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Whats your suggestion for....

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What can I give ds for breakfast instead of his usual porridge/oatmeal?

I want something just as filling and healthy as that, but something I dont have to cook. Im a terrible morning person and ds has been unwell lately so ive been even more tired in the mornings as hes kept me awake at night. I cant be bothered with cooking first thing in the morning, even if its just using the microwave, No!

Suggestions greatly appreciated.
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I'm not a morning person either! I hope things get better for you soon!

Could you be bothered with toasting some bread for him? What about a banana and PNB toast, jelly toast, etc?

Mix some fruit that you chopped the night before into some yogurt.

Good old cerael and fruit.

That's all I can think of off the top of my head that are quick.

ETA: Muffins! Make some ahead of time and keep them in a sealed container.
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You could easily make the oatmeal/hot cereal in the evening, put a pot in the fridge, scoop it out in the am, and warm it up in the microwave. I make myself a pot to last the good part of the week, and then just warm it up as I go.

Muffins are great, as are toasted sandwiches. If you can have eggs, scrabled eggs are easy to make in the nuker as well, and extra tasty with added cheese.
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tofu scramble

making panckaes or waffles and freezing them serve with fruit in the morning
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Keeping oatmeal in the fridge? Havent thought of that before. Again though its like im making it if I have to put it in the microwave in the mornings.

Ds is allergic to eggs.

Im looking for something all ready to eat, something ds can get out the fridge or cupboard himself and eat as soon as he wants.

Some sort of yoghurt breakfast is looking the best for that dont you think?
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If you really want to not have anything to do with preparing the meal you could look for some cereal bars. The kind with an oatmeal/whole grain outside and a fruit filler.
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I have a hard time waking up in the morning, so the night before I'll make a sippy cup of milk and put a container of yogurt next to the cup with a spoon on top. Then when she wakes up, she just goes to the fridge and grabs it. Easy. Sometimes I'll even have a little bowl of fruit or cereal bar waiting next to the milk instead of yogurt. Easy and effortless in the morning.
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What about premade muffins? Could be store bought or ones you make yourself without eggs? My kids love yogurt with granola and fruit mixed in. You could do that at night or leave containers for you son to mix it himself.
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I had a recipe a while back for some sort of Harvest Muffins. It had all sorts of good things in it...coconut, apple, carrots, raisins, milk....you can use whole wheat/other grains in it. With all of the fruit they were really moist. I made it a while back for a potluck thing I was at. The kids just GOBBLED them up and I had taken 18 or so. We even liked them. I used my food processor to grate everything up to make it easier.

Anyhow, the remaining we froze. Then, you can take one out the night before and it will be ready in the morning! If you're not a morning person, it's so nice to have something easy like that!
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