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We have so many beautiful mamas (and babies) here!! No one looks how I pictured, though :LOL. I'm really bad at visualizing people correctly, though!
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Maybe this will work?

maybe not...brb

How bout now? http://groups.msn.com/Phishphamily/f...to&PhotoID=245

I think that worked...it was Ian and I last summer at the beach. I look about the same but he looks sooooo different these days.
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i love everyone pics

we are all in my sig.. No new pics .. my batteries died & I couldnt find the recharger awhile..lol
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Here's the traditional annual Texas "Family in the Bluebonnets " protrait. We took this about 3 months ago. Jackson was only about 5 weeks old and Tori was being very two and NOT cooperating. Here's a picture of her and I a few minutes later... and about 20 minutes after that... :
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Here's my picture..

This was taken 3 days before my son was born...


http://photos.yahoo.com/cakesbytami look at the diaper file..

Can someone tell me if this doesn't work...please!!
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tuppy! neat pic! I *like* this!
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I love these! This is the first time I've gotten in on one before the 5th page!! :LOL



And pictures of Sephie in the first diaper I ever made for her!!


That was a fun project that taught me I'm not going to be a diaper sewin' mamma until I get me a nice serger and maybe a new sewing machine...

Also there's this terrible picture of me when I was preggo- actually the day I went into labor and if you click on it you can see pics of me 2 hours post partum
(yes I know coming is spelled wrong on the last page... : I don't have the software to edit that website. :::sigh::

Lauren =)
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It worked, Shelly!! All the pictures are great!!
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ok i have to post this and get to bed.......: DH request my time tonight

but any way the pic of just me was right after i had my hair put in an up do for a graduation for my DH air force class ... i dont normally look like this......

the family pic was taken in december 2002 Ryan and his flaming red hair which is more blonde then red. my DD Erin and my DH Ron.... and me of course ... this is what i normally look like

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This one is missing my middle girl:

So here she is in all her glory:

Her Daddy had just cut her hair.

Don't seem to have a current one of him, he's not into getting his picture taken
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Here I am a few months ago with dd
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Here is me. I just took it in our bathroom

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Here I am. Not a great picture, but enought that you'd probably recognize me in the park!
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Hey Terri! I think we have the same glasses. Nice taste.
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I am enjoying putting faces to names. I really miss sig files when I visit this board.

Here we are a couple weeks ago:

Highland Games
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Everyone looks beautiful... just how I picture us perfect AP/NP mamas. :LOL

Here's Bas and I when he was 1 week old.
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Here I am, pregnant with Jade, the day before she was born. I don't have too many current pics that show my face real well. Usually, I'm the one taking pictures around here.

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Oh, I want to do this too but I don't know how!! I have some new dipe pictures I want to show off, too. Heelllpp!
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Here's how I look normally (frizzy haired in my jammies and nursing the baby) Me and my frizzy hair! and here I am all gussied up LOL I'm on the left my big sister is on the right

I love putting faces to all these names!
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