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Originally Posted by flapjack View Post
It sounds like you did a phenomenal job on keeping your temper in the face of extreme adversity- I'm not sure I could have done as well. At least he gave a reason why he did it, and didn't whine "I don't knowwwwww" at you, like two small gentlemen sitting fairly close to me would have done...
I can't say that I didn't lose my temper! But I guess it wasn't bad either. I think it was because I was speechless and this is the baby. He tends to get the most of my patience, even though I don't like to say it. I have more patience for the young ones, but once they hit age 7 or so, look out!

Oh and for an excuse, I did ask him a few times WHY and he stood there and said, "I'm thinking of something, just a minute." He knows we HATE the "I don't knoooooowwww" we usually get from the boys.
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Yardsale, thrift and consignment Finds

I do love those yard sales! $1 Easter dress is GREAT! I found a pair of 2T jammies I left behind, but will probably go back to get Monday.

I went out today and hit a thrift store, consignment shop and yard sales. The consignments here are pretty expensive, so I wasn't sure I would find much, but at the two stores, everything I picked up was 50% to 75% off (to my surprise), so several baby sleepers, a pair of boy's shorts and a shirt were just 50-75 cents a piece.

I got one of those stand-up kickboxing bags for the boys and my hubby for $1 because the family at the yard sale couldn't get rid of the thing and offered it to me for $1.

I also got a $200 BRU cradle for $20. It had been through 2-3 kids, but was well taken care of. As much as I like new things, I know that after several years, this cradle won't be all chemically and yucky. The pad may need replacing, I haven't looked as close to that yet.

I just need somewhere to lay baby down when s/he isn't in a sling or can't be in arms, but refuse to buy something expensive or get a crib as our babies are always with me. So $20 works for me!

Now let's see if I use it or if it ends up being a catch all for baby stuff
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Originally Posted by flapjack View Post
: Penises. : I have a 20mo dd who is showing every sign of readiness for PL except one: she refuses to wee sitting down, because her brothers do it standing up : : : I have to say, I'm fairly jealous myself.
Maybe you could let her sit on the potty facing backwards? So she's looking at the tank just at the boys do?

That is just a thought if the the funnel thing doesn't pan out for her. I think that is how female astronauts pee. Except it's hooked up to a vacuum.
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Do any of you Freecycle? There are groups all over the country hosted through Yahoo but you can put Freecycle into your search engine to find your local group.

You post things you want to give away and others do the same. All sorts of things get posted and it is a great way to declutter the house and pass things on. I have never recieved much but that is only because we are already overflowing with most of what we need.
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I am getting an older model Brother sewing machine this Friday from Freecycle (hope it works well!!) and when we moved from NY to CA we gave away 99% of what we owned to Freecycle members.

It's amazing how fast stuff accrues, because we had gotten rid of SO much before the move and yet even when we got here I found more we could live without and since have gotten rid of several things in the past 16 months... lots of plus size clothes, kids clothes and shoes, kids winter jackets, sports equipment, kitchen stuff.

Right now my friend and I are conserving our stash to host a yardsale for some extra funds because I am SO POOR right now it's not funny. But normally I just give it all away.
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I freecycle all the time. I love it.

I have gotten two sewing machines as well as dishes and many schooling books from there. I have also passed on tons of stuff that I would just throw away because it was of no more use to me and not worthy of selling. Like homemade VHSs, and chests of drawers with a drawer missing. Someone can always use it in some way or another. Just the other week I passed on a broken crib and the springs from a mattress, just trash to me, but the guy collects scrap metal and then sells the lot to make a bit of extra money for his family. So I did not have to pay for dumping it and he got a good deal.
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I used to do freecycle a LOT, but I just don't have time for the emails now. I still belong and post stuff to give away when I have it.

Some of my greatest finds were.....

- a KitchenAid dishwasher with a stainless steel tub. The lady said it was broke and needed a new circuit board. Dh looked it over and found a plastic contact switch that had melted a little and wasn't making contact. He heated it up and straightened it out and it has worked like a champ ever since.....its super quiet too and it looks brandnew.

- My kids have a gigantic play fort from freecycle. (we had to disassemble and move it ourselves).

- Several boxes of canning jars.

- Large collections of books that we have read and passed on.

I have received many other nice things, but that's the really good stuff.
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Originally Posted by annettemarie View Post
You all will appreciate this. I slung Daniel and took Katie Grace with me yardsaling thing morning and got two bags of size 6 clothes for $6. It's going to mostly be her winter wardrobe. I also got her a beautiful Easter dress for $1. It won't fit her for a couple years, but that's OK, as it is sleeveless and Easter is in March this year. Oh, and a Hanna Anderson turtleneck that the boys will be able to wear after her for fifty cents. I got another bag of stuff for Michael for $1, but it's a mix of church and school clothes. I always feel very blessed when I find deals like this.

I found tons of baby clothes too, but I mostly didn't buy them. Daniel is still wearing clothes from Michael, since they don't really wear them out, and breastmilk doesn't stain. I did grab one of two little things though, because it's always nice to have something new (to me) for a change.

Poor Nicholas rarely ends up getting clothes. He's the second boy, so most of Michael's stuff still works for him. He did get a car and a book though.
I LOVE deals like this!
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I have yet to post to freecycle cuz I am kinda creeped out at people coming to my house. :

Any advice? Am I just being silly
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Originally Posted by AngelBee View Post
I have yet to post to freecycle cuz I am kinda creeped out at people coming to my house. :

Any advice? Am I just being silly
Don't know if you mean just 'to' your house or 'in' your house. When I freecycle, I usually leave it outside the door with a name on it the day of the scheduled pickup. So I rarely see them. When I have gotten something, usually it was done the same way. Though I have not done much lately with us being so busy and moving and all. But it is good for getting rid of things that I don't want to move.
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Originally Posted by AngelBee View Post
I have yet to post to freecycle cuz I am kinda creeped out at people coming to my house. Any advice? Am I just being silly
Okay, this also seriously freaks me out. So what I usually do is lie. I tell them my husband will be home, but I will just leave the stuff outside on the driveway by the front gate. hehehe

I have major anxiety about this kind of thing and don't really feel safe ever.
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I have only met the nicest people through Freecycle but we live in a smallish farming town. You could meet in a parking lot of a shopping center and exchange items there.
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Does 3 count as many? I guess it would since many to me means you have more kids then hands.

I haven't done freecycle but I have done a few exchanges (usually pets) and I've always met the person in a parking lot of a more crowded store, like Petsmart and Walmart. Usually works better then trying to give directions too. It would creep me out a bit having people come to my house.
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We got a nice treadmill from freecycle last week. I've always wanted one. And on that note, here's my question for the MOMs:

How do you make/find time to exercise? When do you do it? What kind of stuff do you do?
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Originally Posted by phathui5 View Post

How do you make/find time to exercise? When do you do it? What kind of stuff do you do?
I was going to be doing The Firm tapes/DVD's but I am now having severe joint issues and need to do abunch of testing to find out what is going on with my body.....so no exercise really for me.

I am still trying to work in 15 mins or so of stretching everyday.
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Originally Posted by phathui5 View Post
How do you make/find time to exercise? When do you do it? What kind of stuff do you do?
I don't. Okay, I try to anyway. A few days a week when the boys are taking nap/quiet time, I get in a little bit of yoga. It really helps the back problems I have.

When I can exercise after this baby, Dh plans on really working me out as long as it doesn't effect me being able to BF. He needs to stay in shape anyway (He's in the Army now and going into police force in January) so he wants me to be in shape with him. He knows I'll feel better about myself if I was in better shape.
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Originally Posted by phathui5 View Post
How do you make/find time to exercise? When do you do it? What kind of stuff do you do?

Until I got pregnant I was working at the gym here in town. My older children were in school and I only had my youngest at home in the daytime. Part time preschool is too expensive for us so this gave her an opportunity to play with kids her own age. In exchange for the few times I worked during the month I got a free family membership and a small hourly salary. That allowed all of us to benefit. I would try to go every morning and spend time on the free weights, machines and treadmill or bike and then I would get to take a shower all by myself!

Occassionally we would put the kids in the day care and dh and I would have a workout date. This doesn't happen often enough because he works out at a greater intensity than I do. He also prefers to go at five in the morning. I would really like it if he would do some training with me but haven't been able to convince him.

So once the baby gets here I will start walks in our neighbourhood and then join back at the gym since they are doing a special on September 15. I will most likely only be there thirty minutes at a time in the beginning and that may just be to get a shower.

The other thing I used to do is meet other moms at the school bus stop in the morning and we would all walk afterwards.
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I run to keep in shape. I used to use a treadmill that I had here at home, and I would do long runs on the weekend when dh was home...early in the am.

Now that the baby is here I am training for a marathon in January. I am involving all of the kiddos. I put the baby in the jogging stroller, and the rest of the kids either run with me or ride bikes. Again, I save my long runs for the weekend and I plan to leave the baby with dh and some pumped milk. (haven't done a long run yet since baby is only 4 weeks old.)

I find that the excersise really helps me deal with stress well, and itfeels good to do something for ME that is not baby/kid related. I really believe that its invaluable for my children to see me taking good care of myself

Before I picked up running as a hobby I used to do workout videos. It was hard to get started, but the kids learned to respect my time and got used to the idea that they needed to play quietly while I got my workout done.
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Oh man, I really need to start exercising again. I was really good about getting back into shape after the first 3 babies but I've done nothing after #4 and she's already 5 months old. Yikes!!: .
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Exercise? You mean running after six children all day long doesn't count? :

Actually, I want to start working out, but have not have much time or ways to do it. I do better when I am on a stationary machine than when I walk outside. I like to work out with some movie or show playing on the TV because I forget that I am working out and the time just flies by. If I concentrate on working out, I tend to work out less as the time just stretches out so long.

With my large crew, walking outside is not really do-able, as I would have to round them up, dress them all, get the stroller out, take them with me, take potty breaks, take snacks, and so on. (And leaving them at home would not really work either).

So working out while watching Stargate or Colombo is my best bet, and I really enjoy that. At our new house we will have the stepper machine in the living room near the TV so I can do it much more often.
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