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meal planning and eating locally

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I'm having a hard time doing this. It is becoming more and more important to me to eat locally and if I don't meal plan then my life falls apart. So is anyone else trying to do this? I am really trying to get to where we eat 80% local foods. We are members of two CSA's and though we love it, we may not do that next year because I never know what I'll get. Anyway, anyone else trying to do this too? Any suggestions or advice?
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I love my CSA, and though I don't do tons of "way ahead" meal planning, I leave room in the meals I do plan to use what the CSA delivers. I also love all-recipes (or any other site really) to help me look for recipes for veggies that I don't usually use. I LOVE kale now thanks to a long winter of making it in soup, and braised and in pasta etc.....

good luck!
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I'm still in the thinking about trying to eat locally stage, but would love to read what others have to say.
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I honestly have a hard time with this, to tell the truth.

What I have found works the best is to plan out main dishes, leaving the side dish decisions until I pick up my produce. My dh is not very fond of this, because it means we are eating a lot of easy food, the way I grew up (meat and 2 veggies). It's easy for me, though.
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I have never belonged to a csa- don't even exactly know what it is, but I would think, even if they can't tell you exactly what you will get, they can at least tell you what is in season and that would at least narrow it down a little?

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sunnylady, have you read barbara kingsolver's latest book, animal, vegetable, miracle? she includes recipes and it's all about local and seasonal eating. i'm not much on the meal-planning (just lurking here to get ideas for our beach vacation meals), but thought you might like to check it out. the website has lots of good info, too.
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I would do a lot of chop suey and veggie soups, that way any veggie would work. Or just wait till they deliver, THEN plan meals from one delivery to the next.
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If I was lucky enough to be part of a CSA (there IS a SMALL one here. I called the place 3x and emailed 4x and never heard back. I am bummed) this is what I would do to meal plan AND be flexible since I too must plan ahead or end up eating junk since I work full-time:

Plan the main dish for each night (roast chicken, beans, whatever). Then just serve whatever veggies come on the side. I'd keep some things from the store on hand like onions, garlic and fruit.

Lunches would be more tricky. I really gotta plan those so I don't give into temptation and eat out. If I knew I may not get salad greens every week I would just buy those as well, since I eat meat or fish salads almost every day for lunch.
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