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I just have to join. I have been lurking on Mothering.com since 2004 when I was pregnant with my DS, but have never posted. Now is as good of time as any, since I am sure I will be online with you all for the next 9 months regardless. And, I am the first in our DDC to have a due date of April 16!
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Hi! Im due the 7th.
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Due on April 7th too
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Hey all, I am new to this site... I am due April 14th!!!
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Welcome, chely and all the other newcomers! Glad to have you here!
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I am guessing april 11th
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Looks like the 15th for me!
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woo hoo more mamas!
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I'm due April 17th. I'll have the baby 1-2 weeks later though
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I had to have an early u.s. for some issues and it showed a due date of April 2. I calculated it at April 8. I don't know which to choose, so I'm gonna split the difference and call it April 5th.
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Please remove me from the ddc. I lost my baby today. Thank you, and good luck to you all.
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I'm due April 19th
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Amanda, I'm so sorry.
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I'm sorry, Amanda.
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Please remove me as well. I hope I make into May ddc.
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Originally Posted by surromommy2be View Post
I'm due April 19th
I am due April 19th as well! (by the Doc's calculations) - April 20th by my calculations. I will go with the doc because one day doesn't make a huge difference.
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I'm guessing around April 18th
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April 22!
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I'm also due the 26th
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