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Thanks Pink - it looks so pretty!!!

I'm glad to hear that some of you ladies that are due soon are still getting baby stuff ready. The nursery is NOT ready at our place, but people keep asking me if it's all done. Um, no. We only have a crib and a stroller, really... We'll get it together before she actually gets here, but we are really accomplished procrastinators!

My chair is FINALLY here! We get to pick it up tomorrow. I'm so excited! I'm getting to where I'm really uncomfortable on our couches (they look great, but aren't built for comfort), so I want my chair!

I can't wait for all of the August babies to start arriving. Woohoo!
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Thanks for the new thread, Pink! Lovely work.

Count me in on being excited for August babies... So! Exciting!
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Hi, all! I'm still alive. We lost Internet the past few weeks. Andy called to have our cable pulled for sometime next week and it was gone the next morning. Eh, we still had cable TV (a smaller package, but still the channels we watch the most) until yesterday morning. Ugh. Now we have antennas on two of our TVs and we're getting wireless Internet from church.

Happy birthday, all!

Yay for those who are in the homestrech! I can't belive that on a technicality (as it is August) my baby is due next month. Yikes. :

I'm hardly showing, but at the same time, I'm feeling my belly more. I'm also feeling the baby more. I'm too the point where I need to lean more, instead of sitting straight, but the chair I'm using for my desk is too square and my husband's desk chair doesn't fit my desk well. Ugh.

As for baby clothes, I think I have enough to comfortably dress a couple of babies. My church held a shower for me and I probably got hundreds of dollars worth of stuff. My parents, sister, her 4-y-o daughter, my husband's parents 21-y-o sister and their aunt came. On Sunday, the day after, my sister and mother who are both very organized people, helped me go through the stuff, decide what I wanted to keep and sort the clothes into sizes. The zero to three month stuff is in one box, 3-6, in another, and the bigger stuff in another, all marked. I also have a box of clean baby clothes that I'm either going to put in my car, or just very clearly mark, so it's available right away. I'm hoping they'll both be able to come on the 12th to help.

I'm almost done with the thank you notes, but I ran out of cards. I have some old stationary somewhere that I might just pull out and use. We have thank you note cards leftover from our wedding, but we're not sure where....

I still have much to do for the baby, but we're waiting until after we move so we have less to move.

I think I don't have much left to do for the move. I have to pack my other closet, but the track doors are broken again, so I'm going to ask my husband to take them off to make packing easier. I have random stuff in the basement to pack, but it's just stuffing stuff back into boxes of stuff that was just stuffed in the boxes from the last move last August. Sigh. I have to pack the rest of the kitchen stuff and the pantry and bathroom stuff, but I'll wait until next week, maybe do the dishes on Saturday and just live off of paper plates. I'm not keen on paper, but sometimes things have their use. Boxes will be packed, but not closed yet.

At least for moving day I won't have to do much. I'm not allowed, my husband told me. Andy has been putting announcements in the church bulletin and giving verbal announcements before the service during the time of announcements, so who knows. There is also a group from church helping to build a house for Habitat that day, too. Andy has promised alcohol and pizza for those who help. I just hope my husband has time to do stuff. He has a funeral on Friday and one on Monday. He was selfishly hoping they would die after we move and let the new intern get some funeral experience in.

One thing that is concerning me is that I don't have a doctor yet in Columbus. We were hoping to have one by July at the latest and start driving down there for appointments. Nope. Maybe I can have my dream birth with the next pregnancy. (Doula or mid-wife, water and/or home birth.... I just pray that I can not only get vegan food at the hospital, but real food, too.)

Sigh. One day at a time. Now, I have to get up so I can breath again, and, I want dinner.

Happy day,
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Thanks for hosting PinkOrchid, the thread looks great! Oh yeah, I'm 32!

Happy belated and upcoming birthday to Rebecca, Lane and Christina!

Julia I'm so happy you found a homebirth midwife. What an exciting decision! There are some good resources on MDC for choosing a birth tub and getting all the supplies you need. Your MW will also probably give you some info. I asked my (former) MW about the dogs and she said they were no big deal. She said to keep them in another room if they were upset or getting in the way, but that's about it. What brand of RRL capsules do you take? I hate the tea and it's too hot to drink it anyway so I'd love info on capsules.

I'm so excited for those of you due this month! Holy cow, you're actually going to have babies! Pie, I can't believe you have a huge trial right when you're due. Emily, I'm sorry you're feeling hormonal - I hate that out-of-control why-am-I-feeling-and-behaving-like-this feeling.

Sarah glad you're feeling better & hope you're enjoying your time at the cottage.

I have sausage fingers too! When I walk the dogs in the morning before it's even hot, my fingers swell so much they look like they want to split. Aah the joys of later pregnancy and humidity! Hooray for another u/s. I feel bad saying that here but I'm a sucker for them too. It's just too cool to see the baby in there!

OMG my DH did the same thing the first time we moved (when we moved in together, actually) and it sparked our first fight. Fight is too strong of a word, actually, since I just do the silent treatment (hate that about myself). But boy is it irritating when you're trying to do it right and he's just trying to get it done. Once the boxes are off the truck I'll unpack at my own pace, TYVM!

Many years (and moves) after that we got married on the beach in Negril, Jamaica. It was awesome and I recommend it to everyone. We didn't want to go through the hassle of planning a wedding on a shoestring budget that was going to be more for our parents than ourselves. We started a guest list and it was quickly up over 100 people and my mom wasn't into helping me plan b/c she was in seminary at the time. We used to work out a lot, so we chatted w/ the guy at the front desk of the gym and he gave us the idea b/c he'd recently done it. DH's parents and my parents were invited to go with us but they both declined for various reasons, so it was just the two of us. So romantic! It was an all-inclusive adults-only resort called Couples. I planned the wedding in 30 minutes while wearing my bathing suit. We got married on a Monday morning, I had purple orchids in my bouquet and a chocolate cake with buttercream icing, with champagne of course! When we got back to the room there was a bath with rose petals and candles, rose petals on the bed and more chilled champagne waiting. Sigh. I wanna do it again! Sorry that got so long... I was in a bit of a reverie there...

how are you? Did you move and get a new job? How are you feeling?

to our lurking Lauras!
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Originally Posted by dcgrl View Post
I'm very excited because we're going to Ikea tomorrow to buy things for the baby and for the house. the closest Ikea is 4 hours away, outside DC, so this is quite the exciting road trip! We plan on getting the crib, a dresser, some shelves, and something to store all the books and albums that are currently occupying the baby's room.
something to look for at ikea: the make a plastic frog that is a combination bib, suction bowl, spoon, and sippy cup. at got it at one of my showers and it it too cute! every kid at the shower had one of their own. apparently it is a must-have for babes born in the last 5 yrs. who knew? i have never been to an ikea before.
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Originally Posted by Down_to_Earth View Post

I'm almost done with the thank you notes, but I ran out of cards.
OMG, I have not done ANY yet. : I am very overwhelmed with day-to-da y life. I got thank you notes as a shower gift (same with for the wedding, actually...). you can get super cute but pricey cards here: www.tinyprints.com
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Originally Posted by PiePie View Post
OMG, I have not done ANY yet. :
I'm glad I'm not the only one.
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Rebecca, you're going to the Ikea near me! Potomac Mills? Enjoy! I've never been to that one. Let me know if you find some stuff. We still need a changing table and dresser, but DH says "Ikea is Swedish for 'crap'" so I may have a hard time convincing him to go there. I love their stuff though. Maybe I can appeal to his inner penny-pincher

Dee...OMG your picture is gorgeous. You sound like me, the way we started planning a wedding and became quickly overwhelmed, and I thought, Why do all these people even need to be there? I researched all those Caribbean weddings and we almost got married in Hawaii on what ended up being our honeymoon, but we decided to move the date up 4 months so people wouldn't try to talk us out of it. We're so glad we did, but your wedding picture is exactly what I pictured for us originally. Still, our B&B wedding was lovely and low-key, and Hawaii was just for us! You guys are a gorgeous couple! Thanks for sharing the picture.

There's more I want to say but I'm hungry so it will have to wait.

It's nice to see so many people popping in we haven't heard from! Welcome back everyone!
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Dee -- I love your wedding story and your pic. Wow! Hot! We got married in Vegas. I'm a fan of by-yourself weddings.
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PiePie, I voted! I love, love, love the name Francesca right now. This babe wanted a 3 syllable name so I've been stuck on Francesca, Tallulah and Adelaide. Adelaide is the only one DH likes so by default it is still our top possibility... but I still try to sneak the other two in. I like Lorelei, too. It used to be one of my favorite possible middle names.
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Pie, I voted! Francesca for the win!

It's my new-month resolution to keep up with and post in this thread. I really missed the ________ #1 in our 30s community when I wasn't keeping up over the past while... so forgive me if my personals suck for a while. I WILL catch back up

Dee, gorgeous wedding shot! Gorgeous you -- I don't think I'd seen your photo before.

Here's a nutshell summary of what's been going on with me:

Job/DH job: we went across the country for DH's interview, but DH decided that he wasn't actually that interested in the job... however, the prospective boss is interested in him for another job, in another location. This other job? Starts in January (the month I'm due!)

In the meantime, we've both signed one-year contracts to continue our current jobs. I'm due just a little over halfway through the contract, but I haven't actually hashed out leave/pay etc with my supervisor yet, but it might be moot if we're moving for DH to take a new job.

Living: we were on a one-year sublet in the place we were in previously, so we had to find a new place for this year (this six months?) We just moved a couple of weeks ago, so I have enormous empathy for those of you who are packing/moving/unpacking in more advanced states of pregnancy.

Care provider: I had my first appointment with the OB/GYN a few weeks ago. This was my first time meeting her, and she was really nice -- laid back, friendly, responsive, and just a touch motherly. If I stick with her, the birth will be at a university (teaching) hospital.

However! A few days before the appointment, I got a call from the birthing house where I was wait-listed, and they said that one of the midwives has an opening and can take me! I have to go to an info session in a couple of weeks, but then I can start care with the midwife. Right now I'm inclined towards this, but it's really nice to have a fallback OB/GYN that I actually like.

General question: has anyone gone without ultrasounds? I haven't had one yet, and I just realized that I've got The Big Ultrasound scheduled at a time when I'm going to be away. It's scheduled at 22 weeks, and that's the earliest they could get me in, so if I reschedule it, it probably won't be until 24 weeks or so.

The thing is, neither DH nor I are particularly convinced that I need an ultrasound anyway. I've read that ultrasounds are not correlated with better pregnancy outcomes (but haven't seen the literature to back that up.) Pros/cons of not doing it? Am I being ridiculous in considering declining it? Will it create a problem with the doctor/midwife if I don't do it?
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Dee, I agree, you are gorgeous! It’s so fun to see pics of online friends.

PiePie, I voted too!

Wow, xenon, sounds like you’ve been incredibly busy!

Re: the ultrasounds – no, you are not being ridiculous to consider declining it. Not at all. If it’s not medically indicated, and if you don’t feel you need it, it’s not necessary. I just read a Mothering article on this the other day – I thought it was well written. Here it is. (I fwded it to DH - he is unsure about it.)

It depends on the OB or MW, of course, but I think many MWs would be ok with it. I checked the FAQ on my MW’s website, and it looks like they don’t do u/s in house – they refer their clients outside if one is needed. I was happy to see that.
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Originally Posted by ~minnow~ View Post
Dee -- I love your wedding story and your pic. Wow! Hot! We got married in Vegas. I'm a fan of by-yourself weddings.

Yea! We got married in Vegas too. I couldn't see spending all that money for a big church wedding! (after we came back we had the church "validate" our wedding so I can be sure I made my late grandma happy!) We invited our friends and family to join us in Vegas and we had about 20 people come and had a three day party!
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I'm Sooooooo Excited

Hey Everyone,

I am glad to see several of you from the ttc thread!! I just got my BFP yesterday!!! : Still a little surreal to me- I tested again this morning just to make sure! again!!

My cheeks are so sore from smiling since yesterday morning.

Anyway, just wanted to drop in and say hello and to say thanks to those of you who gave me so much support on the TTC thread. I really appreciate all of the kind words and thoughtfulness. You guys are awesome!!
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Ok, I'm lovin all these wedding pictures! Jujubie, you're gorgeous too! I love your hair.

Xenon I understand the quandry about doing u/s...it is the only prenatal testing we did, and I have to say it was a huge relief. I'm glad I did it because I have now decided to give birth at home and now I know that he doesn't have any huge issues that will need to be attended to in a NICU after birth. I know, I know, they can't always tell from an u/s, but I feel greatly relieved to know that I'm birthing a healthy baby... gives weight to my argument for all the people who I'm sure will try to talk me out of a homebirth. (Unfortunate that I have to have that argument, but I'm already prepared for it.) But that's just me. And I haven't read that Mothering article about it yet. But you have to do what you're comfortable with. I know "the studies say" there's no difference in outcome but when it came down to MY BABY and MY BIRTH it was important for me to have that peace of mind considering I'm not birthing in a hospital. That may not be typical MDC policy or whatever, but that's where I'm at. Not sure about this 36 week u/s, I only just found out they do that at OB/GYN's, I'll have to discuss it with my midwife.
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OMG Mandy you snuck in there! A huge and congratulations!
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Welcome Mandy! And Congratulations again!
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Dee...the capsules are by Nature's Way and I got them at Whole Foods. It took some digging around and I can't remember what section they were in, but just root around in the herbal supplements area. I want to switch to tea just cuz I hear the stories about the tea and not the capsules, so the paranoid me wants to do everything Just Right. But I hate tea! So maybe I can mix it with juice and put it over ice or something, and if I can't stand it go back to the capsules. Did it taste really bad to you?
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grats Mandy and welcome!
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