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Need non-starch food ideas!

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Okay, ladies, I need HELP! I just talked with my MW and she's given me advice on my diet for these last few weeks - NO starches and very limited sugars. Can you guess what I've got in my house?

I did a no-sugar diet last pregnancy, too, but she didn't specify the starches that time. So now I'm at a loss! I can avoid processed sugars but avoiding any sort of processed starch is sounding tough at the moment (which is probably 'cause I'm hungry and surrounded by crackers, breads, and cereals!).

Oh, and it doesn't help that I'm no huge veggie fan. I think I can find some veggies that I can eat enough of, but let's just say I am NOT a candidate for going vegetarian.

So what can you think of? I'm assuming fruits and veggies are fine - but what about applesauce (no sugar added, organic)? What else?

Thanks for any help for a hungry mama!
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Quinoa. It is a grain, but it has complete protein unlike other grains... tastes best when toasted prior to cooking.
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Originally Posted by naturalthinker View Post
Quinoa. It is a grain, but it has complete protein unlike other grains... tastes best when toasted prior to cooking.
Whole grains (and nothing but whole grains) are supposed to be okay. What would I do with quinoa? I've heard of it, but let's just say I'm not an adventurous sort and have never tried it.
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hard boiled eggs. cheese squares, yogurt smoothies (the easy kind from a container you can drink out of (so long as minimal sugar is in there - no HFCS!)

Hamburger/turkey/etc patties.... i add lots of onion powder and salt and Bragg Liquid aminos to mine - it comes out tasting like sourcream n' onion! i cook a package of ground meat at a time, and re-heat when need food.
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re: Quinoa - i just put ' cooking with quinoa ' into google and lots of information comes up. Our favorite is with beef and brocolli (i use bragg and/or soy sauce, LOTs of garlic to flavor beef and brocolli), though it can be used anywhere rice it used - caseroles, stir-fry, i've added it into bran-muffins... it is pretty flexible. making salads with it is easy too, or just adding it to a salad...

one salad tip - if possible, finely chop the dark leafies (like spinach, etc) as small as possible (i use a food processor) so that you can eat more per serving. A few handfulls turn into a few tablespoons when done like this..

Also, whole grain brown rice spagetti (we get ours from Trader joe's - excellent price/product) sometimes goes over much better than whole grain wheat pasta (though make sure not to overcook). And, spagetti quash makes for a fun spagetti substitute with tomato sauce...
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hummus goes well with the veggie sticks...
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Mmm... snacking on some cheese now. Thanks for the ideas and tips, mamas, and keep it coming!
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I second the hummus idea - and it's super easy to make a ton of it that you can freeze.

Otherwise, I've been on a big caprese salad kick. Perfect time of year for slices of ripe tomatoes and fresh mozzarella, chopped garlic and fresh basil all drizzled w/ olive oil and balsamic vineger.

Great time to grill too... we grilled shrimp the other night and tossed it with pieces of avocado, olive oil, cilantro, lime juice and a little chili powder. Had it all over rice... maybe you could do brown rice?

Are you into salads? Make them interesting w/ goat cheese, nuts, avocado, cherry tomatoes, seeds, dried cranberries, etc.. I hate boring salads but its more of a meal when you load them up w/ good things.

Good luck!
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I'm a little confused- you're supposed to be on "no starches" but whole grains are allowed? Grains contain a LOT of starch! Fruits such as apple sauce may or may not be OK depending on the reason you need to be on this sugar and starch reduced diet. Applesauce has the sugar of about 2 apples per half cup serving, and it's easy to eat a lot more than that very quickly, so it's not the same as snacking on raw apples. Do you need to limit the total amount of fruit you have per day?

If it's just "no refined grains" then you could have whole wheat breads, crackers and crispbreads in place of the white flour varieties.

Some low-carb snack ideas (I'm currently doing low carb for weight loss):

Hard boiled eggs
veggies with cream cheese or nut butter
slices of cheese
berries with sour cream or unsweetened yogurt (berries and melons are lower in sugar than most other fruits, and you lower the glycemic index when you add good fats to the snack/meal.)
leftover meat,poultry, or fish

Low carb meal ideas:

some kind of meat with cooked veggies and/or big salads.
quiches (maybe crustless?)

Frozen veggies are easy to prepare, and quite tasty if you sautee some onions in butter or olive oil and then add the frozen veggies, and stir until it's fully thawed and hot.

In general, if you're trying to fill up on a reduced carb diet, you need to make sure you're getting plenty of protein and fat. Right now is NOT the time for you to go on a low-calorie diet, so make sure you're getting enough fat in every meal and snack. Go ahead and add extra butter or oil to your veggies to help you feel satisfied without all the carbs.
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I will probably double-check on the exact grain qualifications. She said no starches - but if I do eat breads, etc., it needs to be ALL whole grain. I checked a couple packages of "good" crackers that we have here, and both have some sort of flour - one whole wheat, one enriched. So I'm not entirely sure where the cut-off is for that, and will have to check.

I'm not a big fan of salads, but will sometimes really enjoy a more "gourmet" salad. I had a few in the last week (while out of town) that were GREAT! So now I guess I need to try to recreate them at home! Good thing is DH will totally go for it.

Thanks for the tips!!
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I like to grill up a bunch of sliced chicken breast, and then add it to salads and sandwiches. I also found a soy wrap at my local non-organic supermarket that has reduced carbs while having 8g of protein per wrap, plus flax seed for omega 3s. I also do tuna and I love egg salad.

I bought a thing of egg protein powder at my local gnc and I make it with milk and frozen strawberries or other fruit, it's really good, high protein and almost no carbs.

Good luck!
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