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OK, in taking note of all the fabulous things other DDC's are doing, I notice alot doing weekly chats. Is this something we wanna do?
If yes, um, how do we do it?
Is there a chat room to meet in besides mommy chats (which hates me) that we can use? OR - can we all regularly meet on IM?
Thoughts? :
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you know im all for it!! hee,hee.
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Oooo fun.

Gabbly? Is that what it's called?
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ooooh yes! gabbly. Mommychats shuts down my computer. :
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So, anyone up for picking a date and time & hosting one? :
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ooooo this is new!!! I don't know how often I'll be able to participate because as of now I work out of the home (but not full time).
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I'd be in for that, if its a time that I'm home! Sounds fun!
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So, still needing a host... Anyone up for it?
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