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Originally Posted by juneau View Post
I am still anxious about my beta tomorrow.
I'm here with you at the moment. I had my prenatal intake appt yesterday at my OB's office and they drew 7 vials of blood for various things. I thought they would call my cell (like they always used to do), so I had it with me and took my big kids to the pool. They never called, so I thought maybe the results wouldn't be in until tomorrow, but when I got home, there was a VM from the nurse, "Amanda, this is Barb. Please call me. I have your test results." So, any other time for any other reason, this VM would have been totally nondiscript, but this time for this reason, I cannot help but feel this sense of doom.

I have no indication that anything could be wrong, but other than just my getting rounder, I have no indication that anything could be right. I'm having no spotting or cramping, but I'm also having no m/s or major long-lasting food aversions, which I always have by now. Anyway, that's it. Nothing really, just hoping for good, accurate blood work with a good doubling beta and a safe progesterone level. :
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Oh ladies.....wishing you both nothing but GREAT news tomorrow~

Charlotte, I'm so sorry for your loss, Please know that we are all with you and praying for you and your family. Take care of yourself~

I've been off for awhile. We went on a little camping/hotel trip, I guess you can call it. Actually DS and I went with DH on a business trip, but we had a blast. Went hiking and berry picking, and even caught DS his first fish from the ocean! What a beautiful weekend......and wonderful way to keep my mind off things for awhile. I'm learning to keep busy, so I try not to worry so much~

Wishing you all a good week~ Lots of positive results and tests!!!

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Your post made me smile, thanks! I instantly flashed back to the first time dh ever caught a fish, a pan-sized flounder, in the ocean off a deserted island south of Mobile. I had been skeptical that he could catch anything, since he'd never fished before, and here he lands the most beautiful, most perfect, delicious, dinner-sized fish.

I am supposed to go in at 11 for my blood draw today. I'll keep my cell phone with me all day in case they call later with the results. But I still think I'm pregnant; no sign of AF, temps are still up -- although I don't know for sure when I O'd...

Good luck today Amanda. I am only 4-5 weeks along now so don't expect really to have symptoms yet, but with my 7-week loss I never had M/S so I am praying for it to start sooner rather than later, this time around.
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Amanda and Juneau, I hope you both get wonderful news today.
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Just popping in to say we got to see our little one today!!! I had a follow up u/s today and our little gummy bear was wiggling around and had a great HB of 171. Wahooo!!!!!!!!

I am off to just enjoy this moment! Thanks for sharing with me !
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oh that's great andrea! Congrats on a wriggly little bean! how far along are you today?

good luck with the draws everyone.

juneau, thanks for caring. We don't know what happened with Riley, other than it was probably genetic. We didn't have the money for testing. *sigh* The docs all seem to think that it has just been very bad luck so far. : easy for them to say, huh? If (god forbid) something goes wrong with this one we'll scrape up the money to figure out what went wrong, and if there is a problem. Which seems unlikely because i have a healthy dd.
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Andrea -- Congrats on your little wiggly baby! That's a lovely milestone to pass...

As for me, they *forgot* to do the beta. They took the blood, but didn't run it. They have the blood they need, so I should have that number in the morning. The nurse now knows to call both home and cell.

They did run my progesterone levels, and they're dangerously low -- even though I've been supplementing since 4dpo. Right now, they're at 8.1, and I was taking 200mg Prometrium vaginally, but at the bfp, switched to 25mg natural componded progesterone vaginal suppositories twice daily. The immediate course of action is to double the natural progesterone to 50mg/2x day, but in addition to that, I'm going to add back the 200 mg Prometrium vaginally at the midday. To get through the first trimester with Zachary, that was more the course of action, and I need this number to climb fast. I have about 2 weeks before I normally start losing babies. I need these numbers to be up and stable before then, even if it's just for my own peace of mind. I go in for a repeat draw on Monday to see if the increased dosage was effective. If it wasn't, we'll talk about injections or whatever.

Have any of you been here before, and what did you do that worked? I've been at a low number before, but not this low with as much supplementation. Trying to hang on to hope here...
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Originally Posted by famille_huggins View Post
As for me, they *forgot* to do the beta. They took the blood, but didn't run it. They have the blood they need, so I should have that number in the morning. The nurse now knows to call both home and cell.
How frustrating! I got my blood drawn and got my wish (mild morning sickness). My MW sure as heck better call to tell me I'm pregnant! It's so strange; if I'd had a zero beta draw a couple weeks ago this ambiguity wouldn't even be an issue.

As for the progesterone... I haven't had any issues with progesterone except that I did IVF and FET a few years ago (unsuccessfully) and had to do 2x a day progesterone injections, once for several weeks to sustain what turned out to be a chemical pregnancy. All that to say it wasn't a big deal and I quickly learned to give them to myself, pretty easily. It just took a mirror and a bit of practice. In fact, it was much easier than having dh do them for me. So if you have to go that route, don't be scared.

Good luck with the supplementation, though. Keep us posted!

Jillybeans, : for an uneventful pregnancy this time around.
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Originally Posted by gretasmommy View Post
Just popping in to say we got to see our little one today!!! I had a follow up u/s today and our little gummy bear was wiggling around and had a great HB of 171. Wahooo!!!!!!!!
Woohoo!!! What an awesome sight for you! I have an ultrasound on Saturday and am hoping for the same bliss.

I'm at the exact place where I lost my last little one. I had an ultrasound done right at 8 weeks and then the one I had after I began bleeding at 12 weeks showed that my baby had died right at mid-8 weeks. That's where I am right now. Soooo hard not to dwell on it.
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amanda, yes oh my god, I've been there. The prometrium should help. But I'd personally up it to 400mg/day. The natural stuff NEVER worked for me. I tried everything. I now do 300mg a day (200 at night, 100 in morning) of prometrium vaginally. Have them run it again after you've been on the prometrium for two-three days and you should see a better number. :
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Amanda, I just missed my MW's call a little while ago. : She left a really plain message, "I just want to talk to you about the bloodwork we had done for you." They must take lessons in bland -- there wasn't any emotion at all in her message, not joy, not worry, nothing...!

At least she said she'd call me later tonight, so I don't have to wait tll tomorrow, but geez, I want to know now!

(End of whine.)
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yeah, don't you love that? She's probably calling to reassure you that everything is perfectly ok! Especially knowing your history. :
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Thanks ladies!

I am 8W6D today. We saw the heartbeat at 5W6D . . .and I was convinced after the bleeding last week it would be gone. *Sigh* I am so relieved today.

Now, I am crossing my fingers for Amanda and Juneau.
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Very pale pink spotting -- darn it! And no call yet...
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Oh no! Hang in there!!!!!
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Oh no juneau. Hang on little bean! Has she called yet with your number? They are skilled at those bland, non-emotional voice mail phones. Any other person calling for any other reason and we wouldn't notice that tone, but for this reason, that absence of tone means so much. Anxiously awaiting good news for you.

1Plus2 -- Glad you're passing this monumental milestone. Will you be having another scan soon, or waiting until 12 weeks? I know it's hard, but hang in there. I wish there was a way this could all be easier.

So, I've way increased my supplementation today, and I can tell you, I finally *feel* pregnant. My bbs hurt, I've been queasy, and I've hardly been able to keep my eyes open. I know it's all the progesterone supplement, but it's the naturally-occurring progesterone that causes those feelings in other pregnancies, so I finally feel *normal.*

The natural stuff plus prometrium worked for me in my last pregnancy. The natural stuff alone worked in my pregnancy with Riley-Grace, but I've never had luck with prometrium alone. (Of course, that was oral prometrium, where I'm doing vaginal now.) What I've done today and will continue to do until I get results back next week is double my morning and night suppositories and add 200 mg prometrium as a suppository at midday. If that all doesn't work, I think we'll look towards injections.

DH told me when he got home from work tonight that he saw a 1st trimester progesterone chart that ranged from 9 to 47. I'd been told previously that 15 is the lowest pregnancy-sustainable number, and am at 8.1. If 9 is indeed the lowest safe number, then I'm not that far off. For those with progesterone issues, what have you heard from your OBs/MWs? Am I only halfway to where I need to be, or just shy of the minimum?

I appreciate all you mommies, and your wisdom and support. May we all move into safe places with healthy, growing babies very soon...
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Andrea, that is wonderful that you saw your baby today. You must be on cloud nine.

Karen, hang in there.

Juneau, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you. It's always scary to see spotting.

Amanda, I wish I had words of wisdom re: progesterone, but it's never been an issue with me. I'm sorry about your low numbers, but I'm glad you are feeling more "symptom-y" since increasing your dose. I hope your numbers go way, way up.

Hey, am I the only one who hasn't even called to make an appointment yet? I keep putting it off because I am flat-out terrified of going back there.
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Well, I have news, but it's still not unambiguous. The good news is that my beta more than doubled in two days, to 477. The bad news is that my MW is still not willing to call it a pregnancy. She said that since I never had a zero beta before it started climbing, there's still a chance that it's retained material from the last pregnancy that has become cancerous. And there won't be any way to sort that out until the beta is 4000, which is supposedly when they can see the fetal pole on an U/S.

UGH!! I haven't told dh yet -- been waiting for the ultrapositive "yes, you're pregnant!" but don't know if I can wait any longer since I am a nervous wreck and can't think or talk about anything else (and since I'm not talking about this, I am pretty quiet).

She said to wait a week, come in for an HCG and progesterone level, and once the beta is 4000, they'll do an ultrasound. By my calculations, though, it should be at 4000 by Monday if things keep climbing at the rate they have been.

She did say that if this is a normal pregnancy, which is highly likely, then the betas are looking great.

: : :

WWYD?? I've half a mind to call her back tomorrow and ask to come in for a blood draw on Monday. Things get a bit complicated after that because I won't have a car Tuesday or Thursday, and she's not in the office on Wednesday.

I've gone from wanting absolutely no intervention or monitoring (last pregnancy) to wanting every last parameter checked out. Well, I guess that's understandable, since I still am not comfirmably pregnant! (BTW, by LMP I am 5w2d today; based on when I think I probably O'd, I'm around 4w4d or 4w5d.)

Amanda, I'm glad the progesterone is making you feel better by making you feel worse.
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Originally Posted by ~Katrinka~ View Post
Hey, am I the only one who hasn't even called to make an appointment yet? I keep putting it off because I am flat-out terrified of going back there.
I haven't called yet either. I figure I know I'm pregnant (don't need a blood test for that!) and am really suffering with m/s like I did when I was pg. with ds, so a good sign. And thankfully, no spotting. I'm in my 11th week now, so will likely call soon though to arrange for my 20 week u/s. Until then though, I want hands off! With the pregnancy I m/c'd, it just seemed that from the moment I checked in with the doc, things all went downhill, so this time I'm not letting them near me until I need to.
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Juneau, ack! What a roller coaster. I know it's hard, but maybe sharing with your dh a little bit of what's going on will help you. Keeping all those "what if's" inside has got to be making you so stressed out. I know that I would be a total basket case. Now as for those beta numbers, that sounds pretty exciting to me. You know the expression, "When you hear hoofbeats, think horses, not zebras". Seems to me that a normal pregnancy would be horses, while cancerous retained material is definitely zebras. Can I just go ahead and say congratulations?

Karen, it's that 20 week u/s I'm most afraid of, since it was sometime during the night after mine (which I had at 18w 6d) that my baby died. I'm scared of the doppler too. I am pretty sure I'm going to cry when I see it.
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