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for me I would say yep I do have at least 2 but maybe more types of intuition- I kinda like this question the more I think about it
so this morning I was thinking about the times besides during birth- that intuition plays a role in my life and where/what that has felt like- what came to mind is that connection with my kids- you know when you think ok something is going on- now that feels like tingling and a bit of hair on the back of my neck stands on end-- and with the older kids I would just feel compelled to just do this one thing more- like I had dropped them off one time to visit friends and then thought you know what something isn't right - and almost home I turned around and went back- yep 2 of the other kids were fighting and the police had been called by the neighbors, and I was glad I was there because the police man that came was an abusive and cruel guy- and would have taken much more advantage of the kids if I hadn't been there- there were so many other instances of different feelings I would have with the kids yep somewhere in my head-- when DH was seriously ill I felt that closer to my heart- and it was a pain that went up to my head and I knew that things were not alright--- as for gut feelings I guess for the most part that stuff I am usually trying to ignore- or overcome because it feels more like fear than useful information-- but maybe it is I have been trained with too many false triggers to trust the gut level stuff.
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i assert that there are more than these "two" kinds of intuitions, but that they tend to be more specific and more localized. the other kinds of intuitions also follow along the chakra origins (as you might notice those "primary" two do), but that the intuitions of these tend to be more specific to the what the chakra "covers" and that these also feed into either the larger innate intuition 1 or informed intuition 2.

but that gets to be really complex, in regards to where it's localized, how it manifests, what those manifestations mean, what it feels like when it does. but, i have no doubt that people intuit at other areas and parts of the body, on other levels, and with other feelings attached. but that these two are more prominent and most easy to grasp and study--particularly for those individuals who are just starting the journey of trusting themselves and discovering and utilizing their intuition.

so, i teach it thus.
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