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Girls' Name Poll

Poll Results: Which first name if a girl?

  • 13% (22)
  • 40% (67)
  • 46% (78)
167 Total Votes  
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DH has been very indecisive on names. I am 37 w and counting, and it would help me feel more ready emotionally to have a name, I think. So he is "kicking" around the following names (all his suggestions)...
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i love lorelei. ariel would just make me think of the little mermaid and then i'd get steamed thinking about how a girl gave up her voice for some stupid boy.

i really like francesca too...i'd call her frankie/
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i like them all ariel is so cute cause i love the little mermaid but thats what people would associate it with lorelei is really pretty and i have a friend thats named francesca she goes my cella (Che-la)
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I *had* to vote Lorelei, that's DD's name.

Only downside is no good nickname...
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Originally Posted by TheBluebird View Post
I *had* to vote Lorelei, that's DD's name.

Only downside is no good nickname...
Rory? Per Gilmore Girls...
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I voted for Francesca, for a couple of reasons. It has lots of good nickname possibilities and it also isn't incredibly popular (ala Madison or Taylor).

Ariel is very pretty, but I am pretty sure Disney owns it now. The association isn't likely to fade either, since Disney movies rarely go completely away.

Lorelei is a really gorgeous name, and it would be my second choice, but I think the Gilmore Girls association will be pretty strong for a while.

What are you thinking of as middle names, if anything?
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Cute little names, I liked Lorelei
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Originally Posted by skyastara View Post
Rory? Per Gilmore Girls...

Yeah, I love the name Lorelei, but the GG has since turned me off to it. I know several since the show came on.
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I liked Lorelei
i have never seen Gilmore Girls so no association there:
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I like Lorelei best of the choices, without hearing the last name. When I hear Ariel I first think "That's a boy's name" and then, of course, what the pp said about being completely and thoroughly irked by the plot of The Little Mermaid.

I'm a big Heinlein fan, and Lorelei Long and her sister Lapis Lazuli are very cool characters. Redheaded genius twins with attitude.
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I've never seen that show so I voted Lorelei but Francesca was a close second. I think in light of it becoming trendy because of a show, I'd actually choose Francesca.. Frankie or Che-la sound like super cute nicknames..
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I like Lorelei the best out of the 3 choices.
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I voted Francesca, I like Lorelei too, but I just saw Beach Blanket Bingo (my mother was re-living her younger days) and the mermaid's name was Lorelei... All I head when I think of the name Lorelei is the music that played every time she was near
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I voted Francesca because we are a non-tv household.
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I voted for Lorelei, but that's because I love the Gilmore Girls (I'm sad they've been cancelled).
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I picked Francesca. It was my great-great grandmother's name, and we're considering using it for a middle name if this one's a girl. Ariel=Disney, and Lorelai/Lorelei is popular in that trendy-but-not-lasting way, like Taylor and Madison, IMO.
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Francesca, because you can call her Franny for short, and that is so so cute!

But, really I'd wait and meet her first. My dd was going to be lots of things and when she came out, none of the names on our list fit.
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Originally Posted by TheBluebird View Post
I *had* to vote Lorelei, that's DD's name.

Only downside is no good nickname...
I don't like Rory, but thought I'd suggest a couple nicknames for you.

The next two are silly, but can't help myself from writing it out:
Relei (pronounced rely as in to rely upon someone)
Lei (pronounced either as Lie or, I prefer, as Lee)

Still thinking:
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I am impressed by your superior taste but annoyed too. One of those names is our number 1 choice! We chose it because we love it and it isn't being used in Australia much. I hope it doesn't catch on too quickly. This has been happening to us since we started dreaming about babies 6 years ago...we like a name because it's beautiful and uncommon...and within 6 months, it's being used left, right and centre. Thus far it has happened with Ruby, Scarlett, Stella and Lola. I guess it's something I'm going to have to get over though because it's destined to keep happening.

Anyway, I voted for the name I love. If you end up going with it, I'll tell you...and I guess I'll forgive you too!
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