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Judah's Birth- 12lb 12oz baby, 5.5 minute shoulder dystocia

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I had this posted in my May DDC, but we got a CYS visit(it was dropped and in a week and all is fine now) and I took it down. I think it's a really great story to tell and have wanted to share it for sometime.
It was a really beautiful, misty morning. I woke up at about 2:45 with very irregular, light contractions. I was totally unconvinced it was labor but I couldn't really sleep. I kept having diarrhea which I then was like ok this is early labor- but probably very early because it was so light. I ate a box of crackers and threw it up. I just kind of hung out in the bathroom. I had bought some plants and left them in there and it was just this nice sanctuary for me during my labor.
I was pacing around the bedroom around 4am and then tried to lay down and sleep. My partner asked me if this was it and I said probably. He got up with me and we went into the bathroom. I asked him to time them and they weren't even a minute long, but they were coming every 2 minutes. I was like this can't be real labor. I kept cleaning out my system some and my partner and I laughed and talked. Then at 5, things got stronger and he asked if I wanted to call the midwife. I said no, it's too early. I started to vocalize through some ctx. At 5:30, I said call her and just let her know what is going on. He told her and she asked if she should come, but I said it's too early. She told us later that she never went back to sleep and thought she should just leave right then.
I decided maybe we could fill the tub. So, we went into the kitchen. The ctx got a lot harder at this point. I was holding onto my partner through them and saying "looooose". I only felt the ctx in my lower back and my front (like a menstrual cramp- but harder). They hurt and because I felt it so much in my back and my butt, but I was standing, I felt like I couldn't keep my butt loose, so I said loooose. I paced around in between. We later figured because my belly was so big, I didn't feel it in my uterus like with my son(I measured 44 cm at 40+4- it was the only time I measured over, but that is still large).
The tub was ready- we couldn't fill it up all the way because our house is OLD(it was a stop on the underground railroad and has a hole in the basement leading across the street to prove it) and our landlord said it could possibly fall through the floor(Now THAT would be a BAD birth!). I got in and it felt amazing! I was now vocalizing very loudly and needing my partner to come behind me to kind of hold me through them. I had him call the midwife back and tell her it was time to come.
Then, my two yr old woke up and my Grammy brought him in to see me. I was being really loud and my Grammy told him I was singing my birth song. He wasn't scared at all. I told them to call my mom and have her pick them up and that I'd call them right before I was pushing. I still thought it was too soon.
The other apprentice came soon after we called the midwife, at 6:30. She started setting up. I was starting to make pushing noises. It was odd because I was pushing kind of, but not feeling pushy- it just felt better to breathe down some while vocalizing.
The midwife got there and checked the heart tones- it says on my chart 'Sounds like a girl!'. It was hard to find the tones at first and I was a little freaked out-with the risk of still birth with GD and the still birth I had discovered in February, I was pretty sensitive about it. I had her check me. She said she couldn't feel cervix because there was a baby's head right there. She asked if I wanted to have the baby in the tub and I said no. She's not a fan of water birth and I knew that with the great possibility of a dystocia, it was not the best idea- plus I could never in vision myself birthing this baby in the tub.
So I got out and went into the bedroom. I had her check me again and she said there was a very small lip, but it wouldn't make a difference. I wanted to know because it felt so- weird I guess- to push. It didn't HURT like it does with a lip, but it didn't feel incredible and unavoidable like with Makena.
I asked her to "break the hell" out of my water. There was no need to really, but I thought it may make the baby come out faster- which it does sometimes. I kind of tried to lay on my side and push, but it wasn't working. She told me my bed was too squishy to birth on and maybe I'd like the stool. I thought I wouldn't because I hated squatting or sitting on the toilet with my son- I don't know why I kept thinking this was like my son's birth.
I sat on the stool and it was nice. I had her check me again because I didn't WANT to HAVE to push. She said there was a little lip and it was a little swollen, so she held it. When she held it, I could REALLY push. The lip was gone quickly, but I needed her fingers in me. We later knew this was because of Judah's incredible size. I was making great progress and moving him down a lot with each push, but I couldn't feel any of that without her fingers. It was really amazing. Everytime I'd start a CTX I would say 'I need your hands!"
We pour a lot of oil on mamas as they push and I remember saying "It feels like my ass is bubbling!". The midwife said "That's because you're pretty juicy!" And everyone tried not to laugh. I didn't want to poop because even though everyone poops, it's totally not a big deal, and I am the one to wipe it, I felt that I could not poop on my friends- and I told them this. I in fact, did not poop.
In between some of the ctx, I was getting tired, so they got me OJ. It helped. I'd get really tired and just lay on my partner and then I'd get a little panicked by being tired and kind of cry to The midwife saying "I just want it to be over!" And then I started saying "Come out Baby! I am ready for you baby!"
So, after less than a 1/2 hour of pushing(compared to 11 minutes with my 9lb 1oz first baby), we saw his head and then a couple minutes later he crowned. I remember the apprentice tried to show me with a mirror, but I couldn't see because my belly got in the way. I did feel his head though and it was so nice.
Then, his head was born. It is considered a shoulder dystocia when the head has been born for 3 min, but not the body. At 1.5 min, I had not gotten a ctx and I told my partner to rub my nipples to stimulate a ctx. I knew what was happening. I got a ctx and was able to bear down, but his shoulders didn't come. I did not get another ctx until I pushed the placenta out. So I said "I'm getting on my hands and knees" I did and tried to push like that. All these thoughts were going through my head. The midwife told me to get on my back. At this point,she got his arm- I was not aware of that at all, not even her hands being inside me. My partner and the apprentice said they heard how loud it was as it broke, but I didn't hear it. She then told me to to get back on my hands and knees. Apparently,my partner was crying a lot. I remember thinking how I could feel his head and it was so big and so firmly there, but it felt so numb. I was pushing and pushing, but it was like pushing against a brick wall-I thought he'd never come out. I heard the midwife begin to pray and that really freaked me out. I began to say "Pull him out, pull him out." I didn't know the baby was a him- I just said it. The midwife told me to calm down. I remember thinking we should call 911 and then I thought they couldn't do anything and I was with the best there was.
She had me get back on my back and had the apprentice and I push on my pubis bone. She said (later) that she felt him go limp and then she saw the white of his flank and she said at that point she knew he was going to be born alive. I was now really out of it. I kind of heard someone say "Ok, here it comes" and then "It's out." And they gave him the ambu bag. I looked over and kind of saw that. I felt a gush of blood-the separation gush (when the placenta separates from the uterine wall) and said "I'm bleeding". The midwife said "I can't worry about that now" or something like that.She then laid him down and they began giving him blow by oxygen. I didn't look at his face,I was really out of it,but I looked down at his genitals and pointed and said "It's a boy". I thought for a second and then looked at him and started talking to him. I called him all 3 of his names- in the wrong order and started saying "Oh my baby, we're so glad you're here" He started to grunt and I said "He's breathing" They gave him to me,the apprentice said "He's really heavy" and I just talked to him and rubbed his arm (I had no idea it was broken).
It was an amazing experience. It was beautiful and scary and I am so so blessed to have him and he's ok.
He is so strong. The midwife said she felt him trying to breathe while stuck. He wouldn't give up- but he had to give in to be born. His always had a pretty good heartbeat during the resuscitation.
He weighed 12lb 12oz,and was 23 inches long.His head was 15 inches around and the part of him that got stuck was 22 inches around. My placenta weighed 3lbs even. That gigantic placenta is what kept him alive during the dystocia and the resuscitation. It also is what nourished me in the days after his birth. Yum.
His arm was almost completely healed by his 3 week birthday. There is no difference in his arms.
He was 11 days past his EDD- just like his brother!
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That was such a beautiful birth story! Thank you so much for sharing and for having faith in this beautiful process. Congrats!
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OMGoodness!! You are amazing, holy cow (eyes wide open as I type)! I can't believe what an amazing job you did birthing your baby. I am so sorry about his little arm, and I am so glad it is healed already. Bless you both.
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What a beautiful birth story! Thanks for sharing it.
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Thank you for sharing your wonderful birth story. What an amazing little baby!
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OMG! 12 lbs 12 oz!! HOW DID YOU DO THAT?!?! I'd have gone nuts...mine was a little over 6lbs, and it felt like trying to push out a huge concrete block..wow!
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Lizzo!!! What a story. I am so glad that Judah came through safely. What an experience. What a huge little guy. My 10 lb 5 oz little bear looked big, but... wow! Congrats.
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Oh my gosh! That is a huge baby! Did you tear badly? I had a 4th degree with ds, and I'm so scared of tearing again. He was 9 14, and I'm sure this guy will be bigger.
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Actually...somehow he was born over an intact perineum. I had a labial split, but that was very minor.
My first was 9'1 and I tore with him.
Not having stitches in your yon is really great.
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Wow, Liz. You're incredible! So sorry to hear about CYS.
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Wow! What a big baby and what an experience. Congrats!
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Congrats.. what an amazing birth story. And I love his name!
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My eyes are still as big as saucers still digesting that powerful birth story
Congrats on an AWESOME job and a big healthy baby!!!
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Wow, what an amazing and powerful story! Congrats to you on your big healthy boy. Lovely name too.
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whew I was on the edge of my seat reading this! I'm so glad he's ok and so are you! Congrats you are AMAZING!
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Wow, thank you SO much for sharing Congratulations and many blessings
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Wow that's incredible. Great job mama and baby. My dd weighed 12lbs at 10 months! I am so grateful his arm healed so quickly.
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WOW! incredible story. Who reported it to CYS? I'm so sorry his arm broke But so glad he and you were strong and had a great team helping, and you got through it and are doing great now.
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Amazing story. Can't believe he was that big.

Jen D.
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I don't know who called them. It was an "anonymous woman". I am pretty sure it was the receptionist at the ped's office. She reported us because we had a "newborn in a make shift sling". The only person who saw the make shift sling was the receptionist.
It just kind of made me mad because we were obviously doing something about the arm by going to the ped(even though there was nothing to do about it but keep it "immobile"!). I took him in when he was 24 hours old, but called a DO friend the day before who said "Don't go to the emergency room ,they'll just give you a hard time. Call the ped, make an appt. There's not much you can do about it."
Poor guy though, he was so miserable for the first couple months of his life!
And me...well now because the GD was completely uncontrolled, I am dealing with pre diabetes. It sucks...but I working on it.
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