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Have you told?

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Have you already cried it from the rooftops or are you waiting?

If you have already spilled the beans, share with us: to who you did, when you did and how you did it!

For those who are waiting, got any ideas?
When are you going to tell?
Who are you going to tell?
How are you going to tell?

: Sharing time is FUN! :
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I started scrap books for my mom, my dad (they don't live together) and MIL, last month. On the front they say "GrandBabies" and start out with a title page for dd and a few photos of her and then a title page for ds and photos of him and then after that is a page that says...or will say "Arriving April 2008" and I plan on putting the 8week u/s photo after that and then giving one to each of the grandparents.

MIL is the only one in the family that knows I m/c last month, but she doesn't know we are trying..were trying.

And I've told my friend and mcd. And that's it.
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I was just gunn'a post this, LOL! We've told EVERYONE! I screamed it from the rooftop the second I got my BFP!
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MissAnn, that's a great idea! Very cute.
I don't know how we're going to tell our families yet. Everyone is SO spread out. We are all over New Mexico, Arizona, Idaho and Utah. We were thinking maybe making something up through Shutterfly.com and sending it out. *shrugs* I"m in no rush though. I have two more months to think it over.
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rmbmz, I beat you to it! Great minds thinks alike!
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Originally Posted by ORLY? View Post
rmbmz, I beat you to it! Great minds thinks alike!
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We told everyone. Poor DH had a hard time waiting a day (I wanted to test one more time) to tell his co-workers! I think he's more excited than I am.
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MissAnnThrope- what a cute idea!

We told my parents, DH's parents, and my siblings. I think we're going to wait until I get my beta results back before I tell my best friend and then until 12 weeks to tell everyone else. That's the plan anyways, I'm a bit of a blabbermouth so we'll if I can wait that long!
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Our local AP group has a yahoo group to coordinate get togethers so I announced it there where all of my friends are members. DH told his brother fairly matter-of-factly. I don't get along with my family so I haven't told them yet. My mom would be horrified to know we are planning a homebirth and I don't really want to deal with that right now.

The first person to know was one of DH's friends. We went to eat at the restaurant the friend works at to celebrate. The friend asked what brought us in and DH told him!
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I've shared with folks here at MDC, my kids, and my sister. I called my sister on the phone (she lives in Louisiana and I live in WI so we don't get to see each other frequently).

I'm not really planning to tell anyone else until the 2nd trimester.

Oh, and of course DH was the first person I told!
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We've told everyone who knew we were doing IVF - we figured they knew that WE knew. Also, my entire office knows, because I had to tell my boss when I was out for all my IVF appointments last month. And he is, shall we say, less than discreet.
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For some reason we really haven't told anyone yet... something about being the only ones knowing is nice right now. Although I did have to tell the dentist the other day when they asked "If I had any health changes since my last visit!" I also told a lady at church today who loves praying for pregnant women and babies...

As for our families, we are kind of waiting until I tell my mom. She is always asking (well, every month or two) if I am pg which I think is funny because wouldn't I tell her if I was? I did the other two times! But since she has been asking, I made up a shirt that just says "Yes, I am!" to wear the next time I see her and she can get an answer to her constant question! And if she asks in the meantime I will just say yes! I am sure that will throw her off! After she finds out we will tell everyone else.
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Originally Posted by dot2dot View Post
I made up a shirt that just says "Yes, I am!" to wear the next time I see her and she can get an answer to her constant question!
That's a cute idea!
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Yeah, I've been telling everyone. This wasn't a planned or expected pregnancy, but the symptoms are hitting me hard this time, and I want everyone to know why I'm acting goofy. Funny thing is, both my mom & my cousin Maggie told me they had already figured it out (before I knew for sure, I only took the test yesterday!).

I did tell Robert he has to tell his own parents, though...

And I got to tell my best friend today. I was out with my mom & on impulse decided to swing past his building & see if he was there & he happened to be standing on the sidewalk. (Which was lucky, as I didn't see his truck!) He asked how I was and I said "Pregnant!")
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Well, I've told DH, and DS (age 3). Gonna wait a bit on telling the grandparents. Might tell some friends at a get-together tomorrow; we'll play it by ear.

I do want to tell *someone*, but my best friend is out of the country, another friend (currently due in November) wasn't answering any of her phones, and I just tried IMing another friend who hasn't answered yet... it's just the kind of thing you want a realtime connection for,you know?
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Well tomorrow I'm going to be riding 2 hours in a car with just MIL, DS and myself, and then 2 hours back.

I wonder if I can keep my mouth shut the whole time. She was asking me today about my thyroid for when I got pregnant again I managed to keep saying "when" "the next time" It was kinda hard.
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I've told quite a few online friends who knew we were TTC, but no one IRL yet. I will tell a couple IRL friends who I know can keep a secret, but otherwise we plan on keeping it a secret until we can't hide my growing stomach any more. With DD, we announced it publicly at about 11 weeks pregnant, and I think that was too early. I don't like being the center of attention.

ETA: It's killing me to not tell DD, but at 3, she is not at all good at keeping a secret. I think my favorite part of the pregnancy will be telling her.
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I've only told my close friends I am staying with in Europe right now. I'll have been here 3 weeks, and I thought they should know in case anything happened. Otherwise, we are not planning on telling ANYONE (friends, family, or work) until 12 weeks. DH is very private, and I kind of like the idea of having a little secret. Plus my sister is pregnant right now, and I want her to have as much time as the center of attention as possible.

It will be difficult, but I'm glad I'll be able to talk to all of you about it- I usually have a hard time keeping secrets! It's actually easier now since I'm gone for 3 weeks- it will be harder when I'm home and seeing/talking to people.
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Originally Posted by Jennisee View Post
It's killing me to not tell DD, but at 3, she is not at all good at keeping a secret. I think my favorite part of the pregnancy will be telling her.
I know what you mean! My youngest (6) has always wanted a younger sibling. She loves babies to death. I had the hardest time not telling her yesterday when we were snuggling. She will be over the moon! But, like your DD, she will also tell everyone in sight . She's been doing that about her older sister's illness--random total strangers at the airport, in restaurants, out on a walk. No way she'd be able to keep a baby a secret.

We aren't sure when we're going to tell. It's still so early (I'm only 13 dpo) that we'll probably wait a couple of weeks, at least. But I'm a terrible liar and not so comfortable with secrets, so I've told DH we have to tell the kids (and thus the whole world ) before they start asking why Mommy feels so sick, why Mommy's so tired, etc.
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Everyone knew we were TTC so now they know I'm pregnant too! I have a big mouth... I want everyone to know.. I just want to get a shirt made saying "Due in April" LOL.

It was so hard for me to wait a day to tell DH. I wanted to make it special so I made a shirt for my son to wear for when my hubby got home yesterday, here it is:

Front says "Guess what Daddy?!"

Back says "I'm gonna be a big brother"

And my DH's response
So happy!!!
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