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Mouth raw and painful

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Weirdest thing ever. You know how when you eat too much sugar and your tongue gets bumps on it and feels very sensitive, or when you eat cereal or something else that is very crunchy, you have this feeling that your palate and gums are abrased and inflamed?

Well, I have both of those things going on - I woke up yesterday with it like this, my gums, on the inside by the molars, are very raw, not bleeding, but like they've been sanded with sandpaper. Ditto for the gums on top in the same area, as well as under my tongue. My tongue doesn't feel raw, just very painful like there are ulcers on it.

There are no ulcer spots (I used to get those a lot as a kid), so no open wounds or white areas, just really inflamed, red, raw tissue.

The only thing I can think of that I've done differently lately is take Airborne frequently over the last few weeks. I took it 2 weeks ago every day 2-3x per day, and skipped a week, then took it this week, 3x per day. It has a very high concentration of Vit C in it, and you take it in water, the tablet dissolves in water, so it's been covering my whole mouth when I drink it. Could that be the problem? If not, what other ideas do you have? I've exhausted my mad google skillz without getting one iota of information.

Also, any suggestions as to how to get some relief would be not just appreciated and welcome, but met with adulation. It hurts really bad, and when I talk, I soiund like Elmer Fudd because it hurts to form too many letters.

These are the ingredients of airborne:
Vitamin A (Palmitate) 5,000 I.U. (100% DV*), Vitamin C 1,000mg (1,670% DV*), Vitamin E (Acetate) 30 I.U. (100% DV*), Riboflavin 2.8mg (170% DV*), Magnesium (Oxide & Sulfate) 40mg (10% DV*), Zinc (Sulfate) 8mg (55% DV*), Selenium (Amino Acid Chelate) 15mcg (20% DV*), Manganese (Gluconate) 3mg (150% DV*), Potassium 75mg (2% DV*), Proprietary Blend of Maltodextrin, Lonicera, Forsythia, Schizonepeta, Ginger, Chinese Vitex, Isatis Root, Echinacea 350mg (DV**), Amino Acids (Glutamine as L-Glutamine, Lysine as L-Lysine HCl) 50mg (DV**). *Daily Value.
Other Ingredients: Citric Acid, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sorbitol, Potassium Bicarbonate, Natural & Artificial Orange Flavor, Mineral Oil, Sucralose, Acesulfame Potassium.
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my first thought, maybe too much citric acid bothering your mouth? also I know when i take cold-eese, the stuff with lots of zinc, that i start to get an irritated mouth when i eat too much.....maybe quit taking it, or so much? i really like emergenC, it has never irritated me.
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Hi Danielle

The only time I've ever felt that is when we all had thrush; and I got it in my mouth. It was exactly as you've described. I didn't have white patches or anything in my mouth. It was just very painful and raw.
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i get that too with too much citric acid so it could be the supplement. it gets really bad when i overindulge in eating yummy fresh pineapple. ouch!!

but i have to say my first thought when reading your post was hand-foot-mouth disease (coxsackie virus).
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It does sound like how my MIL has described when she's had thrush. She says the pain can be so bad that she can hardly eat!
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No advice but I love the little bread crumb you used to get me here
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methamphetamines have a side effect just like you are describing- are you sure you didn't "accidentally" take some?
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Originally Posted by iamthesmilingone View Post
No advice but I love the little bread crumb you used to get me here
Ah shucks! I was coming to raise some hell over here.
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Ummm.... uhhh.... how shall I phrase this..... have you had ummm.... anything else in your mouth recently.... like a finger.... but not a finger.....
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