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Originally Posted by alegna View Post
Unless mom chooses not to leave baby I didn't leave dd with dh until around 18 months.

Yes, of course, but some of us have to lower our standards enough to allow daddy to take a shift sometimes. Not his fault he doesn't have boobs, and I'd hate to put him in the situation of not being able to help the baby if me and my wonder-bags weren't available.

I also keep a little tube of Aquaphor around now that she's always scratching herself. And I have the best little rectal thermometer, it's digital and kind of bulb-shaped, so it can't go in too far, and really fast. It was about $10 and I hesitated a bit because it was more expensive than the other options, but the first time I had to take her temp at 2 a.m. with her wiggling all over the place, I knew it was worth it!
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I went and splurged on one of the Braun ThermoScan thermometers. Quick is good, especially once they become wriggly toddlers. Not having to stick the thermometer up her bum, even better.

Also, one of those bulb things for sucking out their noses, very useful.
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I used the saline drops because it was really hard to aim my breasts into ds's nose.:

i think the mylicon drops are not super helpful though.

i haven't used artificial fever reducers with him. ( i did w/ dd ) just tepid baths. although waiting out a 104 degree temp was nerve wracking.

i have one of the ear thermometers wich was a bit of a splurge for us but worth it for the speed and ease of use. i like knowing what the temp is doing yk?

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Gripe water was very helpful here, as was lukewarm chamomile tea. We didn't use mylicon drops more than once because gripe water worked so much better but be sure and check the label for alcohol.

Breastmilk is great for a lot of stuff but I had a problem hand expressing it, so we used saline water. In the beginning, breastfeeding and doing skin to skin -aka waiting out fevers- was all we did.

And most moms leave DC with their DP for a little while (a half an hour at the grocery store can be heaven!) so having something on hand so that your DP feels competent would be great. YMMV of course.

Oh, and we splurged on the ear thermometer. Great investment.
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I have the saline mist and infant Tylenol, but nothing else so far. My son hasn't had any problems with gas that burping and a tummy rub haven't been able to fix (knock on wood.......).

My pediatrician recommended those 2, and then pick up other stuff as needed. Personally, I'm not too worried about neosporin etc - soap and water will do for most little cuts. Aloe for a small burn (if I don't manage to kill the silly plant again.......)

Just my thoughts..

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