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There's an article in the Wall Street Journal today entitled, "New Labor Moves: Belly Dancing Hits Delivery Room; Connection to Childbirth May Have Ancient Origins; A Shimmy and a Roll." You have to pay money to access it.

The blurb on the website says:
These days, delivery-room alternatives run the gamut from hypnotherapy to "water births." But some women disillusioned with routine use of drugs and medical interventions are turning to an unusual solution -- belly dancing.

I have never heard of belly-dancing during labor, but what a great idea! So many women gravitate toward belly-dancing like moves anyway, during labor.

There's really nothing negative in the article except a dismissive comment by an OB citing lack of evidence on effectiveness of belly-dancing. Yeah, there's no evidence about belly dancing per se, but there is evidence on movement during labor. There's something that seems so sensual about belly dancing during pregnancy.