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Late March Lurker!

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Hello ladies! I am popping over from the March DDC and will probably hang out over here a bit if that is okay with you!
For some reason the date April 2nd popped into my head right away when I found out I was pg. It will be fun to see if I was right. My actual due date is March 28th.

Congratulations all around!:
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I'll be spending some time at the March board

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Glad to have you here, Elaina!
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Welcome! I'm due March 31st soI will be here alot as well.
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My edd is March 25 so I'll be dropping in too. I'm not counting on it, but I'd love it if this baby came a little early like my dd. She was 11 days early. I was due May 25th and she arrived on the 14th. She was small-- 5lbs,15oz and 19inches but chubby and pink and perfect. I was small and my mw's weren't surprised that she was too. I know I can't expect the same, but I can hope
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