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For now April 23 for me! I'm the first in the list for that date, eh?
Altho that's what the ultrasound says, according to my charts it would be april 13....

whatever you thinks!
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remove me from the club
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Oops, I never officially posted my due date. April 22nd, 2008. That's subject to change though because I'm unsure of my dates. My midwife said we should have a better idea when she comes over for my next visit.
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I'm due April 28th, with my second.
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Huh, I never posted my due date....

April 6
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April 29th
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April 27!
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Hi Everyone,
I'm due April 4 with child #3. Have two boys, 7 and 6 years old. This baby came as a surprise but we are all very excited! I am 36 and having trouble not worrying through this pregnancy. I had a miserable 3 months but I am feeling great right now. Nice to meet you all.
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april 12th here
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April 5th for me! My 5th baby
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This little one is due April 7th but may make a early entrance since my son was 3 weeks early
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can i be added?
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I'm due at the end of April, but I'm having twins so I'm thinking probably closer to the middle!
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let's put mine at april 14...that's probably most accurate! thanks!
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Hi! I'm due April 27th with twins. New here
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Add me to the list - Due April 24/08. Thanks!
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I am due 4/28
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Hey! I have an "official" due date now!

May 1.

We got talking on the May DDC, though... and with 2008 being a leap year, I could just as easily have an April 30th DD.
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Hehehe.... I'm late getting in here!

Due April 28th, baby #2!! Please add me!


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I'm due April 17!
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