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LDS Mamas and Papas #44

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Here we are, new thread. Have at it!
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Okay... now should we keep introducing ourselves? Or just keep going off of the last one?
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Alright, for newbies, I'm Bronwyn, Kurt and I have been married for 5 years. We have Dorian, who is 3, and Faith who is 1.5. I used to have their stats and pictures in my siggie, but went on an intactivist rampage about a week ago, as you might see. I also had a picture of my horse, and would love it if there were a horse smilie as well as a dog and cat and hamster and others. I'm currently GD teacher and actually starting to love it. We'll see how next week's lesson goes. Oh, and technically, I'm currently pregnant, but threatening miscarriage, so any healing prayers on that account are welcome. You should see my chart. It's the weirdest one I've ever seen.
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I'm Danile. DH is TJ... we've been together for 7 years... married for almost 3. We have two sons, Dominic (3) and Isaac (20 months) who are the joys of our days and nights... and our excitedly pregnant with our third. I'm a convert.. DH was born into the church... but his family fell apart around the time he was 16... so he made the choice to come back and gain a strong testimony after a long period of inactiveness. We were sealed in the Seattle, WA temple in October of 2005. I was 8 1/2 months pregnant.

Quarteralien- Crossing my fingers and praying for you! I LOVE your intactivism... :
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I'll pray for you Bronwyn.

An intro for the new people, and to refresh those who have forgotten:

I'm Caitlin. I'm married to Brian with an "i", and we live in New England. Brian and I were baptized when we were 19, after taking the discussions together, and we got married later that year, at 20. We are now 24. We have two boys, Gabriel who just turned 3, and nine-month-old Teddy, who just started walking. (Yay!) We just found out that Gabriel and I are gluten-intolerant and corn-intolerant, and I have Teddy on a GF corn-free diet, too, proactively, JIC. Oh and I'm a SAHM. Brian works in the financial sector. Yeah, we're capitalists. But we don't bite, really. And we believe in simple living. Yeah, go figure.

We do non-coercive parenting (as best we know how), unschooling, continuum concept parenting, and fairly non-interventive, holisitic healthcare. (If it's not broken don't fix it, yk?) I tend to think food, faith, and feelings can heal pretty much anything, although that may be easier said than done. I am really excited to hopefully UC our next baby (we'll see), but we plan to wait a few years for me to regain my health after the ravages of the (not professionally diagnosed) celiac disease.

I am actually considering going to the doctor about the gluten-intolerance/celiac disease, to get that official diagnosis, but my gut tells me, stay away. What would an official diagnosis do for me? Nothing. I can heal my body with food, faith, and by healing my emotions and energy. I guess there's just a part of me that wants to have credence for the MD-believers who remain skeptical until they hear "what the doctor said".

I think I need to learn better boundaries, just keeping our own business to ourselves, so that we don't have to qualify anything we say, but I have a hard time with keeping mum. I'm pretty chatty and open I guess. Hmmm.

It is raining outside right now, reminding me of fall, and I love it. I love Fall. Just not so much Winter.
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subbing Briefly, I'm "Nemmer", mama to 5yo DS1 and 3mo DS2, both through adoption. Been married to DH for 13 yrs.
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I'm Pamela with 3 dd's and another due anytime.

OOOh another mom in the ward just barely stopped by and she's pregnant due end of year and wants me to teach her how to use a sling. I have 5 different kinds here at home so what better then to show her in person a bunch of different kinds.

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i'm Maggie mama to three girls 3 and under- Lilith Luthien (3), Mable Mirkwood (1.5), and Olive Onodrim(nearing 4 months). i'm married to a convert of alomst two years- Robbie. we have been married almost 4 years now. he brought me back to the church after i had fallen away for various reasons. we're preparing to go to the temple in Oct and become a forever family!
i'm the YW secretary and he is a ward missionary. uh.... i think thats about it. well, my favorite candy is chocolate covered honeycomb just incase anyone wants to send me a late birthday present.
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Chocolate covered honeycomb.. never heard of it- but it sounds AMAZING! When the heck was your birthday? I never heard... Or perhaps I did, but was still in this blasted pregnancy fog... :
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Oh- and because I missed it....

: :
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ok, so I'm Marly wife to my wonderful engineer husband for 7 years in November. (I'm just excited he's done with school) We have 2 boys, 5 and 3.5 and I'm due the end of October with a little girl who will have lots of cars and star wars toys to play with

I've decided I don't want any more girls though because this pregnancy has been so crappy! It could be the summer, but man this sucks! Our plan is to have 1 more. I just don't do well with babies and we hope I can do the 4. I want to be the best mom I can be.
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subbing be back to do my intro later when things are less crazy
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Hi, I finally decided to join in. I knew this group existed, but don't really read the threads because of LDS threads on another website (i.e. "let's all get together and rationalize, shall we?"). Also, I'm not really crunchy enough for mothering.com, although I have crunchy tendencies that alienate me from the mainstream (such as despising TV and junk food).

Anyway, we're in Texas and I have a 15 month old little boy.

Thanks for letting me hang out. DS has a bit of a barky sounding cough so we've been stuck at home and I needed to hear (or read) adults talking.
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Oh I guess I forgot to introduce myself further.

My husband and I have been married for 4.5 years now! I've been the Primary Chorister for the past 2 years off and on, but we just moved again. We'll see if the new primary grabs me too. I wouldn't mind being with the grown ups, but primary is a lot of fun too.
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Originally Posted by candynut View Post
Oh I guess I forgot to introduce myself further.

My husband and I have been married for 4.5 years now! I've been the Primary Chorister for the past 2 years off and on, but we just moved again. We'll see if the new primary grabs me too. I wouldn't mind being with the grown ups, but primary is a lot of fun too.
I'm actually waving frantically, lol. Am I allowed to tell everyone that our DH's were roommates at BYU? Yay! Someone I know IRL! BTW, how did you get here with less than 50 posts?
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Would you people slow down! Man these threads grow so darn fast. I keep wanting to intro myself & then ya'll are on page 25!
I'm ZZ. I have 4 kiddos. 11 to 2 years old. I've been married 13 years. I'm activities chair women. My husband is councler in the Bishopric. I cloth diaper, Homebirth, breastfeed (or did) A am a freak of nature in my ward, but I do have lots of friends in church who are attracted to my freaky-ness!
Gotta run

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Alisa actually had typed out a big long introduction introducing us for introductions ... but because we're sharing a computer right now, and MDC has issues with people logging in and out too much she lost it. Then she lost the post that said she lost her post with the big long introduction introducing us for introductions ... so you don't get to know who we are
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My name is Tiffani. I'm a 21 year old (22 in a few weeks!) Christopagan investigating the church. I have one DS, who turned 16 months yesterday (where does the time go?!). I hope to get the okay from DH to start TTC #2 for my birthday, hehe. Hopefully #2 will be the UC I wanted with DS. DH and I will be celebrating our 5th anniversary this November! : (Our 4th wedding anniversary - we decided that when we've been married for 50 years the 1 year difference between when we got together and got married wouldn't matter, so we just use the bigger number since we got married on our 1 year anniversary). He's my best friend, but pretty anti-church. It's complicating my decision more than it has to be, but he did go to church with my this Sunday! (He only has like, 1 or 2 Sundays off a YEAR, so I figure I can at least convince him to come with me when he can). He didn't like it, but he didn't hate it and told me that he will come with me when he's off. I know he'll never join (he's a very devout non-practicing pagan, what an oxymoron! lol) but it's nice to at least know he's making the effort to support me. It does make me sad, though, because I hear about all about this wonderful life with a priestholder leading the home and the eternal family and all, and if I do choose to join, I won't have any of that. : Oh well. My intro has been way too long so I'll stop now.
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