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Surprise Blitz

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Surprise Blitz

Born at Home in the water

Tuesday, July 24th at 2:05 a.m.

Caught by Momma, unassisted.

6 lb., 13 oz., 19 in.

Here is a partial birth story with an update and pics.
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Congratulations mama! Glad Blitz is doing so well, and that you are all at home and resting!!
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Congratulations mama! What a handsome little man!
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He's adorable!!
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Congrats! I am glad you are home now and I am wishing you all the best!!
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Congratualtions! Happy things went well!
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Congratulations mama!!
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yeah baby Blitz- glad you're home a gaining strong!
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He's adorable!!!!
I'm glad he's home and gaining weight. Congratulations and best wishes!!
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Welcome to the world baby Blitz! So happy you are home now. Congrats on your new babe. HAPPY BABYMOON!!! I have added both of you to the Welcome thread
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And what an amazing mama you are for standing up to those NICU bullies! Glad you have your son safe where he belongs now.
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Congratulations! Blitz looks so cute and healthy! I'm sorry about your bad NICU experience, though, ...ugh.
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Congratulations! He is a cutie.
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Cogratulations!!! I am so happy for you!
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Congrats! So glad he is home and happy. Sorry about NICU troubles All aren't like that, and it sucks when are! Such a vulnerable time.
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Congrats mama! I'm glad everyone's home!
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