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Me too!....Intro

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Hello ladies!

Im Sera, I am mom to one 3 year old and ive had two unplanned pregnancies in the last 6 months both of which ended in M/C by 10 weeks. We decided to chart for 2 months and actually "try" to get pregnant, and well, here I am again! Hopefully this will last! Im excited and fearfull at the same time.

Last time I found out I was pregnant I had just found out that very day that my Fiance could have colon and stomach cancer, that I had been accepted into nursing school and that I was pregnant! All the news in the same day! So, I asked the school to deferr my admission for a year, and then a few weeks later we were able to rule cancer out, (but still didnt know WHAT the problem was, only that it seemed to be getting better) and then I miscarried. But, everything happenes for a reason, and whatever will be, WILL be!

We figured if I had a year off, we might as well try to make it woprth it and see if we could get pregnant. We gave ourselves a 2 cycle deadline (timing/age of baby when I would have to return to school)I charted for a month, did not ovulate the first cycle, and then on the next cycle I got pregnant! I have a blood test scheduled for tuesday and wed and we will make sure the hCG levels are going up, and then I will be in the clear(well, not really, but I probably wont be in such denial)

So, I havent really told anyone yet, just my awesome sister in law and a couple siblings (out of 10 possible)and Im going to mention it to Future MIL this weekend. (She knew about the last M/C's and was really hoping that we would get pg)

How is everyone feeling? Excited? terrified? In denial? ( I still wake up and expect to get my period) Any symptoms? I have slight cramping after sex, I had ONE day of 24 hour nausea and I pee probably every 30 minutes! Im definetly hormone induced crazy though. My mood swings are pretty bad. Im snappy and crabby laughing and crying about everything.

So....whos due in april, and whats your story? I want to get to know all of you!
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Welcome Sera! When are you due?
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: Congrats!

I'm sending sticky vibes to you! And welcome to the April DDC.

I'm glad your fiance doesn't have cancer. Did you find out what was causing the problem?
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Im due April 4th but I was 2 weeks "late" with DD. I wouldnt be surprised if I was 2 or 3 weeks late with this one.

My LMP was June 29 and I KNOW we concieved on the 11th. I had +OPK on the 9th and I had a "feeling" right afterdoing the BD on the 11th. Another thing,that is way TMI but encouraging for me at the same time, is that around 10 DPO I started exhibiting signs of a yeast infection, Ive been told that a drastic change in hormones can trigger one. The thing is, the last time I had one was 4 years ago when I newly Pg for DD. I didnt have them with either of my last pregnancies, not enough hormones, not enough to sustain a Pregnancy = miscarriage? Thats my train of thought anyhow.

As far as my fiance's health, he was getting better, we did not know why or how he had gotten so sick, its still questionable, but they removed a polyp from his stomach, and one from his colon, both benign, and because he is beginning to exhibit the same symptoms again, we are worried soemthing is coming back, or getting worse. Last time by the time he got to the dr he needed a blood transfusion(2 units) and suddenly stopped exhibiting symptoms. Now that hes got symptoms Im thinking now is the time to run tests. Not AFTER a transfusion, which is masking the problems. His hemoglobin was down to 4 (normal for a 27 year old adult male is 14) Hematocrit was 14 (normal would have been 47) Once he got the transfusion it brought it up, but Im thinking all those extra blood cells helped clot whatever was bleeding and causing such blood loss, and thats why everything was unfounded. But, IDK, Im no MD
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Oh Sera, that must be so frightening. I hope they find something benign (and fixable ) as the cause.

About due dates--just like they say when you're investing, past results are no guarantee of future performance . My first was 12 days late, second 7 weeks early, third 5 days early.
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Welcome! And lots of "sticky babe" thoughts headed your way!
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Welcome Sera!

Have they checked your DF out for celiac yet, or tried a GF diet? It's a lot more common than they used to think it was, and can disguise itself as all kinds of things. Malabsorption of nutrients can cause anemia and other deficiencies; "silent" (asymptomatic) celiac, if not treated with a GF diet, can increase risk of bowel and intestinal cancer.

I hope they sort things out soon! And I hope this one's a sticky baby for you!
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