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i became a vegetarian when i was 13 and saw a truckload of chickens going down the road. it was the saddest thing in the world to me (and i didn't understand what institutional meat was until after i read NT--about 6 months after). really, the way animals are treated is so disgusting, and a lot of people probably still think i'm veg because there's no way i'm eating "regular meat." but for me being a vegetarian was also a cool thing, and a control thing, and it segued a couple times into an eating disorder. but i digress.

after three years of being a vegetarian, a cheated and had a filet mignon. it was soooo good, and i felt so guilty. but 6 months later, i did it again. then, when i got pregnant and couldn't stomach fish (because it was farmraised, but i didn't realize that this this pregnancy), i added a little meat. it was so good. but i decided to raise my kids vegetarian, and they had no meat until their health crisis led me to NT. when i read about meat, i realized that my bod had understood more than i had, and eating meat hasn't been that much of a problem. i still can't do pork, and making stock sometimes grosses me out beyond belief, but i'm pregnant without in vitro and so much healthier than i've been, ever. i believe in meat. humanely raised, local, grassfed, organic meat.

ramlita--i think stock would be an excellent way to start!
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Taking that first step is so hard. There is so much pride involved- which I think can be unexpected- because being veg isn't supposed to be about you, right?.
It sounds like you guys are at peace and doing well. You seem like a very sweet person who wants to do right- and it can be hard when you're the one who needs to be done right most of all, especially when you know someone else(the animal) is so involved.
Ahhh the "outing". My DP gleefully outs me...and it kind of sucks. He talks about me to our veg friends- mainly while I was preg! And I was the veg first! Never did I judge him Tsk tsk...
But the other night I was out to eat with all of our friends...and I was the ONLY meat eater there! Out of two whole tables of people! It was weird to say the least. I found myself muttering my defensive reasons as I ate my local, organic, lived a happy life, pastured chicken....
I also think stock is a great, gentle way to go.
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I took the first step!
I was given a quart-sized yogurt container of chicken soup made with all local, organic, farm-raised ingredients. I chose to eat it when I was home alone with DS (he has no idea this is a big deal to me- perfect!

I thought it was yummy. I ate all the veggies, and the broth was strange but good. I wasn't ready to chew the bits of meat, so I fished those out and put them back in the container. Maybe I'll take all of them and cook them in water to make more broth? Does that work?

I did end up with a slight stomach ache for about 24 hours- but this has been an incredibly stressful week. (2 events for DD's birthday, then 2 events for her grandpa's funeral )

I'm a little afraid to eat more of it for fear of more bellyaches, but I hope to have some between now and Thursday-
my other big step is that I made sure that the turkey that will be at our multi-family Thanksgiving dinner will be free range/healthy/local. I was thinking it might be a nice time to start eating a little meat.

I am so thankful for so much, including my health, my learning process, and our access to such a bounty of healthy local foods.
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I was veg and then vegan for a few years. I started eating meat and dairy again after I was dx with cancer after having a long stretch of weight loss and inability to keep food down due to my cancer that was undiagnosed. I actually craved meat and dairy in a way I hadn't in a long time. It was what my body needed to begin healing IMO.
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I was only veg for 1.5 years. I became veg because I have IBS-D and eating meat(red, chicken, pork, all of it), dairy, etc pretty much made me housebound. I was fearful to be away from a toilet. It was really THAT bad. I realised the foods that were doing this to me and decided to cut them out. I was left with vegetarianism.

I started working for a company that works pretty closely with WAPF and shortly after starting working there, DH and cooked some grass-fed beef. Surprisingly nothing happened! We had meat a second night for dinner, again, nothing happened. I can drink raw milk without getting that punched in the tummy feeling.
Its been wonderful.

So, I guess the problem wasnt the actual meat/dairy, it was the quality of meat/dairy that I was eating. I have been eating TF for almost 2 months now and not one single IBS-D issue.

I feel absolutely wonderful.
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Originally Posted by Ally'smom View Post
I started eating meat after 10 years vegetarian during my pregnancy with dd. I craved it terribly and found that eating meat was the only thing that preventing me from vomitting from morning sickness. It was really important to me that I eat meat from animals raised in humane conditions, and traditional foods really emphasizes this. I came to adopt a traditional foods lifestyle after dd was born; she has a mess of food allergies--and through discovering this I discovered my own. As I was researching food and nutrition, I discovered traditional foods and have learned that this is the path to health and healing that I've needed for a long time.

Traditional foods, and especially Nourishing Traditions, has a strong emphasis on eating meat, but it doesn't have to be that way. We try to eat a vegetarian diet that is traditionally based (through grain and legume preparation and inclusion of enzyme rich foods) at least half of the time.
This is exactly our experience, EXACTLY.
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