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I like the tee-shirt idea, country. I'll have to remember that for #2.
BTW, your son is flippin' adorable!
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What we did to announce our first pregnancy (DS):

My Mom: She lives next door to us and we see her almost every day. It was a big announcement! She has this "yard art" pig named Petunia that someone gave her as a joke. Mom would dress up Petunia for certain events, like Halloween or my bridal shower, etc. DH and I dolled Petunia up in baby clothes and filled her little wheelbarrow with baby items. She wore a bib that said "I love Grandmama." Mom was out of town, so we had to time things very carefully, but we managed to have the videocamera ready and Petunia proudly displayed on the porch when she pulled into the driveway! It is so hard to surprise her and she was totally shocked and happy!

DH's Parents and Sister: We were going to eat dinner at their house, and told them that we would bring dessert. This wasn't unusual so they didn't suspect a thing. We baked a cake and decorated it with baby items and wrote the due date in icing. When we walked in, they were sitting on the couch and DH placed the cake on a TV tray in front of them. It took them a minute but they were totally floored!

My Dad and Jimmy (his partner): This was right before father's day, and I called my dad and told him I had to work on father's day, but suggested we get together the weekend before. We made plans to meet at a restaurant about halfway between our houses (1hr drive for each of us). I don't think they suspected anything when I handed them two gift bags since they assumed it was father's day stuff. They had matching bags and cards. The bags included a bib, a paci, and baby shoes. The cards read "You've been a great dad...and in Febuary '04 you're going to be a GRANDdad!" They were totally stunned and over the top excited!

I've not told anyone IRL yet this time. I didn't even join this board until yesterday! This is DC#2, I'm already overweight, and I'm am definitely starting to show, so I'm going to have to tell people soon. My mom will be first, as I see her almost every day and she watches DS quite a bit. I've said a few things lately that have indicated we're not trying for another child right now, so I hope she'll be surprised! We have been doing quite a bit of home repairs and home improvement lately, and DS is REALLY into construction now. I have some great pictures of him and my mom cutting and carrying some wood into the house. He has his "protective eyewear" sunglasses on, his "protective gloves," and is wearing his "work clothes." He takes this very seriously I told her I was going to get those pictures developed so she is expecting me to have those. What she doesn't know is that the last picture in the set is of DS sitting on the couch holding his tools and a measuring tape. He is talking on his phone and looking very happy and surprised. On the picture, it says "Spreading the good news...We're adding TWO FEET to our family in April '08!!" I'll try to get DH to get a pic online for y'all to see. Hopefully we'll tell her Sunday. The anticipation is killing me!!

We don't know how we'll tell DH's parents yet. My dad and his partner have moved to a different state, so we'll probably just call.

Can't wait to read others' stories!

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: at Petunia! That's great!
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I love the Petunia story!

We weren't planning to tell people quite so soon, but my belly is already giving it away.
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I couldnt wait, it was all this energy. I was alone when I tested so I paced, couldnt get ahold of DH to ask him when he'd be home, so I called a friend and we freaked out together.

I texted everyone.

I imagine he will tell his mom tomorrow and I will struggle as to when to tell mine. Last time she was the second to know, this time I dont know why I'm balking. I figure I have all the time in the world to tell her. She likes to tell me that she had 450486t40804 miscarriages before me, and thinks I will be the same way, I dont know I guess Im avoiding the karma this time.
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Originally Posted by Organicavocado View Post
I imagine he will tell his mom tomorrow and I will struggle as to when to tell mine. Last time she was the second to know, this time I dont know why I'm balking. I figure I have all the time in the world to tell her. She likes to tell me that she had 450486t40804 miscarriages before me, and thinks I will be the same way, I dont know I guess Im avoiding the karma this time.
That's hard. I don't know why people single out pg mamas for those stories--I mean, I do, but it's so inconsiderate. I know it's hard on the person who experienced the m/c, but pg can be so stressful even without that input. I would probably hesitate to tell her, too.
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It's harder than I thought...

So we aren't planning on telling anyone until the first trimester is over. I live a pretty boring life, in a little boring town so I figured this would be easy.
Last Saturday I was out with my mom, who is even more boring than I am, and she suggested Sushi for lunch... the woman doesn't even like fish, mind you. What are the odds?
Then, later that night, my dad tells me he is going back to Minnesota in March and that he wants me to come with him... I told him I'd let him know in October.
THEN, on Sunday my bishop (pastor-type figure) asks me what I'm doing in March and asks if I can babysit his four kids for a week for him and his wife.
I was home for one weekend, two days!

Does anyone have any ideas on how NOT to tell? Just kidding.
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I have only told online friends so far and my very best friend! And of course DH knows I may or may not have betas this week, still debating as they dont change anything just reaffirm things are going well and I am feeling really good about this pgcy... Hm.. Decisions. If I get betas, I have to go 30 minutes away and take all the kids and then my Mom will ask why I had to go, etc.. etc.. and she works there and will want to know why I didnt stop by, so unsure right now!

Originally Posted by Jennisee View Post
I've told quite a few online friends who knew we were TTC, but no one IRL yet. I will tell a couple IRL friends who I know can keep a secret, but otherwise we plan on keeping it a secret until we can't hide my growing stomach any more. With DD, we announced it publicly at about 11 weeks pregnant, and I think that was too early. I don't like being the center of attention.

ETA: It's killing me to not tell DD, but at 3, she is not at all good at keeping a secret. I think my favorite part of the pregnancy will be telling her.
Congrats mama!! Great to see you around!!
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I still haven't told DH. DD and I will be going back home from our visit to my parents on Thursday. So I will need to decide. I asked DH if he would want to know if I was pregnant. He said he wanted to know if I definitely wasn't pregnant. So since then, when he asks me if I'm pregnant, I say I don't know. Luckily, DH is pretty darn dopey when it comes to the fertility department. He believes that I could have ovulated 3 weeks ago and still not know "because my cycles are wacky." Ha ha.

I really like that guess what daddy shirt. I suppose we could try that. It's just that DH is so unobservant that I could imagine him not reading the writing on it.

I told my mom by getting DD to hand her my pregnancy test. She just took it from DD and said "Oh, this is mama's. You'd better give it back to her." My plans always backfire. I finally got her to look at it (first she had to retrieve her glasses) and then she had to figure out what it was and then she FINALLY got it.

Then we did the same with my dad. He really didn't know what it was.

So I have no exciting stories. No Petunia the pig, no cute t-shirt. I need to think this through. I still have an opportunity to do something good with DH. He will be picking us up at the airport insanely early in the morning on Thursday. If anyone has any ideas, please share.
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My Dh knows and I have posted it to my friends on another group but this is it for now. I need to call the Ob/Mw tomorrow to make an appt. Since this is #4, I'll probably wait until about 12weeks. We did that with everyone but #3 b/c my oldest son knew at 6 weeks and told the world!

With our first, we bought our parents books to write in about each of them to give the baby. We're still waiting for the books. With son #2, we gave each set of grandparents a card and a photo album for pics of the wee one!
With baby #3, my oldest son (who was 3 at the time), told everyone! It was so cute. I had a m/c in Dec 2005 that only my sister and Dh know about, so we never told our families. With this baby, I would like to either do the tee shirts or get a shirt that says, "yes I am pregnant". We'll see. My best friend is Pg and her sister is TTC so it will be hard not to tell them.

Take care!
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I told my SIL first. She knew we were going to try for one month only and see what happened. I told my mom cause she asked(how do moms just know?) Siblings are finding out cause Im so crabby and they are suspecting. MIL2B and FIL2B we decided to tell but ask that it be kept quiet. I gave thema lil card, hallmark hippo thing, it said nothing on the front but inside it said "tiny toes, tons of love" I wrote under it ....Coming April 08! and then in fine print asked that it be kept quiet and NOT TO TELL DD
(she asked me every am for 2 months is it christmas yet?) I dont want to go through that for the next 9!
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I've told everyone from the ddc I was in with my 2nd ds. And one patient of mine that I'm especially close to, oh and someone I know who wouldn't stop pestering me about getting together. I was like, look, I just found out that my extreme exhaustion and lightheadedness (that has recently turned into nausea and vomitting) is because I'm pregnant. I can hardly get myself out the door much less with my 3 1/2 year old and 21 month old.
We've told my parents but not dh's family (they will probably talk behind our backs about being unresponsible etc) so we'll wait until we're face to face to let them know.
Oh and I told my brother's wife over email because I couldn't get through on the phone. They're excited for us.

This time around I'm kind of the mindset of "they'll find out when they find out" mostly because I just don't want to have to answer all the very personal questions people tend to ask pregnant women. At least not until I'm actually showing.
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