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Deleted by user.
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i'm due april 5th!
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I'm out

I'm afraid I'll have to come off the list.
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Can I request that you do an April angels at the end of the list. This is for the m/c. They did that in my Dec DDC club and it was nice not to be forgotten. PS My due date got moved back to May 2nd. So maybe put me in the end of April list.
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April 6
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April 15. Tax day!
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Please remove me I lost my baby today.
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Ahhh I just wanted to give lots of :HUG I'm so sorry to hear that
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Oh no, countrybound! I'm so, so sorry. And after all the m/s misery you've been through. Tons of hugs, and I hope to see you pop up in the next DDC here!
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Updated to here.
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Due with #2 April 10th
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April 11th
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Updates done to here.
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April 12th
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I'm due with my 2nd on the 15th!
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due on the 20 or 21 not really sure
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I'm due April 8th!
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I'm new to the boards and newly ! (Well, relatively )

Doctors say April 11, I say more like April 9th.

Nice to meet you all!

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new to the board, hi there!

according to my DLP my due date is april 21st.
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Hi! My EDD with #3 is 4/27/2008.
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