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broken vs sprained wrist help

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I fell last night and landed on my wrist the wrong way. I don't know if it is broken or sprained. I have a small lump where it is swollen on the back side of my wrist. I can move my fingers but not my wrist(I could move my wrist right after the injury but not now due to the swelling.) I currently have it in a brace so that I don't move it but I took the brace off this morning and it doesn't look bruised. I just don't want to go to the doctor if I don't have to. any help would be appreciated. thanks
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Have you done anything to make the swelling go down? Tried ice, keeping it elevated, NOT using it? I would try that, and then assess the situation. But if you even think it's broken, you should go in and have it checked if possible because if it's not a clean break it could do more damage.

Sorry, that's probably not what you wanted to hear.
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I tripped/fell two weekends ago and caught myself with my hand. I ended up with a compression fracture to the head of my radius (I 'smushed down' the head of my radius about 2-3mm - on the 'elbow side' of my arm).

Other than the swelling, there was no external bruising of any sort.

I hope your wrist is just sprained!
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You probably don't want to hear this...

But I fell and hurt my wrist. The first ER trip yielded a diagnosis of sprain. They gave me a brace and I spent the next 2 weeks in absolute agony. I resorted to wrapping 3 ace bandages tightly around the brace and it still hurt like crazy.

I ended up seeing a specialist who diagnosed an occult fracture. Some of the bones in your wrist won't really show a break until it is healed. He was able to diagnose the fracture and the precise location by touching my wrist in a particular way. The technique was critical because several residents examined me over the following weeks and didn't do it right. They diagnosed that it was healed, I pointed out they had done it wrong and tried to show them how to do the test correctly. Thankfully the attending was always around to confirm that it was still broken and I would get another cast. In all I think I spent about 3 months in a cast, probably would have been less if the first doc had made the correct diagnosis and not written it off as a sprain.

Wanted to add that there was never any bruising or swelling, just sharp shooting pain any time I tried to move my wrist.
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thanks for the replies. I really hope that it isn't broken, but if it is I think it might be the scaphoid and they say they won't be able to tell at first so I think I'll wait a few days and see if it gets better and if it doesn't then will go in. This stinks. you never know how much you use your wrist for until you can't use it. :
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