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Congrats Erianna! Welcome to the world Ariel! I hope Momma and babe are resting well. Can't wait to get an update

Julia - Woohoo! Vacation! I hope you enjoy this well deserved break. Glad you liked my little joke. I actually like TPOTO. I actually saw it for the first time at the Ford theatre (and have seen it 2 more times since then). I have the soundtrack, so I know all the words. Yes, I am a dork.

CJ Oooh, Ella's first day of college! How exciting - did you get pictures Seriously, how did it go and how did you handle the whole thing? I am considering bring the babe into work with me too (12 weeks is just a wee bit too long to be MIA in the academic world, you know). So sorry you had a bad vax situation Poor Ella (and poor you!) DH and I disagree about vaxing (I want to delay, DH wants to do "whatever the doctor thinks is best"). Of course, I am the only one interviewing peds, so hopefully I will be able to find one who is supportive of delaying (Atlanta isn't very crunchy so this is turning out to be a tougher thing that I originally imagined). Have you spoken with you ped about Ella's reaction to the vaccines?

Alex (((((((HUG))))))) Always happy to see you here
Look at how well your body has handled everything so far - you can do it momma! As for natural induction techniques, I'd say try EPO and sex. Wow. 38 weeks. I am so excited for you to meet your babe (and to find out if it is a biy or a girl!!!). Please keep us posted!
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Hi Everyone!

It's been awhile since I've had time to post, and it looks like I've missed a lot!

Alex - It's great to see you! I hope you've been well. My cousin had a similar issue with blood clotting. She managed an induction on her due date with an unfavorable cervix. It wasn't fun, and she made it 21 hours before getting a shot of nubaine (doc wouldn't let her get an epidural, even though she wanted one). I think she was in transition at that point though, because little Brooke was born less than 2 hours later! Now she's able to get by on aspirin therapy until she starts TTC #2!

CJ - glad you got to head into the office! G is such a cutie. I'm interested in how you managed work with a babe as well.

Julia - Congrats on finishing up POTO! Now you have a well deserved vacation. Enjoy!

Emily - I know how you feel about DH traveling. My DH travels a lot for work. I'll send some stay put vibes to your little one!

Good luck to everyone who's moving/about to move! What an adventure!

Welcome to all the newbies!

My mom's back in the hospital. Her temperature spiked last week and she ended up getting an infection. She's on some strong antibiotics and they are doing some testing to make sure everything else is okay. She's in good spirits though - she can move her right arm again (for the first time in 3 months) and is cancer free, so she feels like most things are going well. She should be home again on Wednesday or Thursday.

Well, back to the hospital to visit my mom. Wish I could do more personals.
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Welcome, Kim and Melanie! It's fun to be able to talk about your pregnancy here before you're ready to share it irl.

Jenn, I hope your mom comes home again soon.

Congratulations to Erianna and family!

Piepie... I can't believe you might have your baby THIS WEEK!

Alex, good to see you, and I hope things go smoothly.

In terms of natural inductions, is anyone going to try accupuncture or accupressure? The spots four fingers above your inner ankles, at the joint between thumbs and forefingers, and on the top of your shoulders are supposed to work.
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Alex! There you are! I was wondering what happened to you! I'm sorry you're having a rough time of it, but it looks like it's almost over. Hang in there! I don't have any advice, just : for ya!

Emily, no you're not a dork, I liked the music too, the first few times I played it. Too much repitition will kill anything for me! The show ran in DC for 8 weeks straight, 8 shows a week, sold out every time, so hey, that many people can't be wrong!

Pie, this week, OMG! I'm so excited! Good luck!

Jenn, good health vibes to your mom, bummer about the infection but I'm glad for her arm movement and still cancer-free, that's fantastic. Good luck with it all. How rough to have to deal with that while pregnant, too, wow. Thanks for checking in with us!

Hubby bought this:


I think it's cute cuz he is selling his red Mustang GT... no more bachelor car! Now he's a family man in a family van! He loves it, too, which is so cute. It's a nifty little car.
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*Raises Hand* to shooting pains in the vagina! Those are fun, aren't they?!? I've also had the on and off crampiness, so I do think my cervix is thinning out. I had an [unwanted] internal a few weeks ago and the midwife said it was thinning.

Re: Getting out of bed the preggo way -- now it is the ONLY way for me as well.

Emily, thanks for the encouragement regarding moving. I'm actually not as incapacitated as I thought I would be, but too much squatting and bending does make me sore. At this point I'm not worrying about the packing -- my husband will take care of it because he really has no choice! I'm sending you "baby stay put" vibes!!

I think the baby will bring all sorts of luck and abundance into our lives, rather than simply depleting us financially and sleep-wise and all that. Why not?
Lane, that's such a great way to look at it!!

Welcome Kim & Melanie!! Congrats on your BFPs!!

Julia, yay for vacation!! WOOHOO!

CJ, how cool you can bring Ella to work! Sorry for your yucky vax situation!

Hi Alex! Thanks for checking in! I can't believe you're 38 weeks! I remember when you got your BFP! I'm sending you good labor vibes and I do hope you go on your own!

Pie, hmmm, let's see if your feelings are correct!! I think it's almost your time, too!

Jenn, thinking of you and your mom! Please don't worry about personals!

Still feeling relatively good most of the time. The mild crampiness that comes up a few times a week makes me irritable, my right hip hurts most of the time, but I'm still sleeping really well (only up once or twice a night to pee!!!) so I'm thankful for that. Moving on Friday, and I do think that this baby will stay in for at least another 2 weeks so we can get settled. At least those are the instructions she's been given!
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Hi ladies! Thanks for the carrier tips - I'm still leaning toward the adjustable pouch, but I like the nicer looking slings more. We'll see! If I get one and like it I'm sure my mom can make me one in any fabric we want... For a carrier, I'm going back and forth between the Okkatots (supposedly introducing a waist/hip support soon) and the Ergo. Dh would actually wear the Okkatots and it looks nicer than the Bjorn to me...

We did the hospital tour yesterday. There were some good things, but some negatives too. I think maybe a teaching hospital might not be for us, even though all of my specialists are already all lined up with our current HMO medical group. Ugh! So, we're touring our other option next Monday. If we like that better, I can switch primary care doctors BEFORE the beginning of September and can deliver there, with my current doctor. I think. I hate dealing with HMOs!!! The 2nd has a private room for labor, delivery, and post partum - the 1st your post partum time is in a semi-private that you have to share if they are full. And this area is in a major baby boom, so I might just have to... The 1st was VERY open to no eye ointment, etc. (except Vit. K) if that's what we want - has 24 hour lactation consultants also available 6 weeks post partum, baby ALWAYS stays with mom unless there's a medical emergency... It's also really close to our house.

CONGRATS to Kim and Melaine!!! Welcome!

Grace - Yay for finishing your show! I'm glad you get a break. I've had a few quiet weeks at work, and then things will pick up beginning next week and get really busy until mid-September. I'm hoping to work as long as I can so that I can get more paid time after the baby arrives. Dh is thinking about taking off some time in January when my work gets busy to help transition her into daycare, which I would LOVE! I guess it's good that we've held off on buying a bigger house - oh to be financially independent! We've also been talking about a more family friendly car, which for us would mean selling my Audi S4... It makes sense if we're trying to save money and it would be easier to have an automatic, but man I love that car!

Hi CJ - Congrats on Ella's first day at work! How'd she do? I may bring this one to work in December so that I can get paid for that month, since that's about when my sick/vacation will run out. It's quiet around here that month, so it could work out. We'll see! Sorry vax were hard on Ella, with having to get this one into daycare at 12 weeks or so we'll probably have to do some early, too. Sucks!

Alex - Good labor vibes on the way!!! If we get to needing to worry about induction I think I'll focus on EPO and visualization first. Then I would seriously look into acupuncture or acupressure - those spots are supposed to work really well! I have heard about the meconium risk with caster oil, so I'd be nervous about it.
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Originally Posted by ~minnow~ View Post
Welcome, Kim and Melanie! It's fun to be able to talk about your pregnancy here before you're ready to share it irl.
Totally! I don't know how I'm going to keep it in...I have some good friends at work who knew we were trying for a while but I know NONE of them can keep secrets, so I can't tell any of them until it's time to tell the boss. Ugh! I'm bad at secrets too, obviously, I shouldn't talk...
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Originally Posted by GISDiva View Post
Totally! I don't know how I'm going to keep it in...I have some good friends at work who knew we were trying for a while but I know NONE of them can keep secrets, so I can't tell any of them until it's time to tell the boss. Ugh! I'm bad at secrets too, obviously, I shouldn't talk...
I tried SO hard not to tell almost anyone until we passed 12 weeks. I held off for a while, but by about 10 weeks the m/s required that I come clean... It all worked out well, though! Until then I managed to only tell my parents, dh's parents, and two friends...
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Thanks everyone. It IS really hard not having any one to talk about this with. I have a friend from high school who is now an Ob?Gyn who has been giving me some advice but she lives in another city. I think not telling my Mum is the hardest though but since it is still early days I think it is best to wait. On the other hand, it is kind of fun to have this as the Mister & my own little secret for a while.

Did anyone travel during their first trimester? We are going to Ireland for 3 weeks in a month and didn't actually plan to be pregnant during our trip.
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Meli...Ireland! Beautiful! Enjoy! We travelled... went to Montana for a few days and had a nightmare trip back (planes delayed, cancelled, etc.) You should be fine but my only advice is bring plenty of extra snacks... they're pretty stingy on those flights. One of our flights was delayed for so long we had TWO meals in the airport and I was hungry AGAIN when we got on board, and they had no food because that flight wasn't serving meals. : But other than that, no problems travelling. Have a good time!
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So I have had a mood dive since I last posted. I saw the MW, had a vaginal exam, and I am not dilated at all! When I left the office, I hung on DH and wailed! I was so frustrated! I really wanted to be dilating and having the baby this week!! I am trying to adjust my expectations toward next week. In theory I could go to 42 weeks, but I can't cope with that thought. I am going to try the accupuncture -- I'll let you know how it goes.

Tomorrow is my last day of work and a big trial for which I am woefully unprepared. I was too antsy and nesty and irritable and easily frustrated (i cried when I dropped my keys) today to focus on it. Now of course it's 9 PM. The truth is, I was hoping I would be close enough to labor at this point to justify calling it quits early.

I am eating tons of food that's bad for me. First, my appetite is out of control; second, I have a this is the home stretch/let it all hang out attitude : . I am having strangers come up to me and criticize me for it. Then I walked past this pregnant woman smoking. Up until I few days ago, I would have thunk very judgmental thoughts (but held my tongue); today I just strolled on by.
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P.S. The shooting pains in the vagina seem to have gone, but how come they don't go into more detail about that in the books??
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Good luck with your trial tomorrow sweetie. Happy last day of work!
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Alex - good to hear from you! Hang in there.
I tried EPO, sex, nipple stim., and firm 'baby come out now' thoughts... In the end the membrane strip and cohosh did it for me, immediately. Not so natural, but also not as serious as cervidil or pitocin imo.

Pie – not dilated means nothing! Don’t sweat it and maybe stop the ve’s for now? You’re almost there. My mw said the best indicator of impending labor is when you feel you just can’t TAKE it anymore. Go on and eat and let it all hang out! good luck tomorrow.

Jenn – hope your mom is feeling better soon.

Julia – nice car!

Meli – I did argentina at 6-8 weeks. Water and protein snacks are a must (esp in a country that doesn't eat dinner till 9 pm!). oh, I'd forgotten how much smoke there is in some other countries. not sure the situation in ireland but that was tough on me. I mostly suffered from not being able to drink all the glorious wine. BUT the trip was so worth it and very special to me as I imagined it was the first of many trips with my babe. enjoy! pick up some souvenirs to show the lo.

Elizabeth – tough call on the hospital choices. #2 sounds promising.

Work – well the students aren’t back yet (classes start next week) and a lot of the profs are still gone so it was a pretty quiet day. I have my own office with door that locks so that’s a big help. Main challenges were getting her there and back – she hates the stroller and it’s about a 20 minute walk (great exercise for me though!). but we survived that even despite the heat. I carried her around in the mei tai for about an hour showing her off. She was awesome – smiling and cooing and dozing off to sleep. Then I changed/fed her, swaddled, and put her down in the bassinet of a play-yard I bought last weekend. She sucked on the paci and I went to the computer assuming she’d be up and fussy immediately. She went to sleep! Without me having to nurse her in bed!! For 3 hours!!! Like I said, it was almost disappointing because I didn’t want to wake her up and ended up doing work I wasn’t really planning to do. Oh the anguish.

It was great but I know better than to assume it will always be like this. I think she was just having a sleepy day. We hired a nanny for 20 hrs/wk starting at the end of August. So I’ll probably have her in part-time through the fall. We’ll see how it goes! I can’t imagine leaving her but otoh I’m looking forward to getting back into my geo-geek mode. I miss my students.

Speaking of which – Kim – does GIS refer to geo info systems? Love the name.

Uh oh, projectile vomit on the keyboard (ella, not me). Yuck.
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i spoke too soon about the end of the shooting pains down there.
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rock_dr: To the best of my knowledge, smoking has been banned from bars and pubs in Ireland - and not being able to drink isn't a big deal since I have been unable to drink for years (instant hangover/deathly ill) so I would have still been the odd-non-drinking person in the pubs in Ireland anyway. We are spending one week volunteering on an organic farm in exchange for room and board through the wwoof.org program - I imagine I will be doing rather light work now.

PiePie: I had no idea you could get shooting pains down there - although I really shouldn't be surprised. Not something to look forward to though. I hope they clear up for you soon.
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Wow, lots of posts to read from just yesterday afternoon! Just wanted to let you all know that I had my 12 week appointment yesterday and they baby's heartbeat was a strong 155. I feel very much relieved to be past the 12 week mark and still have a heartbeat!

I really need to go shopping this weekend, I have nothing to wear to work, everything is soo tight!
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Yay Judy!

I know about the tight clothes. I was invited to the lake this weekend, and I am not sure how I will squeeze into my bathing suit. I hate to buy another one, because the summer is winding down. It's a tankini, so maybe I can use my bella band for that too!
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Judy congrats on a good strong heartbeat!
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Oh my word this board moves so fast!!
I can't believe how many new moms there are. This is amazing!

OMG Becky and Emily and PiePie and Natalia and Lane and who else am I missing? - we're almost there. This is crazy! I remember the BFP's too. We were losing our minds. I cannot believe how fast everything has gone. Well except at nighttime when I am convinced I don't remember what sleep is (bathroom trips x 5)

Grace - I can't believe the car is gone. It's that time huh? I feel you. We put the baby seat in the back of our Ford Focus Hatchback and were like "When the 2nd one comes we need a new car!"

CJ - Gabriella is gorgeous!!!! I love the Willie Nelson onsie. My husband saw one for Johnny Cash and was like we have to get that.

I see these shooting pains through the vagina are popular. Anyone getting absurd upper inner thigh cramps. I've been getting these on and off for 2 weeks now (my OB says it's labour pains) and they are just surreal. I literally keel over and have to stop walking. Oh the things we get to look forward to.

Thanks for the induction tips! I *think* they may be attempting a membrane sweep this week or next with me. So hopefully that'll do something.
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