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Really stinky b.o. in child

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Ok, my lovely dd is 6 and seriously has the worst b.o. I've ever smelled.... I totally don't understand it. She eats very healthy (fish, no other meat, veggies mostly raw, fruit, mostly organic, very very little sugar, water to drink, no milk (allergies)) We are very natural around the house and she has little to no exposure to chemicals from bath products or anything.

About a year, almost 2, ago I noticed she was soooo funky in her armpits. I used to use that natural crystal deoderant (but have been deo free for about 6 years) and bought some for her. I honestly couldn't take the smell! I don't want to give her a complex, but if she gets up in the morning and doesn't put it on, she and her clothes reeeeek in about an hour. I mean, we're talking crowded bus in a hot city, hairy guy hasn't washed his clothes in 2 weeks kind of reek! <lol>

I have researched and researched....taken her to the pedi....she is super healthy....talked to our naturopath....I got nothin!

Does anyone have any ideas what might be making her so stinky???? It's not about being hot/sweaty...it just exudes from her pits.....

sorry to be so graphic....I just can't TAKE it anymore!
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My 9 yo sounds similar but not as severe. And with her, I'm pretty sure it's puberty related. It sounds like your DD's odor comes from inside, rather than just bacteria in the armpits.

At any rate, have you tried chlorophyll? I think it's supposed to help with internal odors. It's very green but tasteless and can be added to any drink or taken "straight up". I think they also make a mint flavoured one too. Just thought it might be something to look into for you - sounds like a frustrating situation!

Could it be another allergy or sensitivity? I can't think of what it might be as her diet sounds great but who knows? If you are brave, you could try an elimination diet (I say brave b/c it is so hard with kids that age). What kind of grains does she eat? I don't know - just grasping at straws here.

Good luck - I hope you figure something out!
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Old Spice High Endurance - Usually does the trick
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It is bacteria in the pores.

Some people on one of my forums have some good success using EM as a spray and internally.

Instead of trying to get rid of the bacteria, or over power the bacteria, you set up a competition with them using good bacteria.

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good info....I think I'll try the clorophyll and then move on to em or something else....I have tried putting baking soda in her bath...and gse and lavender e.o. and anything else I thought might help!
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