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Vit D???

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My mainstream friends all come to me when they question something they read in magazines (parent) or that their ped tells them. I guess I should be flattered

Anyway one freind said her ped recommended vit d drops for all exclusively BF babies (which her daughter is) she also read it in a magazine (parent) I told her if she read it in Parent it was sponsored my a formula co to plant the seed that bf is not enough. Didn't really want to tell her to not trust her ped. Anyway she calls me back later and says that the drops they gave her are Vit A,D&C made by .... you guessed it emfamil!

SHe has stopped giving the drops but is looking for some info about vit d and breats fed babies. ALso info about overdosing on Vit A. I know someone here must have some helpful links!


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babies (and adults) can make their own Vit D by getting some daily sun exposure, less for very fair-skinned people, more for darker-skinned.
mothering magazine did a cover story 2 issues ago on the supplementation of breastfed babies. go to the homepage and on the left side of the site it has a place to click for previous is a place to click for Articles, then go to Breastfeeding then Breastfeeding advocacy, and it is the third story down.
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