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funny/cute maternity tank sayings?

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I've decided that I'm going to make myself some white tank tops with maternity sayings on them. Mainly to combat the "is she fat or pregnant?" stage. I figure I can go buy iron on letters and put 'em on cheap-o mens undershirts. But I need help brainstorming! What would be cute or funny to put on 'em? My single, solitary idea is to just put "BABY" with an arrow pointing down towards my tummy. So I need help from you guys! If they turn out good, some tanks might be in your future as thanks for helping me!
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I've seen these slogans...

Body by Baby
Baby Fat
Who's your Daddy?
I can grow people.
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I have a "body by baby" t-shirt!
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"It's a baby, not a belly"

I also like a big heart right over the belly.
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There was a lady in my yoga class with this T-shirt:

Rub my belly for good luck

I'd never wear it bc I hate the idea of people rubbing my belly, but if that doesn't bother you it's very cute!
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I saw one that said "I'm not fat, I'm pregnant" and then another that said "I'm not fat, I'm pregnant. And fat." The second really cracked me up! I like "I make milk, what's your superpower" too.

I have an, um, ample behind and I tell people that it's ballast.
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I have a couple but I think they are more because my friends found it funny that this is baby number two conceived on the pill...lol.

"Ask me how effective my method of birth control is"


"Proof the pill really is 99.9% effective"

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I saw a t-shirt at a specialty store that said "Not finding out." I loved it but it was a bit too pricey. I'd love a shirt that says that since people are ALWAYS asking.
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"All I wanted was a backrub"

I'd never buy it because I didn't want a backrub.......:

I'm thinking of making a "babyfat" t-shirt. I have some white maternity T's that are just asking to be painted.

I sure like the "I'm not fat, I'm pregnant. And fat." That I could buy into.

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I've been saying I want to make one that says "Pregnant women are HOT", especially in the summer when we're all sweating to death.
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Got Milk!
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I've seen some that say "Baby Bump" with an arrow. I saw one a long time ago with the big yellow smiley face on it, and the mom's belly button was popped out right in the perfect spot to form the nose. But that would really only work towards the end of the pg, and even then only if your belly button actually pops--mine never has.

I've seen some that say "Stork Crossing (with the railroad crossbuck)." I'd really love to have one that says, "Do Not Touch My Belly.....Unless YOU Put The Baby In There!" But I'm really too shy to wear that anyway...

I've seen ones with really flowery font that said "In Bloom" and "Baby Blooming".

BTW, you can get iron-on t-shirt transfer sheets at pretty much any craft or fabric store, and they will go right through your ink jet printer. That way you can make graphics, etc. instead of just letters. I think they are about $5-6 for 6 sheets.....you can do one big graphic per sheet or several smaller ones.
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You could list the answers to the questions people always ask. Like the sex and the DD.

I like the "Ask me about effective Birth Control" one.
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I made one for my first preg. that said 'Beer Belly'. I thought it was funny but very few others did. Something about alcohol and pregnancy being taboo or something.

Although, upon reflection, maybe they interpreted it that i got pregnant because i was drunk? dunno, if so, they wouldn't have know me very well...
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BTW, a lot of the above are pretty funny....
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I like the shirts about the pill, b/c I, too, am on my #2 pill baby

I saw one that just had a huge ? on the belly, which I loved. I also liked, "It's a boy or a girl."
One more:
"Babies Happen"
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I'm a crazy knitter, so I wanted one that said "Future Knitter" on the belly. I also saw a cartoon (I think on baby gaga) that said, "I'm due on XXX, it's a XX, no you CAN'T touch my belly". I thought that was cute.
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I second Heffernhyphen. Given all the milk soaked shirts I've been sporting over the past 5 wks, my husband joked I should get a "Got milk?" logo on there. (And I actually started leaking at about 7 mo's ... just a taste of what was to come.)
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"Coming this Fall"

"Does this baby make me look fat?"
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I have an odd sense of humor but....

one that would only work for a first timer but I thought was funny
future MILF
and a very political one I thought was hilarious
(on the tummy) already smarter than Bush
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