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Please add my name to the list for April 26. Thanks, from a mom who's afraid to get too excited this time.
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April 12th
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April 28!!!! :
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Cautiously optomistic : , my edd is 4/24
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Due April 21st! 1st pregnancy!

Looks like this thread hasn't been updated for a while... I dont mind taking over...
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A great big welcome to our latest members! Wow, this DDC is really getting big!

Magalag, Marie (rmzbm) has been editing this thread, but I haven't seen her here much lately. My guess is that she is being kept busy in the bathroom with m/s and running after her 4 little ones! But you could PM her--she might welcome a new thread owner.
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ok i'll do that...
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I still need to be added to the 14th too This DDC is definitely getting really big!
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Originally Posted by BlueIrises View Post
April 12th
YAY I have a DD pal!
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Changes made to here...sorry for slackin' girls...I've been so busy! I will keep up better, promise! :
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I fall on the 27th.
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April 11th
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April 16th for me
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April 18th-ish
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Somehow I got missed opps Can I be added to April 19th
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I was missed too. Can I be added to April 19th. Thanks!
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At this point, we're looking at April 27th, but I have a crazy long cycle (like, 43 days) so my due dates are always a bit of a shot in the dark, it seems.
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christinespurlock & atobols, you were already on the list.

Sunshine4004 & surromommy2be - sorry I missed you! You are added.
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now thee are 4 of us on the 17th!
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