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Children's skirt patterns

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I am trying to make my daughter some clothing. She loves skirts and dresses. Money is real real tight so I cannot afford to buy patterns. I buy most of my material at Walmart from the remnant bin or the $1 and $2 bins. I have some real cute material one of the remnants is only big enough for a skirt. I have dress patterns for the summer but would like some for winter. Does anyone know where I can find some free patterns for a 5yo's skirts and dresses, maybe some tops too.
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An entire section devoted to sewing kids clothing.

There is a thread full of tutorials for really cute stuff like this:


Also in teh regular clothing section there is a list of free patterns - most will be adult, but you may find some kids stuff there, and if you poke around the adult tutorials, there are some simple directions to make skirts and such that just show you how to measure and I'm sure it can be adapted to making smaller sized stuff.

Something like thisat the bottom)
Should be able to be turned into a childsized skirt with little effort.
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I just made my DD some cute skirts by taking a large piece of paper and tracing one of her skirts. I added a bit and also added some length. I just did an elastic waistband but I think they look great. I did the same for some sun dresses for youngest DD and traced the whole dress made 2 patterns one for front and back and then another pattern for the straps.
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These links are great. Thanks a Million. Now for the real test. Do I have the will power to set myself down (and her) to make these measurements and cuts. OH what the heck will be fun. Let's get the sewing started. Again thanks the momma's on this forum are great.
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here is a free twirly skirt tutorial. I made this skirt for my daughter. I plan on making some for fall and winter that she can wear with tights.

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I just made my niece some skirts - a few wrap arounds and one thats more like the above twirly one. the wraps I used the amity mama wrap skirt (she took the tute down) I am terrible with describing things! but used alternating panels sewn together, put on a waist band that was super long (to tie with) and voila its a wrap twirly skirt that she LOVES!
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