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I'm in!!!

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I'm Laura and I have a 3.5yo DS and DH and I are super excited about #2! I'm currently 5 weeks and I've known I would get a BFP since about 5dpo but had to wait until 13dpo for that line to show up! I've been lurking this whole time (seems like FOREVER!), but now that we have our April board I'm ready to post! I haven't told anyone yet, not even my mom, who I see almost every day. I can't get an appointment with the midwives until the 16th...do you know how far away that is!!? I work in the emergency department and will be there tomorrow. I might break down and ask one of the doctors to order me a quant and/or an ultrasound. I'm trying to be more relaxed this time around, but that is proving to be more difficult than I thought

This will be a healing birth for me, as I had a traumatic and unwanted C-section with my son, after being 12 days "overdue" and having a "failed induction." I felt very pressured to produce a baby by his due date, and did not enjoy that additional time with my baby inside me as I should have. This time around I'll only tell people that I am due in April. And those people who were particularly annoying last time, I'll just say that the baby will come in the spring .

I look forward to meeting everyone!
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Welcome, Laura! Congrats! I am also planning a VBAC. (Well, a UCA4C.) I also am in GA!
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Welcome, Laura!
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