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I think I've just been Sue'd

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I knew it I knew it I knew it!!!! I heard the old maternal alarms a'ringing in my gut...I answered the too many questions on it email as shortly as I could and then went and looked up the history. Why didn't I do that the other way around?

So much for "trying to be the nice seller who answers her emails as promptly as she says she does in her listsings". Too many private auctions - too many adult baby "secret linguo" on other's Me pages. (After hearing about all the stories of Sue, I spent an interesting evening surfing the net and learning about these odd folks). Too many purchases of rubber pants.

I need to go throw up some more. I'll finish the transaction but I am never never never selling flatfolds again.


Oh before I head to the - The reason why I answered the email first is because it wasn't signed Sue.

Look out for Alice.

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Take a hot shower - or ten - :Puke


What is WRONG with these people?
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:Puke ........... that is just wrong.........
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:Puke :Puke :Puke :Puke :Puke

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I don't know what it is with these people either. I think I'll take a bottle of wine to the shower though.

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I think I am lost here...what just happened???

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A lot of us here who sell diapers/covers on eBay have gotten a "question for seller" asking us for pictures of rubber pants, pictures of babies in rubber pants to see how they fit, asking WAHM's if they'd make adult size diapers, etc. :Puke
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I don't get it either, but please tell cause I just sold some flatfolds on ebay yesterday!
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There is a group of adult "Johns" (read: perverts) who get off on wearing baby diapers - dirtying diapers - taking pictures in diapers, etc.

When you have an auction, often a woman named "Sue" (or apparently "Alice") will email asking if you can take pictures of them stretched out to see how big they are.

They get off on it - it's REALLY gross. You can find adult diapers on ebay, too - ick.
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OMG!!!! I am so naive! LOL that's just sick..roflmao!!!
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Anyone feel free to PM me for username if they'd like to block the user ID. I figure it's the least I can do.
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Do they actually buy them or just email for pics? How did you know it was one of those ppl?
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Well, I've only had them email for pics - asking to stretch out the "rubber pants" to see how big they were. I ignored them.

I'd assume they sometimes *do* buy, though.

You can do a search of past auctions they've won or bid on or something and see what it is - most of it will be porn stuff.
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It happened to me a while ago.
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I know it was one of those people because first off , there was just too many questions in the email. First ones were about the diapers I was selling which seemed legit enough.

Then I was asked for my experience in pinning, and "nothing fits better than a diaper pinned" or something.

I looked up the buying/selling history and like I said there was Adult baby auctions, private auctions, etc etc.
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disgustipating. sad...

I purchased some Hanna underpants for my 12 year old before I found out that sickos buy those too. It just bothers me so much.

There was a thread on AW about what wahm's do when contacted by these 'people' who want a custom job. Some did, some ignored them.

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My parents own a few business' that have to do with handicap people, and they sell incontinence products.

We had a man that used to call us all the time, we refused to sell him products, and he last a awful message on the machine.

We called the police and everything, it still gives me the shudders. It was NASTY.
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Everytime I list diapers (and especially covers) I get Sue'd
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I think that this might be the most disgusting thing I've ever heard.
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Is THAT why every time I list some of dd's cloth diapers on ebay I always have someone email me and ask if I have any rubber cloth diaper pants to sell?

OMG I think I'm gonna be sick. :Puke And, so far, I thought I'd stayed away from the sicko's. I don't think I've ever sold to any of them though.

Next time I'll know to ignore their question about the blasted rubber pants. I always wondered why they were asking me, since I didn't LIST any in the auctions.... but I'd always given them "helpful" tips on where to find something similar.

Oh, disgusting. I am sooooo disgusted.
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