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Chat Info

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Chat is up!

You can go to http://www.zirc.org/chat/ and put in your nickname and our channel is #HyenaChitChat....then click login.

I know not everyone feels they are a "Hyena" but this was a better name alternative for our room so this is for Hyenas and Friends.

All are welcome.

Please no swearing, fighting, or pornography. I am sure I didn't have to add those for us but it is part of the ZIRC server rules that we are using for chat.
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Greenbean and I are chatting away! Come and play!
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Its really great fun! WOOHOO!
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Hi ladies...the "guest" was me...I'm having problems getting in...I'll try again later.
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Yippee Horray! Thank you for your hard work! off to try it now.
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Thank you to Julie (pb_and_j) and Wendy (WendyLouHoo) for all of thier help on the chat!

And a big thanks to all the chatting mommas! and daddies!
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is this only for diapering? or is it for MDC?
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um, I think I must be doing this wrong...someone sign in and let me know if you can see my message ok?
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Hey, I am getting a bunch of weird letters and numbers...none of it makes sense!! Please, this is too sci-fi for me! :
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try the java version, it's working for me (I think) the other one gave me numbers and letter too :
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saffiyya80 this is a diapering chat I set up but you are welcome to join us talk about diapering
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Okay ladies . . . CHAT has a permanent home in the Resources Forum . . . so point the way there to our new mommas. I'll post this as a STICKY for a while until the mommas here have had a chance to see it.
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Originally posted by greenbean
Thank you to Julie (pb_and_j) and Wendy (WendyLouHoo) for all of thier help on the chat!

And a big thanks to all the chatting mommas! and daddies!
Awww, I didn't do much except send you pm's all day! :LOL Thanks to you for setting it up for us.
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I can't get in
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If you are having problems getting into chat and are using Windows XP it is probably because XP either came without Java support or it won't automatically load the Java plug-in for you.

Try going to:


And click "Get it Now!" to download the latest available version of Java or:

Go to windows update and get XP Service Pack 1 (if it is still available -- not sure) which fixes the no Java problem.


ETA: Just read the other thread that the room/site was down, so this may not help afterall. Sorry!
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