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I should add, I did kiss them and love on them and let them know that I was absolutely in the wrong to yell. They were in the wrong to not listen and to play in a loud way that wasn't respectful of their baby brother, but I had absolutely no call to yell like that.
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Thank youu for sharing that. As selfish as it might be, it makes me feel better :

Sometimes I feel SO ALONE! One is asking me to read to them, one wants to go outside....in the rain, dog is barking, cat just peed on my bed, Mylee bites me with her new found tooth while nursing, phone rings (dance academy calls), bill collector at the door for dh, 2 yr old is helping and washing dishes.....about a gallon of water on the floor which the older two just fell into. :

I told them I was moving out the other day :

Finding a balance just sometimes seems so impossible.

There are times I think "If only I swatted them...they would _______ (fill in the blank)"

But then I think of how I feel when I was little. They way I would flinch when my mom would go to give me a hug.

I never want my children to flinch when I go to hug them. :cry

Still......some days are just so difficult.
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Hi! Can I join in here? We have a boy that will be 6 next month, 4 year old twin boys and an almost 5 month old baby boy.

I recently (as in earlier this week!) read Connection Parenting. I'm totally on board with it being the way I want to parent. My issue is that it seems so hard to do with multiple kids. Our biggest issues are usually between the big boys. We can't just let them work it out because it ends badly always. I can't sit by while my kids beat on or pinch each other. So I'm really struggling with how to be respectful to all of them all the time.

It has really been helping me to do the "think twice speak once" thing. And before speaking, I've been pretending they're an annoying relative that I need to deal with nicely because we're family. I did great a couple days ago but by last night, not so much. They just drove me crazy. And just now. Opening the back screen door and standing there. They don't want to go out, they just want to open the door. Which means flies are coming in to drive us crazy.

Me: Let's leave the door closed please. I don't want the bugs to come in.

Twins: But we want to open the door.

Me: Why?

Twins: We want to. (opens door again)

Me: (closes door myself) Leave the door closed please.

Twins: But we want it open. (opens again)

Me: I said leave it closed.

Twins: (opens door again, then one twin blames his brother- mom, he's opening the door)

Me: Stop it both of you. Go out of the kitchen. There's no need for you to be in here now. I said leave the door CLOSED!

Them: Oooookaaaaaay.

That kind of stuff frustrates me so much. Just leave the damn door closed.
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lovemyfamily6.....I have sooooo had those days!
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