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Originally Posted by sarahmck View Post
What is milk 2?
More Milk Two from Motherlove. It is an alcohol free tincture that is safe for pg and nursing mamas and is supposed to help keep your supply up. It has raspberry, nettle, and alfalfa leaf in it.

I bought it online. It tastes pretty good too. In fact, it is the best tasting tincture I have ever had. I am only taking it 2 times per day. The suggested dose is 4 times.
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nice to meet all the nursing mamas. mine is 15 months, avid eater, loves to nurse 2-3 times a day. I have been really frustrated w/ night nursings for a while...but would like to preserve the 2-3. Going with the flow. not too keen on tandem nursing, just feel like I already get SO touched out w/ nursing in the early months, it's best that way (for me). let's see how we all do. I love nursing my guy....not ready to wean at all.
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Ds 4 is still nursing a few times a week, Dd 26 mos, is still nursing 3 times a day.
I love nursing my kids, but I have to say that my secret hope is that ds and dd will both wean by the time the new babe is born. I want him/her all to myself. ...but I will go with the flow regardless of what I want.

ETA: My milk is totally gone by about 16 weeks. Ds almost weaned when I was pregnant with dd. Then the colostrum kicked in and he was thrilled.
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--age(s) of current nursling: 35 month old son, 10 month old daughter
--your intent: Child led weaning
--intent regarding tandeming: Currently doing so
--past experience with nursing during pregnancy and tandeming: Okay with both situations.
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I'm nursing my 16 month old and will let him wean when he wants. My dd was the same age when I got pregnant with ds and she weaned at 18 months, but then started back up after he was born. She didn't like the colostrum when I was pregnant. I tandem nursed them and then she weaned completely at about 2 1/2. My preference honestly would be that he ds weans sometime during pregnancy, but like I said I'm okay with whatever he does. I just remember nursing during mid pregnancy and tandem nursing was really hard on me.
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I'm currently nursing my 12 month old DS and intend on working hard to keep my supply up. Unfortunatly he is a BIG biter and I can't seem to break him of it (not to sound harsh) and my breasts are already sore. I have one breast that constantly has a scab on it and the shooting pain is getting close to unbearable. I'm thinking about calling someone from LLL today, or possibly a LC. It's just a difficult, painfull situation.

DS is my first birth child, so I have no previous tandem nursing experience to share.
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Count me in! DS is 23 months & still nurses a lot! I won't be surprised if he sticks it out through the whole pg until my milk returns. Everyone loses their milk at some point, I'm assuming? I had a dickens of a time getting pg this time because of the nursing-- I was having lp problems. Soy seemed to do the trick on the third try, though, 'cause here I am. The best thing about already nursing and being pg is no sore boobies!
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welcome michelle :
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--age(s) of current nursling: 15 months
--your intent: wean during pregnancy, go with the flow, or try hard to maintain nursing: go with the flow
--intent regarding tandeming: don't think it's for me, really
--past experience with nursing during pregnancy: my second DD weaned when I was about 18-20 weeks with my 3rd DD... she was down to nursing only once or sometimes twice a day, then she just couldn't stand to be "held down" long enough to nurse anymore. I was kind of sad about it, but I felt it was mutually agreeable to be done.
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I just wanted to quickly share my nursing through pg story with you all. I'm all for extended breastfeeding and tandem nursing but also know from my own experience that there are limits.
My ds1 was about 11 1/2 months old when I got pg with ds2. We nursed until he was 17 months and I lost my milk, despite all the herbs I took to support my production. My body was also asking for a little break before giving birth and starting milk production again. I felt really guilty and frustrated for all the resentment I started feeling everytime ds nursed. I even talked to a likeminded therapist about it. I would sink my teeth into a pillow while nursing, the physical sensation was that strong. One day when I found blood on the pillow after the nurse, I decided that it was best for both of us if we took a break. And he was fine with it. Both my boys are really good eaters because we've always fed them what we eat and have offered a variety of foods, textures and tastes (I realize that doesn't always work for everyone).
Anyway, when ds2 was born I had soooo much milk!!! Too much. I've got a great picture I'll share later on where I'm nursing and pumping at the same time. I came down with mastitis a couple times and (being the anti antibiotic freak that I am) decided with my midwives that the only solution was to get ds1 to nurse again and help empty me out. And he took to it as if there was no interruption in our nursing relationship. Nursing two took a lot out of me (I'm really one of those sensitive types... grrr) so we tandemed for about six months and then he transitioned to more exciting things like trains and THomas the Tank engine.
So all this to say my two cents and that being that as long as you take your body's signals seriously and not guilt yourself into feeling otherwise (I did), it's a beautiful thing.
Good luck mamas!
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I think several more nursing mamas have joined this DDC since this post fell off the first page ;-) so giving it a BUMP so we can get everyone on the thread!
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Still nursing my 2 1/2 and 4 year olds!
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I'm nursing my 13 mo dd, I will be working very hard to keep my supply up, and I am all for tandem nursing.

Is it true what one of the pp's said about not getting sore bb's if you're already nursing when you get pg? That would be great! Not that I had sore bb's the first time around, so maybe I am just not sensitive there.
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i'm nursing my nearly 29 month old...i really really hope he weans before the 3rd trimester. i will gently encourage, but nothing more (at least, that's how i feel most of the time. today he was glued to the boobs & i was really wanting him to just.be.done.already). i don't want to tandem, i simply don't feel i have the patience for it, but my son will lead me where he needs to be. i have no previous experience, given that i'm just now pg w/ #2!
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I'm currently nursing our 15 month old.
I had always planned to go with the flow while pregnant but I think I'll encourage weaning.
I wanted to tandem but now that I'm experiencing pregnancy+nursing I don't think I'll have the patience.

When dh and I discussed how long I should nurse ds (pre-pregnancy) dh asked me to stick it out at least until he's 2 if I could, as the WHO recommends. I'd been feeling resentful before getting pregnant with ds's 8-10 nursing sessions a day (not including the 4-6 nursings at night). I was feeling really exhausted. Now that I'm pregnant it's getting really painful to nurse (and I'm only 7 weeks). So I've cut ds's nursing sessions down to: when we wake up in the morning, before nap (and often after nap), sometime between 5 and 6 if he asks (and he always does), and before bed. When this has been going well for a while I'll try to cut out another session. He's such a boob-a-holic that I'm afraid he'll insist on nursing even if/when I dry up. If I'm feeling resentful and annoyed now I can't imagine how I'll feel later in the pregnancy- never mind how I'll feel while trying to also nurse a newborn!
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Still nursing dd who is 21m. SHe loves her milkies, asks for it all day, especially when she is upset (which is happening a lot with her drama queen phase she is in). I am trying to distract her a bit, not to wean, just so I am not a snack station. I dont mind our longer sessions - morning, naptime, bedtime, etc. I just hate the asking (demanding) every time I sit down.

My breasts are already a little tender. So far I am dealing but I am not making any major plans (because I remember Monique's story) so I have no idea how I will feel later on or whether I will have milk.

I nursed DS until he was 26m so beyond that I have no experience. And he was weaned was long before DD was conceived.

I really dont see myself tandeming, but again, not really ready to make a call on that.
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Is it true what one of the pp's said about not getting sore bb's if you're already nursing when you get pg? That would be great! Not that I had sore bb's the first time around, so maybe I am just not sensitive there.
When I was first pregnant with DS, my boobs were TERRIBLY sore. It was so bad that if I rolled over in my sleep, I would WAKE UP from the pain when they shifted. It went away after a few weeks, though.

This time, I'm still nursing DS, and NONE of that boob soreness has happened. Not at all. OTOH, my nipples have become quite sensitive, so latch on is pretty darned painful. It gets better after a minute or so, but it requires deep breathing to not cry out in pain at first.

I keep meaning to get a copy of "Adventures in Tandem Nursing" to see if this is one of those first-tri things, or if I can count on it to just get worse as the pregnancy goes on...
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--age(s) of current nursling 21 almost 22months
--your intent: wean during pregnancy, go with the flow, or try hard to maintain nursing I'm ready to wean please dont throw stones but I just cant take it anymore the last couple weeks he has been nursing all day and night i mean like 15-20 times each

--intent regarding tandeming dont want to do it because I might be having twins as it is

--past experience with nursing during pregnancy and tandeming I dont have any
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I guess I have the youngest...my DS is 8.5mo and nurses about every 3 hours btwn 7am and 11pm...he gets 1-2 bottles from DH during the overnight...I plan to do whatever he wants to do but I'm worried about my supply come Sept. I had planned to be home with DS until he turned one but now that I am surprisingly PG, I am returning to work in Sept. So I don't know how much my supply will hold up since I will be only nursing once in the morning and about 2-3 times in the evening and pumping 1-2 times at work. I won't take back the overnight feedings b/c I'm just not a good mommy if I don't get some down time to sleep...I really would like to keep nursing b/c I feel that my abrupt return to work is more than I want DS to deal with...I'm really mourning my loss of one on one time with him but I know it is for the best...

I had really bad oversupply problems when DS was born and was taking sage to keep it in check...I'm a crappy pumper though.
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The breast soreness if you're already nursing: Completely variable. I'm getting terrible agitation when I nurse at only 4 weeks pregnant. Last time I was dandy until about 20 weeks when I would feel the urge to throw my daughter out the nearest window if she looked at my nipples wrong.

There is no blanket answer for that, just as there is no general statement for all non-nursing pg women.
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