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Ype Des taht sunds like the one and the same. I know how you feel. I can't even describe the things going through my head w/o someon reading my email reply.
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Sue is a nasty "lady".

OMG, i was just thinking, Do you think those sickos lurk on our board and get their jollies off us discussing dipes? AAACK! Cold pricklies!
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What if the pervs are reading these? And to think I've put links to pics of my son.
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I'm sure these sickos are lurking right now! I could go on and on, but I'll just say that they really pi$$ me off
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:Puke Do what you want in your own time but don't bring cd mamas into your sick fantasy! blech...
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You know,

I run a Yahoo group for mamas that want to sell, buy and trade fabric. Primarily focused on diaper making materials (hemp, fleece etc.) but for other things too.

I have had a devil of a time keeping off the sickos!!!! They seem to want to post to the group about their obsession with diapers. I had to restrict membership so I approve everyone, then approve posts for the first week of the member's postings.

I don't approve anyone with a male id, or if they are based in Germany with all german bios and ADULT on their screen name. (I seem to get a lot of them from there)

I HATE having to do that!!!! I really don't care about what anyone does between two consenting adults, but when they try to spam the sick fantasies on my Yahoo group for SEWING!!!! It it very maddening.
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Originally posted by des
I always wondered why they were asking me, since I didn't LIST any in the auctions....
Actually, you can report them for asking about something that you haven't listed. but save the email to forward to ebay.
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Boy am I Naieve! I thought it was for a senior adult's incontinence problems! shudder at the thought of DIAPER PORN!
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The aforementioned concerns are very valid - about random lurkers getting their kicks here.

That's why I don't list pictures of my DD most of the time (I did once - but she was in a dress, not just a diaper) and I seldom use my girls' names on the board.

It's a public forum - who knows what random sicko is lurking here.

I wish we could make it private, so that only people who were registered users could view it - but even then, SUE or ALICE could register, I suppose.
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I debated on that back and forth too. But the other half of me is like "to **** with them I'll do what I want"
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Ps - we do think "Sue" did post here once, asking about vinyl or rubber pants. At first glance it looked like a legit question....

I wonder if that post is still in the archives?
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OMGawd!! They keep bidding on my lot!! :scary Do I want to know why these people seem to prefer flatfolds? Why can't I get a nice granny who likes to collect antique stuff. One person who bid appeared to be just that - a vintage diaper collector.

At least I haven't gotten any more grody emails.

If I yanked anymore bids it wuold be like a dollar - and it's costing me a dollar to list it.

Phone bill Phone bill Phone bill Phone bill Phone bill.......
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Maybe I'm in the minority here but I think as far as perversions go this is pretty harmless. Some people like to wear leather, others like to wear shoes or slinky underwear. Some like to wear diapers.

Honestly I don't really understand the obsession and I don't particularly want to hear about their fetishes but I really think it is pretty harmless.... no one seems to be hurt in the process, no violence or non con etc.

Its a little bizarre I'll grant you but then I don't get the whole playboy bunny thing either.

Of course some of these people might have an actual need for an adult diaper. It would be pretty sad if someone didn't answer their questions and they really needed diapers )o:
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Jesse, I'd just take the money and run.... I hope they go for megabucks!!
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Scarlet I pretty much agree with you. I don't care what people do in their own homes so long as no one is getting harmed. And yes some adults do need adult size diapers for various reasons, but, the ones on ebay have teddies and baby toys on them...I doubt an adult with incontinence is really into that.

They want to bid on my diapers, ok. I'm taking the money and But I'm really barfing at the thought that potential buyers emailed me to get their jollies off of my email replies. It just can't be kept to a straightforward transaction, which is wrong.

And I don't mind a little buyer/seller chitchat, esp with diapering mommas. BUt this wasn't just chitchat, the alarm bells were going off...

eta -buyers not sellers - more
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that is so ugh there isnt even a single word.... yuck, ewwwwww, gross gag
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what is awful is you type diaper in the search, and half of what pops up is adult onesies and diapers....

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OMG I just checked ebay! I knew there was some kind of rubber underwear fetishism out there, but when I saw pics of grown men in flowered onesies with a dipe sticking out at the legs, all I could do was

I think it's pretty innocent, too. And things like this make me wish I were a therapist, and get paid to listen to these kinds of people! Imagine the issues they have! And as long as they don't hurt anybody, let 'em pin away, I'd say!

But yeah, I can imagine feeling a bit violated after spending time and effort emailing information that will possibly be used for pornographic purposes...
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