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tug~ can't get your links to work
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HERE we are...

in all our glory. the family pict was taken late and we were looking rough. http://pages.ivillage.com/reeseccup/reeseandfamily/ i really need to update, enjoy...

edit to add more recent picts http://photos.yahoo.com/bc/wyom00top...Photos&.view=t
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Since I am new here I am loving seeing all of these pictures!

Lisa Woods you looked diff then I thought. I had you as a brunette.lol
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Hey Lisa...I have that same color of mayawrap! (one of the 4 I have )
Oh man! I love my maya wrap and wish I had really gotten the hang of it before my fourth (and last) kiddo I bought it for No-No, but me, him and the maya never got along really well
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Lisa Woods you looked diff then I thought. I had you as a brunette.lol
ssssshhhhh....I am a brunette

I'm seriously considering going back to being a brunette, too. I'm sick of the upkeep, roots, etc. I'm trying to find the right color though. Can't decide....
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My lips are sealed. Hee hee my intuition WAS right though <grin>
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love the thread!

here's me and DD#2, she's mere minutes old
Abby and Mama (warning: midwife examining placenta in background : )

here's DH and DS, also mere minutes old!
Bede and Daddy (DH is a hairy monkey man!)
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Your eldest son sure does favor his daddy!

Wonderful pictures ladies! So nice to see all y'all MDC gals' faces!
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Originally posted by HeatherSanders
Your eldest son sure does favor his daddy!

Wonderful pictures ladies! So nice to see all y'all MDC gals' faces!

nak yes he does and is too good looking for his own good. People laugh when I say he's girl candy, but he really is. Rich looks a lot like Drew did as a baby but with his own personal twist, YIKES my kids are stunning (no bias here AT ALL). TY, and I agree we do have very stunning ladies here and darling babies and children.
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Here are some more recent kiddo pics....

Aaron after his sisters made him up:

My 7yo and our baby:

My 9yo daughter and the same kitty:

Me after whacking my own hair this last time:

Another Aaron:

And my oldest son:

Man when I went looking for them I found tons of wool covers I had made with cute appliques. I LOVED making them. LMK if anyone wants me to share the pics.
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Sorry about the links, I think Loyola's site has been sort of in and out today. Maybe keep trying?


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Ok, they worked for me this time! Very darling little guy you have
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Originally posted by flminivanmama
Kendall I love your wedding pictures and I love the 5 generation picture

Abigail I have seen more pictures of Mattia and the resmbelance is uncanny!

here are my pictures from my pregnancy with Jake. I have 2 pics in there too from my pregnancy with the twins - the one with goofy and the one with my neices, they are the last two pictures. I didn't take too many pics with them... i regretted it a lot which was why I took so many with jacob... The one at 40 weeks I was in labor! (yes I had him on my due date LOL) My labor started at 12:15, we called the midwife and then I insisted on getting in the outfit for one last picture and he was born an hour later LOL LOL - enjoy!
I guess everyone has a twin somewhere and Mattia is mine (and vice versa! )

And that's not Goofy, it's Pluto!
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Ooh, I love seeing pictures of pregnant women. They are so beautiful. When I was pregnant it was the only time in my life I ever really strutted my stuff. I felt like such a sexy Goddess.
Here I am a week before ds was born.

Kendell, I love all of the pictures you post. You are so elegant.

and Phoebegleeson, the "Abby and Mom" is terrific. You look exhilerating and the placenta is cool too.

Thanks for sharing Mamas
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I love seeing the ph momma pictures too

That was one thing I did not do when PG that I sooo regret

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I had some preg nuds done with my last several pregnancies.....these are some about a month before my last babe was born that were done outdoors . There is also one in that batch from about 30 seconds before he was born....
Oh, if anyone would rather not see a nude, don't click on the link.
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Ok so i want to join too....

This is ME last summer at my college graduation 3 months at the time...thank god for togas... and this is Arian and his Daddy and these are my dogs they are feirce dont get to close...They are attack dogs....
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Donna - those are the most beautiful pictures! That was you pregnant with your 7th child? You look fantastic!
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Congratulations on your graduation....nice to see your pic. And your dogs look like real man-eaters!

Thanks...Yes, I was preg with baby #7. I do nudes, and told my photographer this time that I wanted outdoor nudes. She loves doing my shoots, because I go a bit farther toward the edge than her other clients. I was overlooking a housing development, and it happened to be trash collection day....we had to be quick before someone called the police. (Dh said he wouldn't come bail me out of jail!
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Donna you look fabulous in those pictures.....Me well we did a small foto shoot in the house (home pictures actually...lol)....No Nude Belly pictures here Mind the my gorgeous tatoo in the bottom : ohhhhh my tattoo and my belly didnt get along.....I tried to put my hair curly in the picture but this darn straight hair didnt budge i spend hours only to achieve a wet look with waves : oh well....

oh yeah and my husband didnt know how to work the camera so the date is wrong :
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