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Any Moms going to use Hypnobabies?

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I am planning on using Hypnobabies this time around. Is anyone else here going to use it or have used it with a previous birth?

If anyone has a copy they want to sell I would also be interested
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I was going to do an online/distance hypnobirthing course, but last I checked it had been pulled.

I'm still playing w/ the idea of flying down to Vegas to do a weekend crash course, but that probably will not happen with the kiddos.
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I am going to do hypnobabies. I plan to do the home study. I think I may also do Bradley classes (if the area instructor decides to call back) for my hubbys sake, so he can feel involved.

I have nothing to sell and will be looking for good deals too. I'll let you know if I find any.
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i took a bradley class with ds and was really happy with all the information that i got...a friend of mine recommended hypnobabies or hypno-something. i have thought about looking into it. i don't really know what it is all about. i don't know if i shoudl or i should just have the baby...i did fine the last time. i'd just be interested in knowing exactly what hypnobabies is and what they cover in the material.
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Here's the "what I will learn" link for the hypnobirthing class I was looking at. I know the teacher personally, and quite a few Vegas Moms who had great births w/ her techniques.

I took the bradley class w/ pregnancy #1, and I really liked the class, but I think the hypnobirthing will add to it with additional techniques. I was really at a loss when I was in full labor and all the 'lay on your left side' relaxed positions I had practiced were horribly painful!! I had to labor standing, go figure!!
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Here is what it is all about from there site this is the home study course:

Here is a women on Youtube using hypnobabies:

from what I have heard it is amazing you might not have a completely pain free birth but a much better relaxing birth....and feel more in control and not have the whole fight or flight thing going on...

You can get them on ebay but they go for about the same price as you get from the website.
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thanks for all the information. yes ds was posterior so i labored on my hands and knees almost the whole time. it was the only comfortable position.
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I think I am also going to try the hypnobabies/hypnobirthing route ( I am not sure which one, or what the difference, is to be honest). I didn't do it with dd...I am looking forward to actually ordering the homestudy materials and starting them...probably pretty soon.
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I'm planning on doing Hyonobabies. It was a toss up between that and HypBirth. Hypnobirthing doesn't have a comprehensive home study course, and those two do. Both (Hypnobabies and HypBirth) look good. The main difference as far as I can tell is that Hypnobabies is a "complete childbirth education course" as well as birth hypnosis... I don't need any CBE so it's not relevant for my needs at all, but also not something that would keep me from getting it.
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I agree that when I researched it, hypnobirthing is not nearly as involved as Hypnobabies and Hypbirth. I used Hypbirth for my last birth. I basically decided that I also didn't need the CBE part of the program so either one would be fine. I bid on both of them on Ebay and Hypbirth was the first one that I "won" (about 2 years ago and I paid $90). While I did not have a pain-free labor, I was very relaxed and definately used the things that I learned. Here is my birth story:

My Home/Water/Hypbirth:
I had my membranes stripped on May 5th at my 40 week appointment (edd May 4th). I started having irregular contractions at about 4am. I got up about 9am not really sure if I was in the beginning stages of labor. Contractions (surgesJ) were 20-30 min apart and not strong at all.

As I stood up from eating lunch, my water broke. I called my midwives who came by to check on me and set their stuff up. I was dialated to 3cm at the time (around 1 pm). I was not in an active labor pattern (surges were still 20-30 min apart and not strong) so they told me to try and get some rest. The surges began to get stronger shortly after they left but I laid down and put on a hypbirth cd. I listened to 2 of the practice cds while sleeping. They were the ones you listen to every day with deepening and birth affirmations.

I woke up about 3:30pm when the midwives called to check on me. When I woke up, my surges were 10 min apart and getting stronger. I decided to get up and move around a little. We watched a movie on tv while I sat on the birth ball.

At about 6:00, things started getting more serious. I went back in my bedroom and put on the Hypbirth labor cd. At that time, I realized that I was having two contractions at once. The first one would last about 20-30 seconds and just as I was coming down from that, a stronger second one would hit for about 20 seconds. I was using the shortest contraction tract and just as it would be talking me down from the first one, that second surge would hit and I would not be ready for it. I tried to skip the talking down part and start over but we had a hard time getting the timing right. None of us thought to use the longest one and see if that could get me through both. That may have worked. I gave up using the cds about 7 because I was frustrated trying to get the timing right. I remember feeling like the first part was okay, but if the second one started and I wasn’t ready it was overwhelming. I felt naked, like I just wasn’t ready for it. I continued to use the relaxation and visualizations that I had learned throughout my labor.

The midwives got back at 7:40pm. They checked me then (which I had been planning to refuse and wish looking back that I would have). My body signs were telling me that I was in transition and that I was almost done. I was only dialated to 4cm. I began to doubt my body. I got into the birth pool and started doing labor math. I was thinking that this was going to last for 6+ hours and that I was crazy for wanting a home birth. I was in pain then and was wondering how I was going to make it that long. If I had been in the hospital, I am pretty sure that I would have asked for an epidural at that point (although I probably wouldn’t have gotten it before he was bornJ!)

At 8:15 pm, I stood up smiling and yelled that it was time to pushJ! I was so relieved! As I was pushing, the baby’s heart rate was dropping down to 80-90 bpm. After the first couple of contractions, they started giving me oxygen and told me I needed to get him out quickly or they were going to have to assist me. Reece Michael came shooting out at 8:26 pm. His cord was wrapped around his neck twice and under his arms. As soon as it was unwrapped, he turned pink and started crying.

I moved to the bed to nurse and deliver the placenta. They realized that I had a pretty bad labial tear. Most likely, his shoulders coming out so fast caused it. I spent about 30 min getting quite a few stitches because I was bleeding quite a bit. This was probably the worst part because I was out of the birthing mindset. I wanted to be relaxing with my baby and family/friends that were there. I ate (the last thing I felt like doing!) and we pulled the blanket over us and went to sleep.

I did still use the relaxation techniques during the last part of my labor even when I wasn't using the cds anymore. I believe that being able to relax and let my body do what it was supposed to is why things went so quickly. I plan to use hypnosis again this time, although I am contemplating getting Hypnobabies also. Hypbirth tells you to lay down while you are using it. Since I knew that I would not want to lay down, I did practice the cds standing up in the last few weeks. I have heard that Hypnobabies teaches you to use the deep relaxation while moving around. The great thing about buying these is you can sell them back on Ebay for approximately the same price as you bought them as long as they don't get scratched.
Sorry so long!! I tried to paraphrase the birth story and gave up shortly!! HTH!
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Thanks for sharing...I actually am purchasing hypnobabies today from another women on a different board..She didn't even use it or look at it and the women she bought it from didn't use it either so it is basically brand new.

Luckily I am getting it for an awesome price and I am pretty sure I will use it...hopefully!! I decided on getting the hypnobabies because:
  • Hypnobabies is also a COMPLETE childbirth education course
  • Nutritional Program
  • Pre-natal Exercises
  • Birth Plan
  • Optimal Fetal Positioning
  • How to Avoid Back Labor
  • Comfort and Safety in Pregnancy
  • Staying Healthy and Low Risk a good one for me cause I want a homebirth this time!!
  • You use the CDs and hypnosis scripts to train the inner mind that contractions in labor will be felt only as pressure, tightening, and pushing sensations
  • hypno-anesthesia!! Sounds good !

With my first birth I wasn't really prepared at all!! With my second I was really prepared but didn't feel in total control of my labor.
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I just wish it wasn't so expensive. That's why I'm not doing it. You have to draw the line somewhere.

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I did a quick search on Ebay and found that Hypnobabies generally runs from $95-$150 including shipping. Hypbirth went from about $60-90. If you think that you can do without the CBE portion of Hypnobabies, Hypbirth is definately still a good option. ONce again, I definately recommend practicing while standing up/moving some since that is what you will probably want to do during labor. These homestudy options are much cheaper than the classes!! I also used the cds for when I couldn't fall asleep at night. It was worth the $90 for me just to sleep so well!!
Zahira-Congrats on choosing home birth. I am planning my second home birth and IMO it is definately the way to go!!
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Thanks for the info regarding Hynobabies and Hypbirth...I got some research to do!
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yeah I am getting mine for $65 including shipping So I suggest looking around I know you can also get hypbirth at Amazon.

To me it is worth the investment. Even I fi had to pay the $140 plus shipping...I would save up my money some how or ask a relative for it as a gift.

I heard the meditation cds are great for getting to sleep like the PP said. I can remember many nights of not being able to sleep at all!!
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