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My preference would be to cut it but like the other woman it's not our business. I can't believe she said that. How rude.
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I cut my son's bangs but that is all. He has long hair and is often mistaken for a girl..
I don't care.
your son is cute..and that woman was rude.
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What a cutie! His hair reminds me of my own 18 month old dd - that most people mistake for a boy, lol! Bangs are a nightmare to deal with (we're in the process of growing out dd1's) so if you want to bypass that now, please do!!
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He's totally wonderful, and the lady needs to butt the bleep out!
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He's beautiful! I think I'm going to be another mom of long-haired a baby when mine is hatched. It's such gorgeous hair. That lady probably goes around flapping her stupid yap all over town without ever thinking about it. Don't take it personally.
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If it were my kid, at that point I think I would have trimmed the bangs, but honestly it's your child...I would have never said anything to a mom about it.

To each their own, you know...
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I would have said the same comment another poster said : "that woman needs to mind her business!"

As far as the hair style, I think little boys w/ long hair are cute, I would go out of my way to keep the bangs out of his eyes though, I would be afraid of hurting his eyesight.
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I'd have pointed right back, and said at the same level of volume "look, that lady is really rude!"
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Turn it into a rhyming game.

"That woman needs her trap shut."
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If it gets in his face, I would cut it enough to keep it from doing so. Having my hair in my face really bugs me.
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Ok you asked what I thought so here it is.

I think having long hair in the eyes is enough to drive me batty. I can see it bothers him also as he has his head tilted up so he can see better.
And personally long hair on boys/men is just wrong but or course thats IMO

As to that woman, WOW what a lack of manners! :
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As I said before I keep his hair out of his eyes for the most part. If he is playing hard and rubbing his head all over things he pushes his hair down. I fix it for him. most of the time if it is in his eyes he doesn't seem to notice. For the pics I took I moved his hair down to show how long it really is.

I love long hair on most people. I normally have my hair long until a few weeks ago and I chopped it all off because it was looking bad at the ends. I don't feel right cutting it off. Dh said that he didn't want to get it cut either because then he would look funny
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My son has hair down his back and I would be sorely tempted to tell that woman she needs a face lift or she needs a laryngectomy or something nasty.
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If he were my child I would probably cut some bangs but leave the rest because it really bothers me to see hair covering faces and eyes.
I wouldn't say anything about it to a stranger no matter what I thought or do with my own child.
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That's rude, and your child is cute! Now on the other, *I* am catching alot of flack, because ds is just 1 year and I have buzzed him twice. I just can't stand it. I like guys to have neat hair cuts. I told dh I'll keep my hair long (LONG) if he'll keep his cut!
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