No, it ain't perfect... but it breaks up the monotony because they have no idea what to make of it yet. And I chuckle every time I say it, which resets my sense of humor, which is worth a million dollars at least. It keeps me from engaging, but keeps me from ignoring, and for the moment it's working... we'll see how it goes next month!
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Hello from the current evening goddess :

Bathrooms: OK- here is the ONE time it rocks to be living in a tiny 2-bedroom apartment: when our bathroom leaked and got moldy behind the wall, we just moved upstairs! Cost to us: $000.00

It is soooooooooooooo cool that C gets to ride horses as therapy! I'll bet it's good for emotional health as well as physical health. Animals rock.

Sarahbee- yes, I would love to get together. I'll probably have to wait and call you next week- tomorrow is swamped. About clocks: I think you've come up with a great solution. When L was doing the early wake-up thing last year, we bought an expensive CD alarm clock and put in soft guitar music for the alarm. If he was tired, he slept through it, but he knew there was no mommy milk until the guitar music came on.

Jstar- let me know if you ever want to rent a van together and take a road trip to L.A. I'll have to compare it to the price of a train with babe-in-arms, but I have a feeling the group van trip would cost about the same, and be way more fun.

Gripe of the evening: our insurance coverage for our floundering company just changed, and the company didn't tell us, and now we have to pay the first $500 of feeding therapy for the insurance year, then copays after that. : : : Why is it that we're paying $450 a month for insurance coverage, anyway? We got a bunch of unexpected medical bills, and I think I'm gonna have to ask my pops for some money help. I hate doing that- it makes me feel like I'm still a kid, but I know he's more than happy to do it. Sigh. I guess this is my moment in life to learn again about humility.

Hi Lisa! Cool that you get a date!

Off to do the dishes- fun, fun.
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Goddess o' the Morn here!

Love the answers to the "why". Sol is not there yet, and I have to admit it's one of my pet peeves although I will answer (other kids) as long a) I can stand it and b) there is anything worth saying.
I especially love "because it gives us something to talk about".

Weekend plans: I give a dance class on Sunday. No labor day here. but next Monday I am in Phoenix driving my new car!!! wahoooo!

So excited. Need to book my ticket.

Sol just used me to climb, putting her hand on my shoulder, and said, "I feel tu bones". She has a total grasp on the bone thing, which surprises me, being as they are so "undercover" so to speak. Now, she's drawing next to me with her vegan-nun-approved waldorf crayons.
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because it will give us something to talk about i'll be trying that one this weekend

beth - we wouldn't even have to rent a car if it were just you & W and doug didn't go. i figured out last week that i can fit 3 carseats in the 4runner (groovy). and with my new life of more free time i may end up doing trips to visit family without doug. bakersfield is 90 miles from LA but i also have boatloads of family in LA i haven't visited. i didn't get down there on this most recent trip although my grandma came up to bakersfield for 4 days. i have this strong urge lately to move to LA so maybe a trip would cure me

i just drank coffee after not drinking it for a few days. weeeeeeeeeeeeee! i need to get packin around here. i am far more organized this time than our camping trip a month ago at least.

i got a lot done this week on the work-from-home front. i installed software and configured the printer on this laptop. boooring! and created my first 2 invoices which i will mail today. why do i feel wierd about that? i debated all week about incorporating or not and have decided not to right now. it is easy and cheap to incorporate in oregon but i don't want to pay for corporate tax preparation i decided. a friend of mine who is a graphic artist is creating business cards for me and i'm excited because they're gonna be cute i have a meeting scheduled for 9am tuesday but i haven't heard from my babysitter yet. fingers crossed she gets back to me today before we leave.

i just have to say ebin is so sweet in the morning and isaac was on such a mean streak last night i *hope* he is sweet this morning.

happy labor day weekend ya'll!
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Wow, I totally forgot it's Labor Day weekend. Well that's cool - we're not going anywhere and also the loud kids on our street will be in school on Tuesday!

SO glad DH is home!

Lots of projects to start and finish...

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Hey y'all. I'm at the keyboard, nak while looking for interesting pickle recipes. (Doing some therapeutic kitchen stuff this weekend.) My mom is here, being supportive, helping me can, etc. Yea, Mom. :

Count us in the "need to do expensive bathroom repairs including plumbing" camp. Ug.

Ug, sorry about the insurance thing, Ferny. I'm in an anti-insurance mode right now...
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