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Welcome Mandy!

I am finally getting out of the sick phase. Yay! I was actually able to eat spaghetti last night without gagging.

We saw the baby again on Tuesday--VERY active with a heart rate of 167. Now we feel comfortable enough to let everyone in on the news. I actually lost a pound, which I think is great, because I am already about 25 lbs overweight. I was afraid all those grilled cheese sandwiches were going to do me in.

I picked up some maternity underwear, because my regular ones are sooo uncomfortable. I will soon be making much use out of my borrowed bella band. I am so fortunate to have a friend who just had a baby this past February, so she is giving me all of her fall/winter maternity clothes. Now, I just have to squeeze into my summer stuff. I can't wait until summer is over! Sorry, but I HATE the heat.

Hope everyone is well!
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Pie - I voted! Good luck chosing. We have a clear frontrunner on names, but are still officially undecided. We have about 5 possibilities. The one that I keep second guessing about is Suselle (both soft s's), which is dh's sister's nickname. I think it's beautiful and NO ONE has it, but we decided early on that we don't want to use a family name... I think we won't be sure until we meet her!

Welcome and congrats, Mandy!!!! I'm really happy for you!

Aimee - I'm so glad you're feeling better. I got better slowly, but felt really good by 16 weeks! I lost about 6 lbs when I was sick (lots/constant nausea but not too much throwing up), but have put on about 2 lbs a week since 16 weeks, so I more than made up for it!

My MIL is finally strarting to really get draining. She's so sweet, but she and dh speak Spanish all the time and frankly, the intonation in his whole family makes them always sound like they're bickering even when they aren't. It's stressful to listen to, especially since I understand just enough to get confused and curious... Our house it just too small to do well with long-term guests. She's been here for a week and we have another 2 to go...
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Hey, Judy, we got married in the same chapel!


Too bad I didn't post any of our "outside" pics. They posed us in front of the limosine as if we were going to prom.

Welcome and many congrats, Mandy!
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That's neat! We had a lot of photos, but seemed a lot of the ones I picked had us kissing! Must have been how I felt the day after when I picked out my 35 allowed photos in my package! They did a good job for the ceremony and the photos and my flowers too.
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Originally Posted by MajorGroover View Post
What brand of RRL capsules do you take? I hate the tea and it's too hot to drink it anyway so I'd love info on capsules.
i just got the tea but i confess i haven't had any yet. i have never liked tea -- i associate it with my mother. :
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Lane, you're gorgeous too! And I love your dress! Your hubby looks sooo proud

Loving the wedding pics!

Seems like a lot of us "eloped"! Is that cuz we're in our 30's and a little more realistic? Or our families wouldn't pay for the wedding?
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Ha ha Grace! I don't think it's because our families wouldn't pay, its because we wouldn't ask them to pay! I'd like to think its because we are older and more realistic. For me, I also didn't want the stress of planning a big wedding either!
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We basically eloped, and got married young. I was 24 and dh was 23 - our 10 year anneversary was last month! I didn't want a big wedding because I had planned one, and called it off, a couple of years earlier and didn't want to have anything be about the "wedding"; I just wanted to be married this time!
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We got married young as well. We were 23/24. We had a very small wedding, under 30 guests. My mom and aunt make wedding cakes, so I got both the bride and groom's (red velvet, of course) cakes for free. I bought fabric and a pattern, and had a local seamstress make my dress ($130). My DH bought a suit that he could use for interviews and the wedding, rather than renting a tuxedo.
DH and I made appetizers the night before the wedding. We "rented" a house (my mom volunteers for the university, so got this for free) that had a flower garden out front, so we only bought the flowers I held (which doubled as the centerpiece for the reception). I think the most expensive thing was the unitarian minister. We had to pay her gas for commuting from another city. This is what happens when you want a nonreligious wedding in the South. That's really it. Oh, I had a friend (amateur, but had classes) take photos as his wedding gift to us and another friend played guitar for the wedding music. I did my own hair and makeup and all that jazz. Hell, we even helped set up the chairs for the wedding!

We sound really practical, don't we?

I just hate the idea of going into debt for a wedding. I think too much emphasis is placed on the wedding and not the marriage. Sorry, don't want to rant!
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Welcome Mandy!

Xenon - It's great to see you posting! About the U/S, most of the time, my midwives only send you for the 20 week u/s if you request it. Because I had bleeding at 12 weeks, I had an u/s done then to make sure everything was okay and they found I had "placenta previa," so I had to have an additional u/s to make sure it moved up (it did).

I love all the wedding photos. Everyone looks so beautiful! DH and I had a traditional church wedding, but there were only 40 people at our wedding (which sounds big here, but usually people are surprised how small). My MIL works at a wonderful church in southern Maine - it's an old stone church with big red doors, so we got married there. We did pay for our wedding ourselves - when I was 18 my parents said they would pay for college or a wedding and I, of course, chose college. It wasn't bad though and we had a great time.

Piepie - good luck with names. DH and I are still struggling with that, and my mom keeps nagging me for at least a hint (I could tell her what has been voted down, but that's about it). We had Lorelei on our list of possibilites, but the Gilmore Girls link made DH nervous that there will be a ton of Lorelei's around. Too bad, since I picked that name out when I was in high school.
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I like the name Lorelei too, but it is off-limits because it is one of DH's ex-girlfriend's name. Any of the exes' names are off the list--for good reason.
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Welcome Mandy and congratulations!

Pie I voted for Francesca!

Thanks for the compliments on the wedding pic. : Y'all are gorgeous too! It really is interesting that so many of us had destination weddings - Judy and Lane at the same chapel in Vegas! Wow! DH and I thought about Vegas - doing a drive through or getting married by an Elvis, since we had already been together almost 6 years. We both love the beach though, so we combined the honeymoon and wedding. We were young (23/22) and just didn't want the hassle of planning a wedding and, like Aimee, we wanted the wedding to be about the couple, not about everything else. Jenn and Aimee, your weddings sound awesome too! How in the world did you get away with inviting so few people!?

Xenon, good to hear from you. You sound a lot like me right now - everything is kind of on hold, like an artificial calm but you can feel all the changes coming. It's pretty uncomfortable, for me anyway, but I try to forget about all the career/moving changes and focus on the baby changes. Congrats on getting into a MW and liking you OB! It's great to have options. I don't think either one will have a problem with you refusing ultrasounds unless you have bleeding issues that would indicate placenta previa or something like that.

Julia thanks for the info on the RRL caps. I don't have a whole foods but I have the internet! The tea isn't yucky at all, I'm just not into it. Oh and it's summer so I don't think to drink it often enough. Even though I'm from the South I never really liked iced tea so I haven't tried it that way. I'm sure it retains all of its benefits when iced so you could definitely give it a shot. The RRL tribe thread is too dang long to navigate these days!

Aimee glad you're feeling better. Hooray for maternity underwear! They should be standard issue with a BFP.

Elizabeth holy cow, 3 weeks with MIL? You must be a saint!

The baby was pretty quiet for a couple weeks but she's been a ball of energy the past couple days. Wonder what that's about? It's fun, though, to sit and watch my stomach move! I still haven't called the doulas back because I'm a slacker. Well, and I don't want to discuss personal stuff while I'm at work so I haven't found the time to do it. Two of my friends are getting their PhDs this week so I'll be the only one left. The undergrad who handled radiation for me all summer is gone now too, so I have to use it tomorrow for the first time since January. I'm more upset about having my helper gone than handling the radiation! Wow Summer is winding down already!
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Hi, all!

Welcome, Mandy!

Oy. I attacked the basement today and actually went through the boxes. Not bad, I found stuff that I want to try selling on Craigslist, have a stack of old magazines to send to Recycling Heaven, and threw some stuff out and actually emptied some boxes. Oddly, I think we're going to have leftover boxes. Nifty.

Unfortunately, though, I'm not done.

Oh, yeah. I also found some leftover thank you cards from our wedding, six years ago, and a box of stationary that is leftover from high school. I want to get the ones from church done before we leave at least.

I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow at nine. I also have some errands I want to run. I should do some more tonight, though. I have to shower tomorrow; I've not done so since Sunday. I've hardly been out of the house. I still have laundry to fold and sort. Yay. Yet, if I go to bed early, I can get up early and get some stuff done. I function better that way.

I just looked around and I think there is more to do than what I realized.

And, I get to spend time on-line and on the phone looking for a new doctor. This kid is coming next month and we technically don't have a doctor for her, or somebody to deliver her... I have to go through the list of doctors, then call the company that is doing my insurance company's billing to see if they accept the doctor, then phone the offices.... Yikes. Gee, a very natural home birth is sounding better and better....

Okay. I think I'm going to get up now. I think I'm making this harder than what it is.
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I LOVE the wedding pictures! We have such hotties here in the 30s thread! Woohoo.

DH and I considered eloping, but since we were paying for the whole wedding ourselves, we decided WTF, let's have a real wedding, but do it EXACTLY how we want to have it done. We got married in our favorite restaurant (food is a big thing for us) and invited only 100 people (I think we had 74 people attend). We LOVED our wedding so much (we still look back on it as one of the best days of our lives.

I'm not a pro with the whole posting pictures online thing, but I'll give it a whirl.
Couple Pic

Walking down aisle

Dancing with DH

Just looking at these pictures again has made me all swoony.
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I'm not sure if it's current age or age at baby's due date, but I will be 32 in Feb when the baby's due.

I'd like to say I'd go without ultrasound, but I went in to get checked for fibroids via ultrasound, and we found the wee thing just kickin' and wavin' and I said "What!?!" My doc, at the time, who though I told I've got wonk-ass periods, but do have a partner and don't use contraceptives (because we've been doing the we'd like to have a kid so we'll just not use protection and when it happens it happens - been doing this for a few years) didn't even test me for pregnancy. Only doctor I've been to who didn't even think of considering it. Weird. Usually docs ALWAYS do a pregnancy test, even if you stand little to no chance of it. So I've already had one. Good thing I'm going with a CNM now.

I will probably have another, for Mr Toona's sake, he'd like to see it himself. If I had been better prepared, I would have considered going without.
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down to earth, where do you get the energy? when i am home i swear all i do is internet and read.
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Oh boy, so much to get caught up on! All the wedding pics are beautiful!
Count us as another destination wedding. We got married on the beach in St. Petersburg, FL. Kind of an old person destination, but we had really loved visiting the Tampa/St Pete area for years, and, when the priest in MA told us that the church doesn't approve of co-habitation and I should move out of our apartment in the months before our wedding (we had been living together for 5 years!), we decided to pursue other options. Our wedding was so wonderful, we had a great minister, the setting was perfect, a reggae band, etc, and about 50 family members and our closest friends. I only have hard copies of the pics, but maybe I could scan one and share... (I was 28 and he was 37 when we got hitched...)

Dee! we went to Couples Ocho Rios! loved it--have never been more relaxed...

Lane and Judy, my sister's getting married in Vegas in February. We'll be flying with our little 2-month-old to Sin City (give us strength)! I'm psyched though, because I found a baby Elvis costume for the baby to wear to the wedding...

Aimee--I agree about going into debt over weddings. Those bridezilla shows on E! or whatever make me crazy. We did, however, go a little overboard on our honeymooon. I think we may still be paying it off! Your wedding sounds like it had a great personal touch--you made your own appetizers! that's awesome...

Xenon--after having 4 ultrasounds, I would really like to turn back the hands of time and do it over again. I love the pics we have of the boy, but the anatomical scan at 18 weeks seemed to really agitate him (it took about 45 minutes).

Julia--we made it up to your Ikea yesterday. What a bonus to be there on a weekday instead of a weekend! we basically had the place to ourselves. And yes, I've heard Ikea is Swedish for crap, but we can't afford Swedish for quality! (on another board I go to, someone posted a link to a $900 changing table--it was beautiful and modern, but $900? : )anyway, we got our crib, a bureau with integrated changing table (for $69!), and a big bookcase (for storing husband's albums), along with myriad other things for the house. Neither the crib nor the changing table are on Ikea's web site, otherwise I would show them off. One thing I would say about Ikea's cribs is that they're really low to the ground/small. The ones you find at Babies R Us or whereever are much larger/taller. This is good if you have a really small space, and I appreciate the fact that when it converts to a toddler bed, it's low to the floor, so the boy doesn't have far to fall (if he takes after me, he'll be doing it a lot!).

Pie--thanks for the tip on the froggie bib. We didn't pick it up yesterday (it's going to be a while before he'll need a bowl or sippy cup), but it's definitely on my list for when we go back. (also, I voted Francesca--I would call her Franny... How are you doing with boys names?)

Teenytoona--wow! what an exciting surprise! How did you tell your husband after you found out??

Only news with me is that 1. I can now see the boy's kicks from the outside and 2. we went to a Meet the Midwives event on Wednesday. Our midwifery practice is based out of UNC hospitals, so I was starting to worry for whatever reason that they would be taking a medicalized approach to labor and delivery. But, apparently not. Only about 30% of women in their practice receive an epidural, and 85% deliver with an intact perineum (yay!). so I'm more confident that I'll get the kind of birth experience I want.

Have a great day everyone! and sorry for the long post...
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Thread Starter 
Changes made to here.

Teeny, I think it's your current age. When you have your birthday let the thread host know to chage your age .

dh and I just married 2 years ago (our anniversary is next week): . We had an outdoor wedding with about 70 people in attendance. Our parents helped us out with some and we paid the rest. No debt. I did consider eloping since wedding planning is stressful : , but I'm so glad I stuck through it because that day was the best day of my life so far. I love weddings (I'm in the industry) and I have to say that I haven't had a bridezilla yet.

I went to babies-r-us yesterday and looked at a bunch of stuff. That store is scary. I don't know what most of that stuff is for! I did sit in a rocking chair and loved that. I just sat in it and closed my eyes and imagined having a baby in my arms.
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dcgrl, I called him (it was about lunchtime) and he started goin' on about work, and I said really fast "Ihavesomethingtotellyou" he said "how far along are we?" I told him (I was at 9w4d, according to the tech) and he laughed one of the surprised/excited laughs.
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Ok ok, now I want to share my wedding pictures! I'm getting all swoony looking at everyone else's! Emily, love yours too by the way in case I haven't responded yet (can't remember, pregnancy brain)

We got hitched at a B&B in the Shenandoah valley (2 hours from here) for the low low price of $695, including two nights for us in the B&B, ceremony in the parlor, pictures, a (kind of cheesy-looking) cake, dinner at a local restaurant. It appealed to my inner cheapskate. I wouldn't have dreamed of asking my mom to pay, who's living on a retirement salary now. The only people who were in attendance were Mom, brother, and Paul's friend/roommate Molly, who videotaped. I hate crowds so this was perfect.

This is one some of you may have already seen:


Our first kiss (and you can see the mark on my neck from my violin but oh well)


Everybody, and you can see my dress better:


Isn't my DH handsome

Teeny, I can't believe an u/s is how you found out you were pg! That must've been quite a shock!
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