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The Pain Free Surprise UC Birth of Alexia

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For a little background info I had my ds in the hospital. I was totally mainstream while pregnant with him and I pretty much signed up for my epidural the day I got the positive pregnancy test. However he became an elective induction nightmare which by some miracle was still a vaginal birth. I was on pitocin all night with him with nothing happening. When it finally did start things no one believed me because the monitors did not register my contractions. I was crying in pain (we had taken no classes so I had no clue how to deal at all) and they kept rolling their eyes saying I wasn't even in labor and wouldn't give me the epidural. They finally believed me when I said I felt like I had to go #2 and they found out I was 9 cm. I was quickly given the epidural which never worked. I went home saying I would never do that again and found MDC

Alexia's birth was supposed to heal the trauma from Jake's birth and it did.

We were planning a home birth with midwives. Possibly a waterbirth although I never really pictured myself in the water so I just bought the cheapest pool set-up I could find. I decided to try the hypnobabies program. I was fairly good about listening to the scripts but was bad about practicing. I kept having my doubts about it as well but dh kept telling me he just knew it would work. His confidence really helped me believe in the program.

At 5:24 a.m. on Friday I woke up to go to the bathroom and thought I'd maybe had a pressure wave (hypnobabies speak for contraction). It was already light out and I couldn't sleep anyways. I stayed up and kept an eye on the clock and sure enough every 9 mins or so I would have another one. I had made dh sleep on the couch that night because for some reason I'd felt an intense need to be alone and he was making me feel claustrophobic...I now think it was a sign of impending labor. He came into the room around 6:15 a.m. to get ready for work and I told him I might be in labor. I got up with him and my ds got up as well. We all had some cereal and by that time, around 7 a.m, I knew for sure I was in labor. The waves were still about 7-9 mins apart and completely manageable. I asked dh not to go into work but he said he needed to show his face and he really wanted to see if a package he'd been waiting for had gotten there yet I told him I'd call him when he should come home then.

At 8 a.m. things were starting to get uncomfortable. I realized most of my discomfort was in my back which didn't surprise me since I knew she was posterior. I called dh and told him he'd better come on home and he said he'd be home in about 30 mins. I called my midwife at 8:10 to tell her. She asked if I could talk through the contractions and I said I could but then realized when I had one while on the phone with her that I really didn't want to and it was hard to do. The waves were about 6-7 mins apart at that time and I told her I def would not be having a baby in the next hour or two and that she could take her time getting here (ftr she lives about 45 mins from here).

Things were getting intense so I got my headphones on and started doing my hypnobabies scripts. I found that being on all fours with my arms/head resting on my birth ball was the best place to be for my back labor. The scripts worked AWESOME. As soon as I started them all the discomfort I had went away and it really did just feel like this awesome wonderful powerful pressure. I heard dh come home and I know he asked me some questions but I was in the off position and didn't want to speak so I just ignored him. I vaguely heard him start filling the birth pool. I was still just in the living room, laying on my ball, and in hypnosis. I did start to realize that things were getting closer together. They were about 2-3 mins apart.

Before my dh got home from work I had been going to the bathroom a lot doing the whole "cleaning out" thing. I had avoided it since then though because I had a hard time staying focused while sitting on the toliet because of the back labor and it made things much more intense. I suddenly felt like I had more "cleaning out" to do though so I made my way to the bathroom again. My mom, who'd been staying with us to be ds's support person, and my ds were in the next room playing. I started vocalizing and losing my focus as soon as I sat on the toliet and soon realized I was pushing. I yelled out that I was pushing. I thought I got down on the floor then on all fours and then dh came in the bathroom but I found out later that I was still halfway on the toliet and he helped me down onto the floor (weird how your perspective is off when in labor land). I remember asking if dh had enough room behind me because I felt I was close to the wall. There was no stopping the pushing. I pushed once and I could feel a little stinging as her head crowned. I actually suddenly remembered that if I could just not push that I would stretch out slowly and might prevent tearing so I stopped pushing as much as possible until the wave ended. Then I suddenly remembered that I had read that pushing when not having a pressure wave would help baby come out more slowly and again prevent tearing so I pushed. Her head came all the way out and then with the next wave I pushed out her shoulders and the rest of her body.

Dh was so awesome. I should add that this was his number one biggest fear regarding home birth. He was terrified that the midwives wouldn't make it in time and he would have to catch the baby (which even with the midwives here he wanted no part of whatsoever, he didn't even want to cut the cord). I was still on all fours and dh was holding Alexia as she just screamed her little head off. I asked if it was a boy or a girl and he proudly said girl.

I asked him to hand her to me and we sat there on my tiny bathroom floor just staring at her. We'd had the bathroom door closed and I think when she started crying my mom finally came in. She was desperately trying to call the midwives but didn't know where to look for their phone numbers. Then dh was asking her to find towels so we could wrap up Alexia and it was general chaos lol. For some reason I suddenly cared about my cheap Kmart bathroom rugs and decided to get into the bath tub to deliver the placenta. I guess I imagined it would be really bloody or something but it really wasn't at all. My mom finally got my midwife's number only to get her voice mail. I'm not really sure about the round of phone calls that got made from that point but from those phone calls we figured out that Alexia was born at about 9:35 a.m. So 4 hours start to finish and about an hour after I had called my midwife and told her I wouldn't be having a baby in the next hour or two lol.

After maybe 10 mins I delivered the placenta. A few minutes later the back-up midwife who just happened to be nearby in town got there. She got me cleaned up a little and into my bed. My mom and ds cut the cord (dh still refused to do it lol).

Even though it was dh's biggest fear he has never been so proud. He tells complete strangers about it when we go out which is not something dh does at all. I can't believe how bonded he is to her and I only wish it had been that way with ds as well. He is super protective of her and holds her all the time. Sometimes I think he acts more like a mom than I do with the way he protects her and oohs and ahhs over her! He absolutely LOVES the way it all happened and so do I. I have to say it was definitely my secret fantasy birth. In the future I'll still plan to have a midwife there because I really do want someone knowledgeable in case something does go wrong but I also admit that because nothing went wrong I am really happy it was just dh and I. It was a totally amazing experience and a very empowering one for my dh which is something he really needed at this time in his life.

ETA: She was 8 lbs 3 oz and 21.25 inches long with lots and lots of hair.
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Congratulations! Great story.
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Congratulations!! What a beautiful birth story! Thanks so much for sharing it. I am currently expecting, and have been thinking about looking into hypnobabies, and now I really want to check it out!

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Congrats! I'm glad you had a wonderful UC that helped you heal from the former birth!
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What an amazing story! Reading about your dh's reaction brought tears to my eyes .
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what a beautiful birth story
enjoy your precious new Alexia! Gorgeous name, by the way!
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Wow, that's awesome that the hypnobirth works! Congrats! IF I ever have another baby I'll have to do that as well...that's great!
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thanks for sharing your beautiful story mama! congratulations.
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Wow! Congratulations! What a wonderful story!!!

You have sooo inspired me. I just started my hypnobabies study tonight!
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beautiful! congratulations!
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HYPNOBABIES ROCKS! Congratulations - so happy for you!
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Congratulations! What an exciting birth!
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What a great story! That's so wonderful that you got your dream birth! HypnoBabies is really, really great! I love the name too.
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What a wonderful birth story! I especially love the fact that your dh now has this unique bond with the baby. Beautiful!
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I'm very excited to hear a positive Hypnobabies story, even without perfect practice!

(When I start the CD scripts, my 3-year old says "Oh, it's baby-hippos" )
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: I too had a pain free almost uc with hypnobabies, but am glad my midwives were there as I hemmoraged and and ds had breathing trouble.
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Fantastic! Congratulations!
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